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This is a question Sexism

Freddie Woo tells us: Despite being a well rounded modern man I think women are best off getting married and having a few kids else they'll be absolutely miserable come middle age.

What views do you have that are probably sexist that you believe are true?

(, Sun 27 Dec 2009, 12:23)
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When at a restaurant with my wife
My wife can't order from a restaurant menu without knowing what i'm going to have first. This is despite me always informing her that i will not be sharing what i order so what i am having bears no relevance to what she's going to order. Regardless of this, no food will be ordered, waiting staff will be sent away with a blank notepad until such time as i reveal what i intend to eat.
Even when i do reveal what i'm planning to have she will then have to read through the entire menu and will choose 3 or 4 possibles. Then the narrowing down process will begin and (against my will or better judgement) I will be asked to comment on these choices as she 'talks them through'.
I have in the past suggested that she use my approach which is to read down the menu until she comes to something she likes and then stop and order it. This suggestion has met with incredulation and shock. 'But what if there's something i might like more FURTHER DOWN the menu???', she asked. 'Well you won't know it's there love, will you?', I reasonably reply. I may has well have told her i plan to urinate publicly in all 4 corners of the restaurant for the horror with which she looked at me.
On one occasion, I ordered while she was finishing a call on her mobile. I didn't order what I'd told her i was going to. Once she placed her order and the waiter headed off, i confessed to my henious crime. At this point she called the waiter back, a menu was requested and a full review of her original order took place. She still ordered the same thing but would never have been happy without being given the chance to check through the menu again following my shocking revelation.

I wonder what happens when a women eats alone? Do they ring someone? Force the waiter to have a conversation about their choices? Just sit there not eating before leaving?

Anyway, sexist or not, it's something only women do.
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 13:07, 19 replies)
I've just clicked so hard my mouse whimpered! Why do they need to know what we're having before they decide? WHY!?
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 13:21, closed)
My best mate and I
took the respective partners out to eat on the occasion of my Wife's birthday.

We had an excellent Tapas meal and a lovely time.

When it came to dessert my mate's missus said she didn't want one. He immediately piped up 'Well in that case you're not having any of mine then'. If only we knew why he had said that.
My missus and I thought this was somewhat harsh and chipped in with 'it's ok, you can have some of ours'.
When the 3 desserts arrived, my mate's missus proceeded to eat half of everyone else's dessert.

I almost called the waiter and made her order something so I could eat half of hers.

(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 13:24, closed)
According to my sis in law
If it's someone else's dessert, the calories don't count.
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 13:38, closed)
oh FFS
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 13:52, closed)
Girl/wife: "But I can't eat a full one"
Bloke: "Well I fucking can"
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 14:05, closed)

Ahh, the split potion of chips/rice, if you can spot the person who isn't going to easily finish a whole one by all means, but it hasn't ever happened yet.
(, Wed 6 Jan 2010, 22:17, closed)
guilty of asking what people are having too
I know a few other girls who do it too haha. Except i only do it when i know someone else is paying, mostly because i dont want to pick something too expensive.
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 13:27, closed)
eating out
oh dear - off out tonight for an early birthday meal with my folks before they commence their trek back to Ireland on Wednesday - I can almost put money on the fact that my mother and myself will do exactly this thus reducing my poor ol' dad to apoplexy.

I think we do it as our menfolk don't take us out often enough and we want to be sure of a right good feeding session....................that's my excuse and I'm sticking rigidly to it!
I won't ever order something that I would make at home though and tonight, hopefully it's gonna be Thai............
Depending on what Dad has of course, won't know til he has ordered..........
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 13:30, closed)
My missus does similar at home
If I'm making a snack / sandwich and offer to make her one, she'll have the same, but will always check on the quantity I'm having and then asks for one less.
Me: "Do you want some cheese & crackers?"
Mrs: "Yes please."
Me: "How many?"
Mrs: "How many are you having?"
Me: "Four"
Mrs: "I'll have three then"

I have no idea why she does this as she can cheerfully eat me under the table (hang on, that came out wrong)...
She can eat much more than me when the mood takes her, especially when it's THAT week and there's chocolate available.
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 13:35, closed)
Experiment (or fuck with her mind)
Snappy: "Would you like a chocolate?"
Mrs Snappy: "How many are you having?"
Snappy: "Just the one"
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 14:07, closed)
under the table...
...requires a tablecloth - for common decency
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 14:36, closed)
Easy to figure this one out.
What’s the top female neurosis…body image and food.

I’d guess they don’t want to order first in case they go for the Pork belly tureen in dripping, and you go for the green salad, leaving them looking like a greedy fat cow (in their mind).
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 14:34, closed)
my ex...
could not only eat me under the table, but also finish off my plate, and if she'd cooked what ever remained in the kitchen... but she was a heffer.
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 15:50, closed)
^^ this
I will admit to asking what my dining-partner is going to order, not because i particularly care about what it is, but so that I know whether we're having a quick and cheap snack or a proper three course dinner.
I don't want to put my order in for soup starter, lasagne and fudge cake only to hear them ask for a sandwich, or vice versa. And it's less to do with body image and more to do with i don't want everyone waiting for me to get through my meal when they've long finished.
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 15:17, closed)
This sounds like a FANTASTIC game :-)

You could spice it further by telling her several of your possible choices, including a couple of things you know she likes, and refusing to narrow it down till you know what she's going to have.

Double points if you "change your mind" halfway through her deciding.
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 15:45, closed)

Have the conversation till shes happy that she gets her choice number one plus a taste of what ever has been approved for you to order. Then when the waiter arrives be a gent and let her order first then deviously and spitefully switch it up and order exactly the same thing (unless its tofu, fuck that) . If she changes her mind on receipt of the new information do exactly the same.

Drives em mental, but it can work.

IME, the home version of this is when you are making an evening snack, sarnie or whatever and straight up ask if they would like one making whilst you are doing it. You invariably get told "no i'm not hungry" only to have a request for half (formally known as "a bite") of yours as soon as your arse hits the sofa.

(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 19:34, closed)
Though i must say i do it both to make sure we're in the same price range and because mr. Poezestrepe never wants to order the same thing as me, so we usually make a top 3 each in order to establish the ideal combination...
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 20:20, closed)
I get this all the time :)

Just yesterday we went out for some dinner, and I could see she was waiting for me to order first. I was planning on having a slice of cow medium rare, but had expressed interest in some other crap on the menu and was very busy blowing my nose when the waitress came to take the order resulting in her having to order first - which she did.

And then I ordered my steak :)

For some reason she got the raging hump at this - no idea why, she's a vegetarian anyway...

As for desserts (noticed how that's 'stressed' backwards?) - it's not often I fancy a dessert, but when I do, I savour every mouthful. As such, when I order my dessert and you decline, please, please, do NOT ask for 2 spoons so we can share - get your own!

(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 10:36, closed)
Sharing a dessert is OK
as long as it is determined beforehand. And a "taste" is sometimes in order. However, if I want it all, I'd simply not share.
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 17:09, closed)

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