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This is a question Heroes and villains of 2011

Who were your heroes or villains of the last year, and why? Who inspired you? Who had you kicking the cat across the room? They don't have to be well known, you might even want to laud the achievements of your binman. (Note that "Nick Clegg nuff said" answers puts you straight onto our naughty list)

(, Thu 29 Dec 2011, 15:05)
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Villains: David Cameron, Jeremy Clarkson and Rebekah Brooks
Nothing particularly unusual about that list, except living where I do, I do happen to see one or other of them once a month or so while I'm out and about in town. Tends to put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day :o)
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 21:02, 8 replies)
Heroes - The Doctors, Nurses and Surgeons at Clatterbridge and The Countess Of Chester Hospitals...
who, despite the fact I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the middle of 2010, have kept me alive and still feeling pretty good in to 2012. I can't thank them enough. Oh yeah, and Jackie my Macmillan nurse who's worth her weight in gold.
Villains? All enemies of the NHS, you know who they are, the cunts.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 20:18, 13 replies)
Forget all this hand wringing over who's the baddest person around, wasps are always the villains. They wear stripes like the insect criminals they are, try to steal beer and jam, peel wood off the doors and gateposts to make their stupid paper nests, have an all round bad attitude and I got stang off of one this year. And last year as well.

Even Qaddafi didn't sting anyone.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 19:05, 12 replies)
Last year's top villain...
...has really cleaned up his act this year, so I hereby nominate The Pope for hero of the year 2011.

Oh, silly me, no he hasn't. He's still a police-impeding child-abuser-enabling AIDS-promoting women-oppressing gay-hating poverty-inducing just-an-old-bloke-like-anyone-else-and-not-a-mouthpiece-of-the-almighty in a dress sitting on a golden throne.

With a silly hat.

Now who could have predicted that?
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 18:46, 27 replies)
Villain of the year
The BBC News website for dumbing down further and further. For its editors thinking that reality TV, viewer ratings and inconsequential Twitter postings make for headline news. For not keeping news stories up to date with latest developments and for becoming more and more difficult for me to visit without wanting to stab myself in the eyes.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 18:29, 6 replies)
people who continue to bang on about fucking iProducts, they aren't the best thing since sliced bread, I'd prefer sliced bread to be honest.
I fixed the bloody things in my shop all the time and believe me, they aren't well made in the slightest.

The guys off frozen planet, I wish I could have to opportunity to see it for real.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 18:25, 3 replies)
Arsene Wenger for assembling a squad of players who are shite. Also villains are the Arsenal board for not sacking the french waste of space.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 18:10, 2 replies)
Earlier in the year I was very ill with, to put it bluntly, chronic bloody diarrhoea. Very unpleasant and rather frightening for a 22 year old woman, I'm sure you'll agree. My GP listened to me and didn't try to fob me off with "Oh it's just a virus/IBS go away and come back when your insides have actually imploded". He went out of his way to see me every week until my hospital appointment came though (10 days after his referral, thanks to him getting me rushed through) and got me on medication straight away for what he suspected was wrong (ulcerative colitis). Thanks to some exemplary care from my GP and the staff at the hospital I am now fully recovered and the extremely good news is that I probably don't have ulcerative colitis and will lead a full medication-free life. I will even finish my PhD in time (probably). Unfortunately nobody is able to tell me why I spent a month bleeding from somewhere in my intestines and why it got better with the medication for a disease I probably don't have, but that's medicine for you - not all that scientific! So my hero of the year is my GP for listening, and all the staff at the hospital who looked after me, and whatever gods were looking over me when I found out I don't have a lifelong debilitating condition.

And my villain of the year? David Cameron, for trying to destroy the fine institution that is the NHS, much as people complain about it. We are so lucky to be blessed with free healthcare, as there is no way in hell I could have afforded all the medication, colonoscopy, and doctor's appointments on a PhD student's stipend (and before anyone tells me to get a job, I'm researching Alzheimer's disease so I am *trying* to make a difference myself!). Next time you're feeling a bit poorly and you think your doctor is being slow remember that in some countries you wouldn't even have access to a doctor.

Length? I didn't look.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 17:43, 13 replies)
My nominations are
Hero: The penguin on Frozen Planet that waddled past Sir David delivering a piece to camera and just turned his head and said 'Good Morning' in penguin and then carried on. Regardless of David being from a different race and culture than himself, he was courteous and polite, a true beacon for us all.
Villain: That bastard of a liquorice torpedo that broke my tooth in half and cost me £350 to get repaired.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 17:23, Reply)
Can I nominate
scarpe as the villain for 2012?
He'll offer plenty of reasons as the year goes on, so I just want to get my nomination in early.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 16:52, 10 replies)
My hero is my Nan.
At 87 she had to have an operation, and after that she suddenly got a new lease of life. She got an iPhone, invested in some new clothes, sunglasses, went on an adventure holiday in Saigon, started listening to obscure new music, she was a whole new person.

God bless her hip replacement.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 15:28, 13 replies)
those lovely little chocolates you get in a big tin at christmas.


whichever cunts ate my heroes.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 15:09, 4 replies)
So many candidates, but...

My wife, for giving up her well-paid job to look after our twins and having to deal with an unenviable barrage of fighting, screaming, whining and moaning on a daily basis. I don’t know why I do it, but I shall try to calm down in 2012. Can’t be easy for her, what with the twins needing her attention as well.


Lady luck, for failing to cause my eurolottery numbers to come up, thus allowing me to give up my job and live the life of luxury that the world so clearly owes me, the bastard!

Or perhaps Liam Fox. Fucking twat.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 14:37, 1 reply)
Villain: Victoria Coren
For introducing a real horn-killer in her smug-arsehole admittance and defence of a wishy-washy belief in God through her Observer column

Hero: Karen Gillan
For having smashing tits and staying silent on the subject of her religious beliefs, whatever they may be
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 14:28, 28 replies)
The only hero who puts his money where his mouth is.
John Mcguinness. Kahones the size of 'kin watermelons that chap.

Oh, and the usuals, Sir David Attenborough, Sir Patrick Moore.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 14:19, 7 replies)

that bloke from the Isle of Mann for cycling really fast


Darcus Howe for his 'that was a party political broadcast on behalf of the British National Party' the morning after the riots/looting in London
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 12:58, Reply)
I'd like to nominate Nolongernuts for paying my mortage for me after I visited her in hospital
Oh, and smashing bumhole pics too.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 11:11, 12 replies)
Hero: Tom Watson
Villain: Russell Kane. Well - not so much a villain, perhaps, as someone in desperate need of a personality, act, and existence justification.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 9:25, Reply)
One of my heroes of the year is Gareth Malone
If for no other reason than how ballsy he has been in setting up his choirs, beating X-Factor to the number one single (without resorting to tracks that were shit when they were first released, let alone 15-20 years later, i.e. RATM & Nirvana), and just coming across on screen as an alright bloke.

/awaits inevitable shouting down.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 8:49, 18 replies)
My manic depression
is the hero of the year.

EDIT: I mean villain.

EDIT: I mean hero.
(, Tue 3 Jan 2012, 3:14, 6 replies)
My dog
My dog Lassie, HAS to be hero of the year for telling me via the medium of barking that little billy was stuck down t well.
Unfortunately it was the little Billy who had disappeared 16 years ago and who was now no more than bones and dust...
(, Mon 2 Jan 2012, 23:47, 7 replies)
Hero: Chriddof
(, Mon 2 Jan 2012, 23:20, 1 reply)
Hero: Christopher Hitchens
You don't have to agree with his opinions to appreciate someone being eloquently rude to twats for 40 odd years.
(, Mon 2 Jan 2012, 20:55, 2 replies)
My friend Meredith for sticking by me when I hit rock bottom
and for persuading my other friends to keep me around.
Tracy and Eddie for coming to visit me when they were only internet friends but had learned I was in the hospital, but who now are real life friends.
My doctors for getting me on the right meds to stabilize me.

Villains? My own fucking head!
(, Mon 2 Jan 2012, 20:16, 8 replies)

(, Mon 2 Jan 2012, 17:09, 2 replies)
Rupert Murdoch
The man is a lizard. Not in the David Icke sense, but in the morally reprehensible, looks-a-bit-like-one sense.

That he could sit in front of an inquiry and claim to have no knowledge of the phone hacking going on at HIS newspaper, when he is renowned in the media world for being utterly underhanded at every turn and get away with it makes my fucking blood boil. He represents a kind of social cancer of ignorance, which I feel is genuinely holding the progress of civilisation back. He has almost single-handedly created an atmosphere where more emphasis is placed on so-called "celebrities" and their private lives than on the things that make you a fundamentally decent human being. Like looking up to doctors, soldiers, scholars and scientists, rather than winners of reality TV shows, and fake, plastic Hollywood stars.

It's left us with a country full of idiots who genuinely feel that in order to be a success in life, you only have to apply to go on some shitty talent show. I was on a train a few days ago, and overheard a conversation where one guy was actually talking about going on Dragon's Den as though it was a legitimate way to start a business, and not just some shitty television show where 90% of people who apply are exploited for entertainment value, and nothing else.

People don't feel that they have to EARN anything any more, and so we're left with this undeserved sense of entitlement.

And it's Rupert Murdochs fault.

Him and that ugly Ginger bitch he called his chief editor too.
(, Mon 2 Jan 2012, 16:02, 19 replies)
why me !!!!!!
My old boss for standing by me and giving me a years work as an agency worker after I had been made redundant, then telling his manager he had made a bad move, then re-employing me full time just as I was about to go under BIG TIME!!!!!
Cheers Mate your a fucking hero.

All my old chums in the NHS you fucking deserve a medal.


The Cameron

Cunt he is making the ordinary taxpayer suffer for the bankers fuck ups and making sure they dont pay tax !!"!" cunt!!""

Any politician they are hurting you and me.
(, Mon 2 Jan 2012, 15:01, Reply)
Queen Beatrice of the fucking Netherlands.
She knows why.
(, Mon 2 Jan 2012, 8:32, 3 replies)
Jeremy Clarkson for both. Hear me out...
Not necessarily because he's an entertaining person, but because whenever he's done anything this year, ALL the trolls have come out to play.

And not just the 'net trolls, it's the middle class Telegraph trolls! It's people arguing, in chatspeak, with people who still think that addressing the greengrocer's comma is a risque argument. On public forums!

This is something I find vastly, endlessly entertaining. I can see how it's also very annoying, though. So, yeah. Both.
(, Sun 1 Jan 2012, 22:51, 12 replies)
Just for one day
Heroes -
Me, for not only getting my boss the sack for being a bullying over-delegating cunt, but also making him leave the country. (OK, Scotland, it still counts)
Hackney Woman who shouted at the thieving cunts, sorry "rioters"

Villains -

The bloke who does the voice over on Come Dine with Me - Smug unfunny cunt
Ed Sheeran - Precious, whiny, flash in the pan cunt (and i didn't even use the G-word)
The entire Greek Parliament - Mismanaging terrible repercussions for us all cunts
Emma West - Moronic public transort using racist cunt
My central heating - Non functioning on coldest day of the year ubercunt
People who like their own statuses or comments on Facebook- self congratulatory cunts
Lionel Messi - Too talented for his own good envy making wondercunt

Happy 2012
(, Sun 1 Jan 2012, 22:14, 2 replies)

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