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This is a question Things I've gone off

Spimf says: I've always enjoyed listening to Pink Floyd, but lately I've noticed if my iPod plays any of their tracks, I skip them. I'm starting to realise I've gone off them. What have you gone off lately?

(, Thu 15 Aug 2013, 12:15)
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after a night on some ropey 90% proof shit from the philippines that saw me vomiting for 4 hours straight and then walking across waterloo bridge in my nightdress and passing out on the strand.

vodka with diet coke (keeping them separate is fine) after a night on some ropey own brand from kwik save that tasted suspiciously of almonds and saw me vomiting for 4 hours straight and passing out face down in a flowerbed whilst my so-called friends took pictures of me and covered me in petals. they only thought that i might have died about 3 hours later.

whisky after a night on some seriously ropey shit that we mixed with fresh orange (we were 14) in the absence of anything better and that saw me vomiting for about 4 hours straight the following morning whilst trying to hide it from my parents.

and so on. there is a bit of a theme here.
(, Mon 19 Aug 2013, 19:48, 40 replies)
I don't think that booze is for you
Or, you're certainly not very good at it.
(, Mon 19 Aug 2013, 19:52, closed)
it's poison and the government should ban it

(, Mon 19 Aug 2013, 20:19, closed)
These were all when I was a teenager
After years of practice, I've improved a bit
(, Mon 19 Aug 2013, 21:46, closed)
drank a large bottle of it many years ago when i was depressed and living in a bedsit(the two are synonymous). drank it on sunday night and woke on tuesday morning. only recently tried it again and discovered i quite like it.
drank what i later found out to be homebrew whisky, which led to hospitalisation and a stomach pump. even the smell makes me feel ill now.
(, Mon 19 Aug 2013, 21:13, closed)
Yep, gin is such a strong taste, takes years to get over it
I can just about manage a cocktail these days. Whisky? Like you. Never.
(, Mon 19 Aug 2013, 21:45, closed)
whisky is horrific stuff

(, Mon 19 Aug 2013, 21:51, closed)
Gin is fucking lush
And, as we've already established, as a vegetarian you're way too much of a foodwrong for your opinion on flavours to be taken as valid, sweetie.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 8:57, closed)
So what had you been drinking when you let piston_broke do a shit in your cunt?

(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 8:27, closed)
Oi, I was going to ask that!

(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 13:57, closed)
I'm contractually obliged to tell you
that 90% proof isn't really very strong at all. About the same as a bottle of Tanqueray from any supermarket.

So therefore I'm also obliged to tell you you're an extraordinary screaming booze Mary.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 8:56, closed)
I reckon she meant abv and not proof, but if that were true she'd likely have ended up in hospital.

(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 9:00, closed)
There's no such thing as 90% ABV gin. Or rather, it wouldn't be gin, it would have almost no gin flavour
In fact anything much over 90% ABV is impossible to make, due to the azeotropic nature of a water/ethanol mix.

the only thing that you can get over 90% ABV is Everclear, to my knowledge.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 9:03, closed)

Sounds counterfeit to me, ethanol has an almond smell, dangerous shit!
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 9:28, closed)
So this is all nonsense then?

(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 13:17, closed)
nah, I'm just sayin, people get handed a drink and told it's 90% or 100% proof
and think "fuck, that's well strong" when it's basically just the same as boggo whisky or gin.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 13:42, closed)
my friend bought it in the philippines for about £1
i think it's a pretty safe bet that it was boggo
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 13:45, closed)
It was piss.
Actual, urine from a bladder, piss. You fell for the power of suggestion. And drank piss.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 14:35, closed)
Not quite.
Here in Blighty, at least, "100% proof" equates to about 57% ABV, which is a bit stronger than most people will be used to, since most spirits that are easy to get hold of are around 40% ABV.

Merkins define it differently, being mostly shandy-drinkers and temperance victims, so "100% proof" is only 50% ABV.
(, Thu 22 Aug 2013, 12:13, closed)
I tried Everclear in the US.
It's evil.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 13:25, closed)
Yeah I tried that shit in a Mexican resteraunt
I think it was in a blue margarita, all my US colleagues brought their wives out to meet these so called classy Brits to be greeted by me and my French colleage having a full on argument.....I was trying to stop him drive, so can take the moral high ground, as the french fool had downed two of these drinks (equivelent to 10 pints in 2hrs)Worst hangover ever!!
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 13:34, closed)
They put it in stuff so you can't taste it, thank fuck.
But it creeps up on you quickly and BAM.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 13:38, closed)
Oh yeah!
From sober to drunk in break neck speed.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 14:30, closed)
I just fundamentally don't get the point
you're going to have to mix it with something to drink it, so why not just use vodka and proportionally less mixer?

Worst I've ever drunk is 154 overproof Barbadian rum, which is about 77% ABV. Neat and warm, and I was sober. My body then spent the next 30 mins desperately trying to think of inventive ways to remove this thing from it as it had rightly identified it as poison.

Oddly, in a long drink it were gert lush.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 13:51, closed)
yeah, those five tonnes of 96% alcohol and three pallet loads of 100% alcohol we have at work are a figment of our collective imaginations

(, Wed 21 Aug 2013, 22:19, closed)
i was an 18 year old girl at the time
i really hope i was!
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 13:46, closed)
I hear you. With me it's...

Red wine: About 2 days after a kidney biopsy my sister asked if I was ok to drink. Thinking myself to be a 'Johnny Concrete' I said 'yes' and quaffed gallons of red wine. In my defence, the vomit was a lovely colour, but just the thought of it now makes my kidneys ache.

Scotch: When I got my first recording deal (aged 16) the studio was t'oop north and the band stopped with the producer. To celebrate getting a recording contract (despite not being very good at music) he cracked open some allegedly la-di-da scotch (which I won't even pretend to know the name of), and he offered us some. Despite thinking myself to be a 'Johnny Concrete', I declined and stuck to my drink of choice - peach flavoured concorde (yes, I oozed class even in those days). As the night went on, our glasses got mixed up, I grabbed the wrong one and downed a huge glass of scotch in one go. I thought I was going to die.

Oh, and I'll spare you the story about Diamond White :(
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 9:42, closed)
If you're going to lie, at least make up something interesting

(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 9:49, closed)

(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 9:52, closed)
I was challenged to a drinking competition by an Irishman in Buenos Aires
We bought a litre of gin and finished that between us, then after he went home claiming he couldn't carry on I went on to a nightclub where I carried on. The next day I awoke to find I'd gone blind in my left eye, because I'd apparently passed out with one eye open and it had completely dried out. After about an hour of panicking and crying and swearing and lying with my head in the sink with the tap running directly into my eye socket, my sight eventually returned. My taste for gin did not.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 10:47, closed)

(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 11:19, closed)
Fair enough
I did have a G&T the other week and I quite enjoyed it, though my enjoyment was tempered with a healthy respect.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 12:20, closed)
I'm the same with Southern Comfort
I gag if I even smell it if someone passes me in a bar with it
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 12:54, closed)
See, Southern Comfort does this to me
because I drank a bottle of it one evening three weeks into my first term at uni, tried to jump a half flight of concrete stairs in one go at at the hall of the girl I was seeing, and split my head open.

but luckily, since southern comfort is a fucking vile abomination, it's no loss to either of us.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 13:46, closed)
yes it's strickly a 'training drink'
once you get your stabilizers off you never touch it again even if you haven't had the same off putting experience of over indulging and puking it copiously

Curiously I have over indulged in single malt whiskey due to an very generous Irish girl (in many meanings of the word) but still like it. I also have thought I was Lemmy and tried to drink a whole bottle of Jack Daniels with revolting consequences but I don't mind a Jack n coke now and then.... but as you say southern comfort is a fucking vile abomination
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 16:05, closed)
I was challenged to a drinking contest by Ozymandias, King of Kings.
Between two vast and trunkless legs of stone. We were drinking the fermented blood of a griffin that had been stored in sandalwood.

Well, the next day my visage was absolutely shattered, the griffin's blood had given me a wrinkled lip and sneer of cold comand. I did yet survive, feeling stamped on like lifeless things and I looked upon my works and did despair.

Needless to say I had the last laugh and Bysshe bash bosh was home in time for my tea. Mum had made fish fingers.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 13:37, closed)

(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 13:59, closed)

(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 14:05, closed)
hahahahahah 10/10

(, Tue 20 Aug 2013, 14:27, closed)
We can shut down the internet
Stunned Poster has won.
(, Wed 21 Aug 2013, 17:25, closed)
Spot on!
Happened to me too but I was on nights that night so not much kip.
(, Wed 21 Aug 2013, 21:48, closed)

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