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This is a question B3ta Person of the Year 2010

Instead of Time person of the year, who's B3ta's and why? (Thanks to Elliot Reuben for the suggestion.)

(, Thu 16 Dec 2010, 10:53)
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Lu Ratwoman (or Evil Lu if you are OLD SKOOL).
She is ace. She made me stick around here when I first joined.

She is a wonderful lady who has been a rock to cling to and a shoulder to cry on - and her frankly terrifying capacity for vodka and Kronenberg is something that brings a tear to my eye.

She's fucking brilliant. So there.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 18:10, 12 replies)
Has anyone mentioned this guy?
and if not, why not?

(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 17:53, 5 replies)
If we say baldmonkey enough will he be summoned,
or will the internet end?
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 17:46, 3 replies)
Henry, person of the year!
Henry, person of the year.
Henry, person of the year.
Henry, person of the year.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 17:41, 1 reply)
vote for me
because, quite frankly, i'd do you all.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 17:39, 8 replies)
I vote me because I'm pretty sure I'm great.
Pretty darn sure.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 17:10, 1 reply)
I seem to have embarrassed myself.
I managed to summon help by utilising my bugle training and playing Reveille on the teapot for six consecutive hours. The young men from the Ambulance Service were most amused to find that I hadn't broken my hip, but was in fact lying on a cheese grater.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 17:08, Reply)
If it isn't Baldmonkey, there'll be hell on.

(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 16:40, 4 replies)
I'd like to resubmit my b3tard of the year.
I'd like Jahled to have the acolade as he was responsible for naming Nina, the snow leopard.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 16:37, 21 replies)
I'm Baldmonkey
And so's my wife.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 15:47, Reply)
This is turning out to be a brilliant qotw.

(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 15:44, 5 replies)

(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 15:38, Reply)
B3ta Person of the Year 2010
now with added baldmonkey
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 15:28, Reply)
Needs more BALDMONKEY.

(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 15:24, Reply)
Kerry Katona
For keeping herself in the tabloids, despite having done nothing except lose some lard and cut down on the gak. Gak which has left her face looking like someone with a shovel took a dislike to her (q.v.Daniella Westbrook, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson). Presumably the logic of her continued presence on news pages is that middle aged balding picture editors don't look at the mantelpiece when they're poking the fire.

So, for this momentous achievement, I salute you.

Now fuck off.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 15:22, 4 replies)

(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 15:08, Reply)
Apparently, Baldmonkey will cure cancer if enough people nominate Baldmonkey
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 15:06, Reply)
No, baldmonkey.

(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 14:33, Reply)
my dad, and your mum. Just getting in first really.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 14:32, 3 replies)

(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 14:23, Reply)
Because he ruined Gay Shift, or something.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 13:55, Reply)
'Coz I'm a walking, talking, typing dog turd you bell ends!
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 13:44, 2 replies)
Person of the year?
Back in my day it would have been 'Man of the year'. All this equality is making me sick. I'm going to punch someone in the face.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 13:33, 2 replies)
Stephen Fry.
Does he really need a reason to be Person of the Year?
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 13:10, 10 replies)
Brian Kant
For inspiring me to create the best joke I have ever come up with (in my worthless opinion):

"Did you know that Brian Kant's wife's name is Bladdy?"

Yeah, I know, I won't give up the day job.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 13:08, 2 replies)
The Daily Mail's "Richard Littlejohn".
He's the only man who's managed parady himself, and then parady's his parady, and then parady's his parady's parady (ad-infinium).
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 13:03, 8 replies)
Kenzo Suzuki.
Chief Engineer on the Honda Accord. The greatest human being ever.
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 12:54, 6 replies)
Trololol bloke
For giving us a good laugh and a new meme
(, Fri 17 Dec 2010, 12:49, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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