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This is a question Overcoming adversity

The Doveston asks: Have you ever fought back from a terrible illness? Got out of a job that was going nowhere? Secured a great victory against the odds through dishonesty and cheating? Warm our hearts, B3ta

(, Thu 13 Dec 2012, 13:06)
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Poisoned by "certified organic" pesticide used by the army corps of engineers.
I wish I knew how to add photos, I would show some of the less gory pics.
However my story, I was poisoned by the army corps of engineers.
They in all their glory decided to poison out a lake so they could restock it with game fish for rich touristy types.
They neglected to tell the locals that the Rotenone used to kill off the lake is also lethal and or dangerous to a very small percentage of humans (I am one of the lucky ones)
It caused me to lose most of my liver function, kidney failure, heart issues,some brain functions are impared in that I have problems concentrating and I went from proofing newspaper articles to barely being able to compose a letter, lungs were filling with fluid and full of blistering lesions as well.I have to carry around a lame oxygen tank now so I don't die.
On the skin side, I would get unendurable feeling of burning followed by the skin burning from the inside out, you could actually feel the high heat coming off my skin right before blisters formed, then popped then the skin slid off leaving the underlaying muscles exposed.
I required many skin grafts after they figured out what was causing this.
I have some scars on my face as a result of this as well,but thankfully most of the skin slid off my abdomen and legs and not my face. I am now perminantly unable to do alot of the physical things I used to do as the new skin is not all that strong. I also am very photosensitive and any bright light sends me into mild seizures. I will require a kidney transplant in the future as well.
What bothers me the most is Obama our noncitizen president had created a law in which we can no longer sue the government for being poisoned by them (part of the Patriot Act) Thankfully I have insurance because the bills are close to half a million dollers at this point and I will never fully recover mentally or physically.
Send me a message if you want to see some gory pics. My legs will never again look good in a skirt :( it is jeans only for me for the rest of my life.
(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 5:44, 48 replies)
I don't know what to say...
...wishing you more courage to keep fighting.
(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 10:06, closed)
I may need to retract this statement
after reading your pit bull rescue story, and re-reading the above story, and paying closer attention to the offensive/deluded reference to Obama, and the Patriot Act. And, even a Luddite like me knows how to post pictures, even those sourced via Google.
(, Sun 16 Dec 2012, 4:36, closed)
Have you tried putting something up your bottom?

(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 11:07, closed)
As I Read That
I was feeling a great deal of sympathy for you. Then you dropped in the phrase Obama our noncitizen president and it was obvious that you're a right-wing, racist, fuck-knuckle who can't bear the fact you have a black President.

Given your prejudices, I can't take anything you say seriously


Edit: And the Patriot Act was passed in 2001 by George Bush.
(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 13:52, closed)
^ This.
An uncomfortable read, until the birther reveal, rendering it all slightly hilarious.
(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 15:49, closed)

Obviously it's far worse being born on an island part of the United States, than being an alcoholic cocaine addict and pathological liar.
(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 15:56, closed)
Fuck me, we are in agreement on something.

(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 11:53, closed)
I think you are a mental.

(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 15:04, closed)
There is certainly a touch of tinfoilhattery.

(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 16:00, closed)
I don't think she realises just how silly she sounds here.

(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 16:05, closed)
More than just a touch.
(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 17:05, closed)
I remember that!
Even mild-mannered Smash Monkey got a punch in.
(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 18:05, closed)
I've just bothered to read your story rather than posting a standard up-the-bum response.
It's bollocks. Complete bollocks. Start to finish. Delusional bollocks. The only sickness you have is in your head. Get it treated. Or ... you know ... die in pain. It's much the same to me.

Large quantities of paracetamol inserted in the rectum would probably do it.
(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 16:48, closed)

To be fair to zhinka, being nuts doesn't make someone a bad person.

It's sane people who behave like cunts who need to be stabbed in the eyes. And the Welsh.
(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 17:30, closed)
where are the mods etc etc...

(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 12:52, closed)
"I wish I knew how to add photos" - "I have no photos to add because I've made all of this up."
Fixed that for you.
(, Sat 15 Dec 2012, 18:32, closed)
This may give you some pointers on
adding photos - by the sounds of it I don't think any of us are *that* voyeuristic (except Rory & BD it would seem maybe).

Also having had a look at your profile, are you sure it was "teh govmint" to blame?

"Rotenone has historically been used by indigenous peoples to catch fish." - from wiki (yeah I know it's wiki but even so...)
(, Sun 16 Dec 2012, 0:32, closed)
There's a part of me that sort of wants her to add photos just to make it easier to prove that it's all deluded fantasy bollocks.

(, Sun 16 Dec 2012, 0:40, closed)
You gories
worse than AB and his fucking yiffing!
(, Sun 16 Dec 2012, 0:44, closed)
There aren't any pictures though, that's the point.
It is a crazy person.
(, Sun 16 Dec 2012, 13:07, closed)
She's usually extremely keen on people posting pictures as proof.

(, Sun 16 Dec 2012, 16:57, closed)
wait, the US army poisoned a lake to stock it with fish for tourists?
and then your skin fell off? POIDH.
(, Sun 16 Dec 2012, 9:16, closed)
I'd never had pegged
you as "gorie" janet. Then again, stfu. ;)
(, Sun 16 Dec 2012, 9:30, closed)
How does a twat like you
look around a site like this and end up thinking 'Yes...this is for me!'
(, Sun 16 Dec 2012, 20:11, closed)
because twats like this
post on every message board in the world

like twats
(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 14:52, closed)
can't find anything that reports it giving a skin reaction greater than a rash in humans. Only rabbits.

Are you a rabbit?
(, Sun 16 Dec 2012, 20:53, closed)
No, she's an eskimo.

(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 8:05, closed)
No, I'm a Londoner

(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 11:54, closed)
Having carried out some research into rotenone
I can only assume you are a blithering right-wing idiot, who is quite possibly delusional to boot. Have you been huffing on tetraethyl lead? Also, wholescale lake poisonings like that which you make claims about have not been carried out in decades. Finally, as for the birther conspiracy bullshit, seriously, you're aligning yourself with the idiotic and somewhat idiotic Donald Trump?

I only have one suggestion for you. Seriously. Get some mental help before you go postal or something.
(, Sun 16 Dec 2012, 21:29, closed)
Besides, lakes have traditionally been cleared with explosives rather than poison.
(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 0:48, closed)
Also, if you keep insisting on referring to Obama as a non citizen, when you yourself are a Canadian immigrant, then you are a bellend.
You understand that he was born in Hawaii, which is a US state, right? If he wasn't born in the US he wouldn't have been allowed to run for president in the first place. Please, bring on the tin foil hatted response to this argument.
(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 10:30, closed)
you carry this oxygen tank around when you're rescuing pitbulls?
(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 12:40, closed)
i think the patriot act became law in 2001 in repsonse to 9/11 under george w bush.
not sure how it would stop you from suing the government though. seems like you've just got an anti-obama agenda.
(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 12:51, closed)
I totally know how you feel, I was absolutely devastated when my pet snake's skin slid off.
Thankfully his also grew back and he's fine now. I blame black people.
(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 13:30, closed)
He hates Obama too. After the last election he threw a complete hissy fit!

(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 14:27, closed)
Are you sure it wasn't HAARP or contrails?
Or perhaps they have been using thiomersal in the mind control injections.
(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 17:16, closed)
Assuming this is true...you probably had Steven-johnson syndrome as a result of an autoimmune response to something innocuous like ibuprofen rather than the Gubmint.
This not not preclude you from being a paranoid bell end, mind.
(, Mon 17 Dec 2012, 21:18, closed)
Dr. AB
in da hazouse!
For a Mortuary Technician you sure are up on all the diagnoses there Dr.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 0:05, closed)
can you do that as a shit poem please?
Thnx bbz.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 0:06, closed)
I'll take a punt
and say "Plummy is a cunt."
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 0:08, closed)
don't give up the shit-wiping day job.

(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 0:09, closed)
Your response was shit
& you are a twit?
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 0:11, closed)
Ringofyre you just might
Be an antipodean delight;
But you manage to ruin it every time
And by reminiscing your dead friend through the medium of rhyme
Showed that you cannot be trusted with dignity;
I wish this had come as epiphany but
Sadly it's true- you're a drongo.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 0:14, closed)
Dignity and epiphany rhyme.
Dignity and but, don't.
Also drongo doesn't rhyme with anything. But I do enjoy it when you call me a drongo nonetheless.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 0:17, closed)
you do realise that there are different forms of rhythm and rhyme
And that if you'd read the poem correctly then the rhymes fall in the right place?

Perhaps you should put your English degree to better use?
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 0:22, closed)
7 years at uni.
No degree. None doing a BA either.

Had a fucking hoot tho.

EDIT: haven't we suddenly come across all English professor with a jacket with elbow patches Plummy!
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 7:42, closed)
To be with AB for a second on this
Nurses know a fuckton about medicine. More than some doctors in fact, given that on the NHS they're the ones that actually give what the doctor has prescribed, and it's up to them to make sure the dosages and so forth are correct.

A friend of mine is a nurse and she's caught so many misplaced decimal points on a dosage like you would not believe.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 23:26, closed)
oh man
She used to proofread newspaper articles even though she has the literacy of a particularly stupid walrus.

This just gets funnier.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2012, 0:05, closed)

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