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This is a question Heroes and villains of 2011

Who were your heroes or villains of the last year, and why? Who inspired you? Who had you kicking the cat across the room? They don't have to be well known, you might even want to laud the achievements of your binman. (Note that "Nick Clegg nuff said" answers puts you straight onto our naughty list)

(, Thu 29 Dec 2011, 15:05)
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Villain: Skynet, for starting Judgment Day
Hero: Summer Glau, for stopping the above
(, Sun 1 Jan 2012, 19:40, 6 replies)
Villain. Ex-girlfriend, for believing she could get anyway with cheating on me, and thinking she could hide it from me.
Heroes. You guys for making me laugh. You're all epic.
(, Sun 1 Jan 2012, 17:20, 3 replies)
Seal Team 6
(, Sun 1 Jan 2012, 17:13, 2 replies)
Steve, the bloke who persuaded me to go back to my old job, is my current hero.
I went from a reasonably-paid job with lots of driving back to a poorly-paid one but with no commuting. I can cycle, walk or run instead. Winner!

More importantly, I feel valued and appreciated. One day last week I managed to wander in nearly two hours late and the boss just laughed.

My villain is Mr Quar's former boss, whose style of 'management' involves picking out various employees in turn and bullying them into nervous breakdowns. This boss was sacked just before xmas. Presumably he picked on the wrong person. Hooray!
(, Sun 1 Jan 2012, 13:20, 1 reply)
My Freeview PVR is my hero
Thanks to this wonderful device I've not seen even one Christmas advert on telly this year, nor have I shelled out any money to Sky or Virgin for the privilege.
(, Sun 1 Jan 2012, 12:14, 1 reply)
After reading the answers so far...
Villains: All the ignorant reactionary cunts on B3ta. Go stranglewank to pictures of Ayn Rand - oh wait, you're probably already doing that.
(, Sun 1 Jan 2012, 12:09, 9 replies)
My heroes?
The people of Christchurch. I never thought I'd be nominating my own countrymen as heroes, but what very typical kiwis in Chch have endured since February has let me amazed. I was moved to tears watching people risking their lives to get victims out of rubble. And the students of Canterbury University, previously considered a shower of boofheads by many, volunteered in their hundreds to do clean-up, not once but after every aftershock. I wouldn't be surprised if half the continuing tremors were caused by the citizens' gigantic balls bashing together. Thank you Christchurch.
(, Sun 1 Jan 2012, 7:04, Reply)
Mario Balotelli
...he might just scoop both awards, but he's certainly my hero of the year.

While British professional footballers are blowing their millions by behaving like utter twats, here is a man who has bought a Maserati and parked it in several dozen ridiculous places, including halfway through another car. This is the man who visited a womens' prison 'just to see what it was like', and when asked by police why he was carrying £5,000 simply said "because I'm rich". This is the man who wore a Milan shirt while an Inter player just to see what reaction he'd get.

It's a man who goes to his local curry house and has a sword-fight with rolling pins, who puts a grand behind his local bar before signing a few autographs and going for a kebab. The man who throws money at beggars and his local churches, and picks up truants from the streets before lecturing them and driving them back to school. It is, of course, the man who celebrated November 5th by setting off a few fireworks in his bath before becoming the face of firework safety, and the man whose garden is a quad-bike racetrack.

And let's not forget the legendary 'failure to put on a bib' video.

Somehow, Mario Balotelli has managed the right combination of cash-squandering antics to make him a cult hero and not utterly dislikeable (qf. Terry, Cole, Rooney etc). It helps that he's not done anything that is utterly loathsome and that he's a terrific, watchable striker. The new clown prince of football, he is by far the best thing to happen to the game for some time.
(, Sun 1 Jan 2012, 1:59, 3 replies)
I vote
For my housing association as a villain ,all the sinks in my flat have been majorly blocked since christmas eve. Apparently they can't anyone to come out until the third of january. This has a knock on effect meaning that when I turned the washing machine on it subsequently flooded the kitchen and ruining a huge section of the carpet. I even used bicarb and vinegar eventually took some of the over flow apart to see if I could reach the blockage,no such luck.

I nominate for the heroes section the poor woman who I ranted at for at least an hour to try and get something sorted. I feel sorry for that..
(, Sat 31 Dec 2011, 16:07, 23 replies)
Villians: People who repost
links to this story repeatedly.
(, Sat 31 Dec 2011, 15:49, Reply)
Villains: people who don't read
this properly before commenting.
(, Sat 31 Dec 2011, 15:30, Reply)
QOTW main page says there have been 404 previous questions...
... that must be some kind of error.

(Apologies if bindun)
(, Sat 31 Dec 2011, 15:16, Reply)
Sky's "Psychic Sally"
...for building her private fortune from lying to the gullible and emotionally vulnerable. And BSkyB for perpetuating, glamourising and adding credibility to her act.

Grrrr...despicable woman!

It is a shame that the broadcaster doesn't feel morally obligated to precede the show with "WARNING: All credible evidence indicates that this programme is a load of Billy Bollocks."

That Derek Acorah. He's another one.
(, Sat 31 Dec 2011, 15:10, 4 replies)
Villains: Everyone who criticised the killing of Osama bin Laden.
I bet none of them would say that if it was their relative who'd died in the World Trade Center, and that was the only way they could be brought back to life.

EDIT: Yes, what an awful thing to say. Read it again.
(, Sat 31 Dec 2011, 7:58, 14 replies)
Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2010
Barack Obama showing the way by having The Bearded One executed in front of his family. Word to the mother.

I can see why they went about it like that but it doesn't really scream HERO to me.

Of course, the Tories (blue and yellow) are bigger cunts for their efforts towards dismantling the NHS, but that's just too obvious.
(, Sat 31 Dec 2011, 6:43, 1 reply)
Now that I know that this may be true...
I'm terrified.


(The villain would be the reporter that broke the story.)
(, Sat 31 Dec 2011, 4:04, 1 reply)
Xfce panel mob.
For finally getting the fucking weather applet working again.
(, Sat 31 Dec 2011, 0:37, Reply)
Local Heroes
Although I've got a lot of heroes and villains from the wider world most have been mentioned so rather than repeat those - here's some of my local heroes.

First group of heroes are the members of the local coastguard station at Stornoway who were out and about on Christmas day in 70 mph winds (the helicopter was going backwards at times).

The RNLI guys for going out in force 12 hurricane force winds for days at a time. I can't even stand up in a force 10 but to be out in a boat with 15 meter high waves is a level of bravery that I just don't have.

The local vet. It might seem odd to praise a vet but this is the guy who's out delivering sheep at gone midnight in howling gales and horizontal rain. He's also the guy who refloats whales which makes him a hero in my book.

Villains, the MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) for attempting to close down the coastguard stations, getting rid of the emergency towing vessels and generally showing a complete lack of understanding about how dangerous it is out at sea and just not giving a shit about anything outside of London (the Minister for Shipping is the MP for Hemel Hempsted FFS I mean he really understands what affects the sea).

SSE Power Distribution. For the six hour power cut on Christmas Day. Bastards.
(, Sat 31 Dec 2011, 0:32, 2 replies)
This year and every other year

People who are too cool to admit they like anything. You know the sort, the people who'll compile a list of the "10 most over rated..." 'you name it', but get all tongue tired if you ask them to name their favourite band or whatever. In short I'm calling 98% of people on the Internet villains.


Anyone who's never used the phrase "over rated". I salute you.
(, Sat 31 Dec 2011, 0:31, 4 replies)
Since no one else will nominate me - I nominate me for my own hero, and my own worst enemy.

Ex walked out on me (moved in with the village bike, who lived across the road from us) when I was 4 months pregnant with our second child (who is disabled) - that child is now 16, my oldest is 18. For the last 16 years I have raised my children on my own - they are good natured, well balanced, well mannered, socially adept and thoroughly lovely kids. Since their father had no input in their upbringing whatsoever (his choice), since I have no contact with my own family (bunch of bastards - my dad was the only decent one but he died a long time ago), and since I have home educated them for the last six years, I take sole credit for this.

Throughout the last 16 years I have spent minimal time on benefits (it's soul destroying being on the dole) - I worked full time for the first 10 years and then went part-time to be able to home educate effectively.

We've moved house a few times in the last 16 years too, again all organised and carried out alone - fuck paying removal company fees, I hired, drove, packed and unpacked the van on my own.

So fuck the single parent haters - not all of us are lazy chavscum dole scroungers.

So yeah, blowing my own fucking trumpet here - I'm pretty damned good, the results speak for themselves.

And my own worst enemy? I'm 48 years old, I have diabetes, arthritis in my hands, an underactive thyroid, and asthma. I neglect myself terribly, constantly forget to take my pills, smoke like a train, don't eat properly, am overweight and barely get any sleep.

The kids are older now though, and I've decided for my New Year's resolution that I'm going to spend more time and effort on myself. I think I deserve it.
(, Fri 30 Dec 2011, 23:00, 28 replies)
So many choices
I'll limit myself to just a few heroes.

1. Japan. I work with many Japanese guys and the way that they and their countrymen dealt with the earthquake and tsunami is a lesson for us all.
2. My new GF. My divorce finalised recently and it's only because I have a girlfriend who isn't a self centered bitch with entitlement issues that I haven't written off all women as a waste of space.
3. The British Army. Never have so few been so overworked and so badly supported by even fewer. Just what drives them to risk their lives at the behest of a bunch of useless politicians?

Now the zeroes.
1. The Daily Mail and all who write for it. To think that some of these people might actually have journalism degrees and yet choose to waste them by reprinting old crap that they stole from the internet/Youtube is just depressing.
2. The French. Just because.
3. Divorce lawyers. Every single one of them is a greedy, useless, lying cunt.
(, Fri 30 Dec 2011, 22:22, 3 replies)
It may be a long one
All those active in the Arab Spring Revolutions and Russian Protests, and the people who took out Bin Laden.
The Tories and LibDems for Putting the long term welfare of the nation above short term popularity, freezing council tax, using the veto, jailing the rioters.
Salmond for giving the Jocks the chance to fuck off or shut up.
The Japanese for their organised and dignified reaction to their national catastrophes, Natural and man-made.
Twitter, and the Superinjunction-breakers.
The riot repairers, Big Man.
Assad, Gadaffi,Kim Jong Il.
The Murdochs, the press reporting about the Murdoch's as if more than 10% of the population cared, , both HMRC and Occupy ___.
Berlusoni, Sarkozy, the Greek Government.
And most of all, every single last person who Rioted over those 4 days.
(, Fri 30 Dec 2011, 22:14, Reply)
All rolled into 1.
Wendy Deng - for slapping that poor bloke who just wanted to creampie an unjustifiably famous rich cunt.
Mind you, who wouldn't want a missus like that in your corner. Especially as you get a bit old & feeble & your protege seems to be turning into another self-serving, super-model marrying prick.
Rebecca Ginge-Whatever her name is - for giving Rupes a good enough "under boardroom table servicing" that he felt the need to protect her. Bet Wendy'd like to give her a slap.
(, Fri 30 Dec 2011, 21:24, Reply)
Julian Assange?
Well, he was last year's hero and now the world has seen that he's a spiteful deluded nobody with his own little agenda of an idealistic truth.

He's neither a hero nor a villain - I'm just reminding you of the same question this time last year.

Oh how the mighty fall.
(, Fri 30 Dec 2011, 21:20, 3 replies)
All of those who risked everything on the streets of the Middle East.


Bashar al-Assad.

The government and The Open University for excluding me from education. Fucking twunts.
(, Fri 30 Dec 2011, 21:17, 2 replies)
Steve Jobs
For showing everyone what happens when you choose quack remedies for cancer rather than getting proper treatment early. Don't be like Steve, people!
(, Fri 30 Dec 2011, 20:47, 4 replies)
Just seen Matt Baker on the One show so...

Matt Baker for asking David Cameron "how do you sleep at night"
Adam Buxton for possibly the finest episode of NMTB in years..or sutin.


The 13,000,000 people who voted 'No' to electoral reform - stupid short-sighted reactionary twunts.
Lazy Hypocritical Tabloid Hacks who think hacking a dead girl's phone is the same as proper investigative journalism
The rioters

Have I alienated enough people yet?
(, Fri 30 Dec 2011, 19:39, 5 replies)
just in, justin....
And I quote "Say what you like, Justin Bieber is making good. Through his music and person, he is inspiring millions the world over to reach for a greater tomorrow, and that is something no one can discredit in anyway shape or form."

And to think I believed a yearning to own fashionable white running shoes was the depth to which the human condition could sink.
(, Fri 30 Dec 2011, 19:21, Reply)
My dear friend Carolyn
She was beaten senseless by her greek husband, in Thessaloniki, who owns about 3 restaurants, and a sports cafe, and when he told her to "go, you are worthless", packed her bags and moved back to the UK, with the 2 children. She has worked tirelessly for the past 16 months, providing for the children, even finding a property when her brother let her down, and this ex-husband of hers (that pulls in £1k a NIGHT from the sports cafe alone), keeps stopping paying maintenance for the 2 children.
They went back to Thessaloniki for christmas. Guess who paid for them to get there? The husband who earns that type of money, or the person that has to scrimp and scrape to get them back there? And what did the children get on Xmas day? His wallet opened- no presents to unwrap- and the youngest is 12.
So, yes, this woman is my hero. And no, I'm not fucking her or whatever, I just think she is one of the strongest women I have ever met.
(, Fri 30 Dec 2011, 17:34, 11 replies)

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