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# I can't put my finger on it...
but there's something about that man that's starting to get on my nerves.

Oh, suggestion for compo: Don Martin brought to life.

I'm in the mood for some Ack! Thwack! Pwoint! Klannnnnng!
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:13, archived)
# he
personally shot Saddam you know

edit: shopped?
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:14, archived)
# On the subject of Don Martin
Who is he?

Woo to the pic. Lets hope neither Kerry or Bush wins, so there will be a political vacuum, in which a well trained militia, who have bare arms, take over.
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:14, archived)
# look him up
a world of wonders awaits
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:17, archived)
# Don Martin
Was Mad magazine's Maddest Artist!
Pure genius!
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:17, archived)
# now that, my friend,
is class.

(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:16, archived)
# hehe
sigh.....my hero...
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:17, archived)
# i still say it should be
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:18, archived)
# while I was back home visiting last year
I was out in the "outback", you know where the rednecks live (no, we're not ALL rednecks), and went into a gas station and found some action figures called American Heroes. they were absurdly muscular firefighters with a pic of the burning towers in the background. they're so absurd. I bought them. one must see them. if I can't find a pic online I'll scan them.
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:18, archived)
# Yes, well
As everyone knows, one needs to be absurdly muscular to fly a jet plane. Those bulging, chemically enhanced physiques make it much easier to pilot a high-speed aircraft from inside a compartment that would make a coffin look spacious and roomy.

Ah, marketing.
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 15:06, archived)
# that needed to be said
and you did it brilliantly
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:19, archived)
# wooo
just complete woo

(and yay)
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:23, archived)
# He is
an inspiration to us all
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:25, archived)
# oh yes,
very nice,
welcome to my desktop, population: you
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:34, archived)
# YES!
(, Fri 5 Mar 2004, 13:49, archived)