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This is a question Posh

My dad's family are posh - there's at least one knight and an ex-lord mayor of london. My mum's family come from Staines.

How posh are you? Who's the poshest person you've met? Be proud and tell us your poshest moments.

(, Thu 15 Sep 2005, 10:12)
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to SiX
posh is NOT having to wear a suit to work...
(, Wed 21 Sep 2005, 12:25, Reply)
on my fathers side:

my grandmother (whom i never met, she died before i was born) was a royal cousin, from a very well-to-do family from Liecester (i'm not going to state names). She was disowned and cut off from the family when she married and had children to a drunken glaswegian common gangster/poet painter.

on my mothers side, my grandparents we're an irish sea captain and daughter of a diplomat to papua new guinea. However, my mother chose to reject her private catholic school upbrining etc, so i gre up on a hippy commune in the australian countryside, while my mum made a living selling ganga to yuppies in sydney.

oh, and i was accused of being a snob last month at my sisters wedding. My family are getting less and less sophisticated every generation. such a shame.
(, Wed 21 Sep 2005, 12:03, Reply)
We have horses
and some land
and a nice house

I am the only one in the family that seems to act like a posh person however. My sister is a save the world person, my mum is very career driven and my dad is a farrier.... mind you I can't complain at leaching off them and I think thats about the poshest thing you can do :p
(, Wed 21 Sep 2005, 11:13, Reply)
my sisters met Princess Anne at the commisioning of a ship (we're the children of a navel officer you know).
Not sure it counts as posh though as she had a knot in her handbag and was blind drunk. (Anne not my sister)
(, Wed 21 Sep 2005, 11:09, Reply)
I ain't posh and neither's me cousin
...who was raised on a council estate in Weston-Super-Mud. On leaving school she got a job as a child-minder, and I can't remember how it happened exactly but a year or so later she found herself doing much the same job, but by now for a family who lived out in the country. Part of her job was to take the neighbours' kids with her on the school run - and here comes the posh bit: the "neighbours" turned out to be Princess Anne and family. So anyway my cousin did this for a while, and one afternoon on getting back she was pottering about in the kitchen when Anne stuck her head round the door and asked her to make a couple of extra Nescafe's since they had visitors - and in walked Charles and his then new girlfriend Diana.

Diana worked in childcare at the time and was about the same age as my cousin, and to cut a long story short the two of them became firm friends. My cousin used to get Xmas and birthday cards from Diana right up till the end - and she always chucked them out along with the rest of them after a week or so, because she's Not Posh.
(, Wed 21 Sep 2005, 10:51, Reply)
i have run out of coke
It's police officers like you that give the force a bad name. Then again, it looks like you're a Merkin, so it goes without saying that such colonial fear-driven shenanigans would be first in your tiny mind.

Similar story to PRofBirmingham:
I was bicycling home one night from my gf's place in the 90s, and was stopped by some young tyke of a bobby in his jam sarnie sierra. "Where you off to then my lad?" he says, avoiding the policy of calling members of the public "sir" or "madam" in his eagerness to accuse me of some theft - me, a young punk-type in this, a rather well-to-do little village in Cambs. "I've been visiting my girlfriend," I reply politely.
"Oh, really? Where does she live and what's her name?"
"Her name is [ex-gf's name] and she lives at the police house up the road. Her dad's this village's resident policeman, you know - [ex-gf's Dad's name]?"
Bobby Tyke suddenlyt became abashed and rattled out what I've learned is the standard response in such mistaken stop'n'search cases: "Right you are sir, it's just that there have been a lot of burglaries in the area recently."
"Ah," says I, "I thought you were stopping me because I didn't have a back light on my bike."

And off I ride.
Cnut Bobby Tyke goes and tells my gf's dad that I was some gobby punk who insulted him and suggested he'd stopped me "because I was wearing a leather jacket".

Connection to the QOTW?
Well, ex-gf's Dad, after leaving the force, became a polititian through his Freemason connections. Ooo-ooh!

Doesn't stop his daughter from being a heroin-addict prostitute and madam whose whorehouse has been three times shut down by the police force her dad used to belong to...
(, Wed 21 Sep 2005, 10:38, Reply)
used to be posh
my parents (who, incidentally, are from yorkshire and birmingham) brought me up in a then-up-and-coming-now-VERY-posh bit of London. They wouldn't let me drop my t's and h's like the council estate kids at school, but everything else seemed to go. So I developed this rather odd posh/south london accent, as did my friends, whose parents had the same idea. We all sound like Kiera Knightly really does, which certainly has uses.

However, a very good friend of mine was brought up in Port Talbot (in Wales, for the uninitiated). Her dad was so worried that she would develop a Welsh accent and experience some kind of social stigma from it (?) that he sent her to elocution lessons for ten years. She now sounds like Honor Blackman, which is quite odd for a chinese lass from the depths of chavdom.

Poshest person i ever met was the son of a lord, owned three multi-million-pound companies at 18 and a house worth 5mil. He was also the most socially inept right-wing virgin I have ever met.

Though I did once spend a new years eve at a VERY POSH house-and-grinds, where i got spectacularly wankered and crawled through the corridors vomiting after watching lots of very rich, ahem, 'virile' young men strip off and run around the gardens. As one of only two available women there, I somewhat regretted the decision to drink in the end.

sorry for length. i'm stuck for poshness
(, Wed 21 Sep 2005, 10:30, Reply)
Part of the Great Barrier Reef is named after my family.

Unfortunately I feel this is due to the fact that my ancestors were pirates rather than posh.
(, Wed 21 Sep 2005, 9:58, Reply)
rattus . . .
Get your head out of your backside son, and that chip off your shoulder. I live in Australia, I have immigrant parents - and they didn't come out of any slums thank you very much, they came from poorer villages, and none of them are convicts.
You seem to have a problem with anyone with a bit of cash - am I to assume you have nothing bar the poorly placed arrogance that identifies your writing?
(, Wed 21 Sep 2005, 5:56, Reply)
I would say not. Very few people are genuinely "posh" these days. A bit of cash and a shopping habit does not make posh - in evidence, I give you some highlights:

I went to a good public school, then university...but I come from Paisley - have you got any jellies, big man?
I own two cars, one is a top of the range 4x4 that tows our horse box...the other is a stupidly fast Subaru turbo that a ram-raider would be proud of
Our house has three toilets for the two of us...and I still call them the crapper and lock my wife in there after I've laid a cable
We have two chocolate labradors...but I still hanker after a lurcher on a rope
I'm quite happy and comfortable going out for dinner at good restaurants every week...but I'll only wear trainers
I own a horse - an eventer more accurately that my wife competes on....I'd prefer to buy a cart for it and sell ginger round the houses

You can take the boy out of Paisley - but you'll never take Paisley out the boy
(, Wed 21 Sep 2005, 1:19, Reply)
You can tell if students are very posh even before they open their mouths
because if they are, they will all look the same (most students do anyway, so....)
But it's true: there's hardly any variation in the aristocrats' appearance because of their mostly French ancestry, arranged marriages, etc. (this is why many are less than attractive.) You can even narrow them down to a handful of types, which I'm not going to do because I can't be arsed.

Cocaine burns round the nose is another dead giveaway.
(, Wed 21 Sep 2005, 1:09, Reply)
went to uni
Have a skyline(car)
Wear suits to work
Wear suit jackets when not at work
(illegal(bastard))Decendant of English Royalty
Only drink strait spirits
I like hats
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 21:52, Reply)
Set the hounds on them? At once old bean...

To me, posh, is eptimoised in Jenny Agutter. Her accent, her body language, everything about her just screams POSH TOTTY!!!

OK. And, apart from both versions of The Railway Children, she's gotten her kit off in everything she's ever appeared in.

I'm sorry. I just like naked women. I'm a bad man.
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 21:36, Reply)
When I was about 8 or 9....
I used to think that anyone who went on holiday in the UK, or to a Butlins or Pontins holiday camp were too poor to go on a proper holiday (ie. abroad).
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 20:29, Reply)
...and I went to a grammar school
I can trace my bloodline directly to this man, I've got documents with wax seals in a big chest to prove it:

(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 20:22, Reply)
It's always a "mate" when it's minging but.......
.....I knew a chap who so the antithesis of posh that he had himself a wank in bed (dear readers, some years ago there was no internet and we had to use magazines, but you could at least do it in a power cut) using a kleenex to clean up. Five minutes later he fancied another, it must have been a pretty good jazzmag, and he couldn't be arsed to get another tissue so he used the same soggy one again. I however must be posh because I use words like "antithesis" on sites like b3ta. And I'm going to sit port out starboard home on buses and trains to try and prove it.

Sorry I was just passing and didn't want to be left out.
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 19:17, Reply)
I am posh
At least, Mr Pie thinks I am, because I'm from Surrey and I talk posh. He, on the other hand, is from one of the less affluent parts of Leeds.

One night, we were getting down to business when he suddenly announced cheerfully "They don't usually let me into posh places!"

Rather off-putting, let me tell you.
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 18:31, Reply)
I have run out of coke
So, how's the whole Nazi thing working out for you?
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 18:24, Reply)
I have run out of coke
Dorking's not a huge town. I must have missed the 10 bedroom mansion during various pissups and visits to said town. In fact, I know many people who drive rather unsubtle classic fords through said town without getting hauled up. I leave the rest to your judgement.
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 16:20, Reply)
I live in Australia least posh place in the world
Even the people who think they are posh are mostly only sepearated from their convict past by about 3 generations, and every one ealse is just a stinky immagrant who's perants probably come here fresh from the slums with an empty suitcase and $50 in their pocket (like mine).

Our most prominent international performers are best know for either
a)wresteling crocodiles
b)performing with a wobble board (and if you don't know what a wobble board is don't ask).

The first thing Aussies do when they get into the "upper socio economical classes" is basically behave just as badly as when they were poor but more so, cause now they have the money to afford proper booze and plenty of supurflous pools/house extensions/boats. They are still poor in their minds and will never actually appreciate anything as abstract as art, or dance, or poetry, or music, unless it is being spoon fed to them by womens magazines.
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 15:32, Reply)
Yeah us coppers just love smarmy little twats like you. In my day, i'd have broken your brake light and nicked you. I'd have quite happily nicked you and phoned up your girlfriends dad. Who's he gonna believe? Me, a copper, or you, the guy who's fucking his daughter?

In fact i call bullshit on your story. That sort of thing only happens in heads. Its a great story that one only thinks of as they drive away.
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 15:14, Reply)
Is this posh?
I never eat the gherkin in ANY burgers. Unless she asks me to, of course.
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 14:43, Reply)
Poshest moments..
I certainly can't lay claim to being posh, as both my parents come from very poor working class backgrounds. They educated themselves and pushed me a little and thus I am now boringly middle middle class.

However, people tend to think I am posh due to my ability to speak properly, being reasonably bright, liking art and other intellectual/obscure pursuits and dressing and acting reasonably eccentricly at times. Still, at least the idiot from the local pub has now shut up about me being 'posh geezer'.

Other than briefly seeing the Queen, with n,000 other plebs years ago, the posher people I've known have been without exception polite, fairly well dressed, intelligent and considerate (with the occasional touch of arrogance). I have also been to some very swanky hotels, meals and events. I discovered there that kangaroo loin with roast hare was a little more rich than I would usually want.

All of that has been pleasant, but I'm actually happy being middle class. I don't really want much more than a nice detached house with a big garden and a view, a few electronic toys, a car that goes vroom a bit but isn't that fancy and a load of friends nearby whilst actually contributing something sensible to society.
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 14:39, Reply)
Is this posh?
I have a season ticket for Lord's.
I live in the Home Counties.
I attended a Grammar School, after passing the 12+.
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 14:34, Reply)
Not me - an ex-girlfriends family....
I was seeing this girl once: she was drop dead gorgeous with a really cool family, but there was no two ways about it: she was POSH: her family must've been two or three social classes higher than me...

Not that it bothered me - but it was dead funny one time....

You see I went down to see her in Dorking (told ya she was posh!) to stay at the families 10 bedroom MANSION and I was on my way back. I was pulled over by the rozzers for driving a lower class car (a beat up mini) in an upper-middle class area (the aforementioned Dorking)

So: smirking git of a copper sticks his head in the window and says "where've you been tonight, sir?" (and hinting "and where's the swag you've just looted then?) - to which I reply "With my girlfriend: the local Justice of the Peace's daughter... wanna phone him up to confirm it? - here's his personal number: I bet he will be WELL pleased to hear from you at this time of the night.... in fact I expect he will bring it up with the Chief Constable when he plays golf with him in the morning...."

Never seen a copper so quick to wave me on!!!
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 14:19, Reply)
I joined a comprehensive at 12 and had to sit next to a stuck-up prat called Ian Leadbetter. His mum was on the education board and insisted that he appealed against his exam results so that he could go to a posh grammar school in the area. In the meantime, he had to come to my school. He had all the lines about how rubbish my school was and surprise-surprise his mum got him moved to the grammar school. Shame your results weren't as good as mine and at least my school was better at fighting than yours. And we didn't try and cycle away when it all kicked off.How's the hood on your coat? Hurt your neck when I ripped it off, did it? Good! That right-foot volley into your stomach was very satisfying, considering the chain had come off your £200 BMX at the wrong moment. Haha. Mega-goooood!
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 14:18, Reply)
oh dear.
It seems as though the QOTW has been taken over by horrid little Oiks.

Legless my dear chap, Set the hounds on them!!
(, Tue 20 Sep 2005, 13:40, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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