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This is a question B3TA fixes the world

Moon Monkey says: Turn into Jeremy Clarkson for a moment, and tell us about the things that are so obviously wrong with the world, and how they should be fixed. Extra points for ludicrous over-simplification, blatant mis-representation, and humourous knob-gags.

(, Thu 22 Sep 2011, 12:53)
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More tests are required
1. You must pass basic map reading before you are allowed to have a Sat Nav.

2. Having kids is a privilege, not a right. Your suitability as a parent will be tested and you are only allowed to procreate with the correct paper work. Not sure how this will work but a bit like an MOT I think.

3. You are only allowed to go on holiday if you can name 2 interesting facts about the place you are visiting.

4. You will only be allowed back in if you know another 2 when you return.
(, Thu 22 Sep 2011, 13:30, 9 replies)
I would like to subscribe to your news letter
as your ideas intrigue me.
(, Thu 22 Sep 2011, 13:32, closed)
I like this.
You speak sense.
(, Thu 22 Sep 2011, 13:35, closed)
3a And can say "hello", "goodbye", "yes", "no" and "thank you" in the local language
"Another beer, please" is highly recommended, too
(, Thu 22 Sep 2011, 13:39, closed)
I used to think that some sort of childbirth license would be a good idea,
until I found out that Marilyn Manson was in favour of it, too. I still think it's a good idea, but I generally refrain from supporting it in public, now (no one has worked out a way of sterilising newborns, either, which throws a massive spanner in the works).
(, Thu 22 Sep 2011, 13:45, closed)
Lets face it, if you had to get a licence to proove you'd make a good parent, the human race would quickly die out.

(, Thu 22 Sep 2011, 14:08, closed)
People who are likely to make the best parents
are the least likely to have children, it would appear.
(, Thu 22 Sep 2011, 22:34, closed)
Put bulk oral contraceptive hormones in the water supply
after inventing an antidote that is available only on strictly-controlled, government-approved prescription.

That'd work. Probably.

Me, I'm going to start the black market in the antidote and retire a bazillionaire. Then wonder why all the fish are girls.
(, Thu 22 Sep 2011, 16:50, closed)
Read Piers Anthony's Bio Of A Space Tyrant series
It's excellent. This exact idea is implemented in order to control population levels.
(, Mon 26 Sep 2011, 16:07, closed)

1) after seeing a sign that says "your satnav is wrong, no through road" i wholeheartedly agree.
(, Fri 23 Sep 2011, 1:00, closed)

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