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[challenge entry] It was bound to happen one day

Worf is so badass he takes him down, at distance, *with his eyes closed*

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(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 15:10, archived)
# he deserved it
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 15:25, archived)
# hehehe
that happened
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 15:34, archived)
# Ahahah
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 15:50, archived)
# riker's a dull cunt
he's the chakotay of the enterprise
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 15:55, archived)
# Don't you mean
The B'Elana, Harry Kim, Tom Paris, Kes, Janeway *and* Chakotay of the Enterprise?

Neelix gets a pass because he's irritating, rather than boring, but singling Chakotay out for being the dullest of the Voyager cast is like trying to choose your least favourite kind of cancer.
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 16:10, archived)
# You'd give 7 of 9 the thumbs up then ;-)
I liked B'Elana too...
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 16:30, archived)
# Me and the missus have watched the entirety of TNG and DS9 lately
but then I just couldn't be arsed with the first 3 seasons of Voyager, so we switched to Farscape instead

I might put Seven-era Voyager on afterwards
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 16:44, archived)
# I've got all of Voyager, and love it.
Yes, Chakotay's a fucknut, and Janeway's a terrible Captain, but there's enough decent sci-fi in there to keep me interested. The "Tuvix" episode as a Sci-Fi conundrum is hard to beat.
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 17:14, archived)
# It an unpopular vote
But I'm with you.

Voyager's unpopular I mean, not you, I mean I bet you've loads of friends, and all that
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 23:29, archived)
The Doctor is easily one of the best characters in Trek, even when Doctor-centric episodes don't actually always serve him well. Ditto Harry Kim. Many great characters frequently let done by poor scripts... but yeah then something like Tuvix comes along and shows total awesomeness.
(, Sat 4 Feb 2012, 11:05, archived)
# I hated "Tuvix"
not because it was a bad episode as such, but every single one of the fuckers should have been on trial for murder, or court-martialled for breaching the prime directive at the very least.

They EXECUTED Tuvix to get their two dead friends back.
(, Sat 4 Feb 2012, 12:12, archived)
# They could have cloned him
And then ripped the other two apart.

Of course, logic beats a decent script.
(, Sat 4 Feb 2012, 15:18, archived)
# Yes, but a clone is a copy
Tuvix himself would still die. There'd just be a Tuvix v2.0 following him up. The same memories, etc., sure, but the last thing Tuvix proper would know is dying.
(, Sat 4 Feb 2012, 17:21, archived)
# instead of the bullshit last episodes of voyager we got when they returned home
I totally agree, they should have got the ticker-tape parade, but on their way to court.

Not just Tuvix - almost every third episode they do something morally questionable or wholly against the prime directive. I don't hate the show for having them make hard and sometimes bad choices, but it makes it lame show for not having the guts to have some consequences.

They even promote her to Admiral! Fuck...
(, Sun 5 Feb 2012, 13:44, archived)
Promoted to her level of incompetence.
(, Tue 7 Feb 2012, 10:57, archived)
# *clicks*
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 19:45, archived)
# personally I think Riker's hilarious
He thinks he's such a pimp with the ladies, but really he only gets away with all his innuendo and dickishnish because he's second-in-command of the ship.

However, what's up with the trumbone playing? Phallic much? But it's his mouth wrapped around it.
(, Sat 4 Feb 2012, 3:46, archived)
# I love Star Trek.....
....all of Star Trek. Always will.

Except that awful excuse for a movie made in 2009 by JJ Asshole.
(, Sun 5 Feb 2012, 11:52, archived)
# Love it!
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 16:02, archived)
# Haha...
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 16:31, archived)
# un-lurking to give this a big click
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 17:34, archived)
# that
is rather awesome
(, Sat 4 Feb 2012, 8:54, archived)
# Oh that is fricking class
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 18:14, archived)
# haha!
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 18:43, archived)
# Doh!
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 19:27, archived)
# Hahahaha
I'd been thinking about doing this for ages, but never got around to it. I'm glad I didn't, because this is much better than I could have managed.
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 19:43, archived)
# same!
had this in my head for ages too, see it every time Picard says it on TNG (repeated daily here in Oz). Finally a compo came round that demanded it!
(, Sat 4 Feb 2012, 8:56, archived)
# Love Rikers expression in panel 4!!
Have a clicky, and also, a pea!
(, Fri 3 Feb 2012, 20:23, archived)
# Haha
Most of us have thought it, but you DID it. nicely.
(, Sun 5 Feb 2012, 11:50, archived)