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This is a question Bodge Jobs

If you can't fix it with a hammer and a roll of duck tape, it's not worth fixing at all, my old mate said minutes before that nasty business with the hammer and a roll of duck tape. Tell us of McGyver-like repairs and whether they were a brilliant success or a health and safety nightmare.

(, Thu 10 Mar 2011, 11:58)
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We have a barbeque with round knobs on the front. But after many years of use, they have all broken at the back. We’ve bought the cheap ones at the local ‘ardware store, but they break at the turn of a knob, and the original ones are quite costly. Currently, we’re using a pair of pliers to turn the burners on and off.
Any suggestions?
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 1:56, 19 replies)

you can probably go to a junkyard or pikey field and just rip some knobs off an old dishwasher or washing machine.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 4:33, closed)
in your kitchen.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 7:17, closed)

Hammer some cotton reels onto the stubs
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 7:41, closed)
Build a real fire and stop pretending a gas grill is a fucking barbecue.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 7:44, closed)
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 8:25, closed)
Oh yes...

(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 8:39, closed)
^ this thirded
I have a manly barbecue which is basically a metal bucket on legs and you set fire to it whilst placing food nearby.

What Monkee girl has is a portable cooker.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 8:43, closed)
Oh. I just noticed that "monkee girl" has the word "girl" in her username and is therefore probably a "girl".
This is no excuse for not thumping her chest and grunting and building a real fire like a real "man" though.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 9:46, closed)
My girlfriend bought a gas barbeque and I was well sniffy about it at first
but the truth is that since we've had it we've eaten outside almost every day in the summer - it's far better than fucking about with coals and lighter fluid every time you fancy a snack

[edit] I should add that I also have a brazier (and indeed an old-fashioned barbeque) for those times that I just want to burn things in the garden
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 10:28, closed)
Coals? Lighter fluid?
I start fires by rubbing freshly-plucked trees against my beard.

I have a gas grill too. I'm going to compensate for the girly shame of it by building a pizza oven.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 10:54, closed)
sugru or milliput (sculpey).
this stuff is really useful. it can sit in a draw and you will never know why you might need it but when you do my god its brilliant.

(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 9:33, closed)
Milliput is shit. It's a pain in the arse and rarely works. Troll.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 9:52, closed)
It's good for Warhammer 40K modelling
oh god I typed that out loud didn't I?
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 10:36, closed)
I think we should all click "I like this" so that this is recorded for posterity in your profile.

(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 10:52, closed)
Feh, I am not ashamed
my Space Orks are undefeated
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 14:02, closed)

Gas air release valves... made of metal, similar to those butterfly shape washers you get. Sure they can be used? And not broken.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 9:52, closed)
Have you tried "polymorph"
This is my second mention of it but I don't have shares in the stuff - honest!

It's like nylon that softens in hot water but goes lovely and solid again when it cools.

I'm sure it would do the job for you, only it wouldn't be any good if the knobs on your BBQ get hot because it would soften. Assuming they are never too hot to hold then you should be fine. Ebay is your friend.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 10:44, closed)
Temperature/Wind speed control knobs from cars could do the trick... they last for ages.
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 12:58, closed)
I have exactly the same problem with my barbecue and not 25mins ago i saw your answer and rushed out to put some temperature knobs from a car on, it works a treat.
Unfortunately 7 mins ago my wife and 2 young children were killed in a car accident.
The coroner concluded at the end of a rather long drawn out enquiry that because there was no ability to adjust the internal temperature of the car due to the temperature knobs having disappeared my wife drove off the road after being blinded by sweat. the internal temperature of the car was 43degrees centigrade.
Boy am i looking forward to a nice flame grilled burger this evening after getting my bbq sorted, again many thanks for the suggestion
(, Fri 11 Mar 2011, 14:34, closed)

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