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This is a question Screwing up at work

Someone on the security team signed off that a fake bomb had been recovered at Old Trafford when it hadn't. Cue one controlled explosion and a postponed soccer game. Tell us your tales of workplace screw ups and the consequences of your mistakes.

(, Tue 17 May 2016, 8:59)
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Worst Screw Up
Writing a COBOL program to send refund cheques. For some unexplicable reason I started the count at 1, incremented by 2, and checked if count=50.

It was never going to equal 50.

So I printed (but thank the fuck didn't send) 30,000 cheques to the same guy.

But it was in the 70's..... You really don't want to know how we had to code back then....

As an aside - what's happened to QOTW? Where are all the trolls? I only look at B3ta once in a blue moon and don't post due to the vitriol and crap I used to get from Badger and the Talk crowd. But, if they've gone, I might start posting again.

Been here in Oz for more than 10 years and have a lot of crazy shit I can write about..

And, as always...

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Please don't start posting again - not sure your mental health could cope.
Nor could anyone reading your posts.
(, Fri 20 May 2016, 20:36, closed)
I could call you a cunt if it'd make you feel better?

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All the crybabies drove the /talk bullies away,
and killed QOTW.
mcchinaman just kicked it when it was down.
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Please feel free to post again
Used to like it here before everyone buggered off
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it still happens
(, Tue 24 May 2016, 17:04, closed)
How we had to code???
In the early seventies, our year at school was the first to do 'computer studies' - this was back in the day when you learned how to program, rather than just learn how to use MS Office programs.

At school, we didn't have any computers so we sat in a computerless classroom with all of the other usual normal classroom things. However, for one lesson a week, we used to go to the local college which also didn't have a computer (this was 1974) but they did have a teleprinter and a modem (rubber cups jub) so they could phone up the 'Borough Computer' and we could communicate directly with it.

So, writing programs went like this:
1 At our school, write your program down on a coding sheet(s) (80 columns wide by 25 lines high) - this is a sheet of paper by the way;
2 hand it in with everybody else's work;
3 wait a week;
4 in the lesson the following week, we would get back our original coding sheet, a bundle of punched cards and a number of sheets of the wide paper with the green lines on it. On that, we would have a listing of our program (so that we could see that it had been input correctly by the punched card operator) and any program output.

Hence, we learned how to write computer programs without a computer - one was used only when it was needed to run.

Interestingly, I wrote a program that would (sort of 'in theory') do a square root calculation using the Raphson Newton method. I had set the loop to exit when one number equalled the number of the previous itteration so, if it hadn't have failed to run because of a punched card operator error, it would probably have been running for many months.

(Edited for spelling)
(, Sun 29 May 2016, 12:39, closed)
in my day we just had ones and zeros and sometimes we ran out of ones and had to make do with just zeros. And if you tell that to the young people today, they won't believe you.
(, Sun 29 May 2016, 23:27, closed)
I peek in once in a while.
Everyone who used to post interesting stuff has long gone as it just wasn't fun anymore. By the time they got around to banning the more egregious fuckwits it was a bit too late and I had also moved on, so I maybe glance around every couple of months out of vague curiosity.
(, Sun 29 May 2016, 18:11, closed)

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