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This is a question B3TA fixes the world

Moon Monkey says: Turn into Jeremy Clarkson for a moment, and tell us about the things that are so obviously wrong with the world, and how they should be fixed. Extra points for ludicrous over-simplification, blatant mis-representation, and humourous knob-gags.

(, Thu 22 Sep 2011, 12:53)
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Road safety
All cars to have air bags removed and replaced with frag grenades. On any impact, driver (and any the occupants) will be killed instantly. Also tied into traffics lights, drive through on red - die.

Motorcycles to have a spike driven by an explosive charge beneath the seat, similar reason to the above. Although, in all honesty, the street furniture tends to take the bikers out already.

Red lights to have chain-guns and an AI. If any lycra-lout cycles through on red they are simply erased.

All pedestrians have to wear a crash helmet with an explosive charge. Failure to cross at a designated crossing when one is within 100m; insta-death.

Schools to be patrolled by armed guards. Should any parent their little darlings off right at the gate (rather than finding a safe place to park and walking a measly 500m or so) then they are to be dragged out of the car, nailed to the school wall can have their bowels cut open. Their lingering and painful death will act as a deterrent to others.

My prediction is that for the first year or so our toll of road deaths will spike to 10million or so. After that our roads will be totally safe and we will have solved the UK housing shortages, over-population and lowered our carbon foot-print.
(, Mon 26 Sep 2011, 11:14, 8 replies)
Why not go the whole hog and have our streets patrolled by ED209s?

(, Mon 26 Sep 2011, 11:25, closed)
All people
on buses to be gassed.
(, Mon 26 Sep 2011, 11:56, closed)
Standing ovation sir.
May I also add cashpoint cripples, chuggers and fat people who stand blocking the pavement/entry to shops whilst they indulge in banal gossiping with acquaintances?
(, Mon 26 Sep 2011, 11:59, closed)
And this is why Grand Theft Auto carries an 18 certificate

(, Mon 26 Sep 2011, 12:29, closed)
Lets also add parents with double buggies..
One more of those rammed into my ankles and someone's gonna get my wrath
(, Mon 26 Sep 2011, 13:42, closed)
The one good thing about having a double buggy,
was being able to ram it in to people who seemed to think it would be easier for me to give way to them.

Other than that, I hated the damn thing.
(, Mon 26 Sep 2011, 15:41, closed)
Quite right
But all that really means is that you have no manners.

It's you taking up 6 feet of the pavement, not us. Your precious brats will survive a few minutes delay.
(, Tue 27 Sep 2011, 8:57, closed)
I'd far rather you got hit by a car, than my precious brats.
If I have to shatter your ankles to make my point, so be it.

Good manners dictate that I always give way to children and the elderly, unless I have the buggy.
(, Thu 29 Sep 2011, 10:00, closed)

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