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This is a question Anonymous

One of the B3ta team danced on stage at the Brixton Academy dressed as an enormous white rabbit, and lived to tell the tale. Confess the stuff – good or bad - you've done anonymously.

(, Thu 14 Jan 2010, 12:10)
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I went out with a girl once. Nothing too unusual. But what made this a little different was her ex-boyfriend, who couldn't seem to fathom how this girl could fancy, let alone BE WITH another bloke. It beggared belief in his eyes. And thus began the campaign of pure, bizarre stupidity.. Vitriolic emails came thick and fast.. and when he realised he wasn't getting the reaction he wanted, he moved onto prank calls (in various accents - usually Scottish or Irish) pretending to be the head of a firm in the area of business I was, and still is in, wanting to do arrange a meeting with me, in person, that day. Emails pretending to be from another girl trying seduce me.. Just really strange stuff.

I never retaliated, of course, figuring that the less I responded the more it wound him up. Until things reached a head and I simple had enough. I had a eureka moment; a way to get my own back without him actually knowing it was me. I wouldn't see the repercussions, but I'd rest safely knowing that this was going to fuck with him for months, possibly years to come.

The plan? Write his phone number on toilet doors the length and breadth of the land: 'YOUR COCK - MY MOUTH - Call me: **** 07*** ******' etc etc... in service stations, gay bars, public phone boxes.. anywhere really.

Even now I still see his number etched on walls now and again. Serves him right really.
(, Sat 16 Jan 2010, 22:28, 14 replies)
you call that weird?
my brother started seeing a girl a few years ago. her ex decided to burn my brother's car out in retaliation. then, there was a shoebox left on the front door. a shoebox with her cat in it. the cat he had just killed.
(, Sat 16 Jan 2010, 23:25, closed)
Ok you win!
(, Sat 16 Jan 2010, 23:32, closed)
he's split up with her now
she turned out to be a total coke whore.
still, at least he got a kid out of it.
(, Sun 17 Jan 2010, 0:14, closed)
I hope that was reported to the police - funny, killing an animal might get more jail time than killing an actual person - go figure.
(, Sun 17 Jan 2010, 4:56, closed)
it was reported
but he said he'd found the cat outside her house, coincidentally with its neck broken.
the police did nothing.
(, Mon 18 Jan 2010, 1:59, closed)
I don't anal but am not legally trained.
However, if I recall correctly killing an animal such as a cat is perfectly legal as long as it doesn't suffer.
(, Mon 18 Jan 2010, 19:01, closed)
teach her to date Schroedinger.
(, Sun 17 Jan 2010, 12:17, closed)

(, Sun 17 Jan 2010, 12:20, closed)
Am tempted by the way of the 'phone number revenge.. Very tempted..
(, Sun 17 Jan 2010, 13:15, closed)
another good one.....
write their number on banknotes......
(, Sun 17 Jan 2010, 17:56, closed)

(, Mon 18 Jan 2010, 2:00, closed)
the unsung b3ta hero is Schroedinger :)
(, Mon 18 Jan 2010, 8:42, closed)
I read that as
"bum my brother's car".
(, Wed 20 Jan 2010, 9:52, closed)
I do something similar
with the phone number of a "gentleman" that tried to ruin my relationship and gave me some pretty bad problems in my first year at uni.
For added fun, stick it on websites.
(, Mon 18 Jan 2010, 13:57, closed)

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