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This is a question Spoilt Brats

Mr Newton sighs, "ever known anyone so spoilt you would love to strangle? I lived with a Paris Hilton-a-like who complained about everything, stomped her feet and whinged till she got her way. There was a happy ending though: she had to drop out of uni due to becoming pregnant after a one night stand..."

Who's the spoiltest person you've met? Has karma come to bite them yet? Or did you in fact end up strangling them? Uncle B3ta (and the serious crimes squad) wants to know.

(, Thu 9 Oct 2008, 14:11)
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Poor ickle Kittehs
When I was about 9 or 10 I used to go to my Gran's after school for an hour or so before my Mum got home from work. There was a stray cat that used to hang about that my Gran would feed. She was the most beautiful tortoiseshell and I called her Sally.

Next door to my Gran there was a similar setup although the little girl there lived with her Granny and Grandad during the week because her Dad was in the Army and her Mum used to work the Graveyard shift. This lack of interaction with their daughter inevitably made them quite guilty and they spoiled to hell out of her. Bear in mind this was the late 80s when the dole queue used to reach around the block. She had every material object that a little girl could want. She had a villiage of Sylvanian Families (as opposed to my 3 rabbits I got for my birthday), she had as many My Little Ponies as I had ever seen. She was the first person ever that I had seen that had their room painted with a 4 wall mural (a fairytale kingdom). Looking back I don't think her Mum could have afforded to eat to provide her with this stuff.

One Christmas I asked Santy for an Etch-A-Sketch as I'd seen an ad for it. It wasn't available in Ireland at the time, so Santy got me something similar and left me a note saying sorry. I was a little gutted but I was grand, I still had my Selection Box to contend with! I told the neighbour child this after Christmas. A week later she had an Etch-A-Sketch, "Daddy got it imported for me." My little heart broke a bit. Had Santy lied when he said that he couldn't get one?

Anyway, back to the kitteh. During the summer we noticed that Sally was getting round, not being a naive child I knew this meant only one thing... she had eaten too many cheezeburgers. Or that ickle kittehs were coming. A few weeks later in the middle of the spider plant we found Sally and her 3 kittens, it was like a manger scene the way the spider plant had splayed out.

Over the next week or so we found homes for 2 of the kitties and waited for them to be old enough to go. We were going to hold on to the third, Sphinxy, and she would be our very own kitteh.

Neighbour girl was not happy. Her grandad had Emphysema and her Gran hated cats so even though her parents begged them, there was no way she was getting one of our kittehs. My family was delighted at this because we knew they wouldn't be in the safest hands with her.

One Monday I came back to my Gran's and ran through the house only to have her stop me going into the garden. "Sally took the kittens away." She told me and explained that as she was a stray that she was never going to stay longterm. I didn't go outside that day but I looked at the empty spider plant through the kitchen window forlornly.

On Tuesday I went outside though. Neighbour girl had a smug look on her face. "What happened to your cats?" she asked. "Sally took them away to hide them." Then came the most chilling words ever. My stomach is doing a flip now just thinking of it.

"No she didn't, I took them, I put them under this box (an orange crate) and I jumped inside and squished them!" The crate was covered in kitty blood. :(

My blood drained into my feet and a fierce ball gathered in my chest and throat.

Still in my mind this is the most evil act I have ever come across committed by a child, it's like the work of a young serial killer. It really illustrated why it's such a bad thing to acquiesce to all of a child's desires and why it's called spoiling them. Such was her jealousy that someone else would have something that she couldn't that she was willing to kill tiny 2 week old kittens.

I asked my Mum if I could come straight home after school after that. Sally never came back either.

I hope this is cathartic in the long run but I'm feeling like crap now after dredging this up.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 8:56, 31 replies)
what an evil little shit.
She's probably on drugs or dead by now. I hope.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 9:28, closed)
I did spot her recently, she was massively fat, still didn't make me feel any better.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 9:43, closed)
Fat doesnt seem a fit punishment for murdering kittens. Plus she's probably gotten fat through eating kittens or some other nefarious thing.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 11:44, closed)
Bloody hell....
Thats very wrong... Here's hoping she got commited or imprisoned before she seriously got into trying that out on people (EDIT) Clicking "I like this" on a story like this one seems wrong too.... There should be a "you poor bastard" button or something to that effect
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 9:29, closed)
Fucking hell
That person deserves to spend a lifetime with her clunge on the business end of a slowly rotating pineapple!
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 10:09, closed)
Make it a fucking cactus
That's an upsetting story, I don't get how anyone could do that to kittens. Times like this, I wish I believed in karma.

(ps. - before anyone calls 'hypocrite', my username's a metaphor)
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 14:36, closed)
Evil cunt...
...hopefully karma will come and bite her in the arse at some point.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 10:16, closed)
a nasty bitch!!
have a hug *hug*

should have reported her to the police. cruelty to animals. :(
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 10:28, closed)
The little fucking
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 10:30, closed)
Horrible woman
I hope she never had any kids.

How could she care for others with such a streak of cruelty at such a young age.

Still its funny that she is a fat pig.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 12:41, closed)
what an
evil little bitch.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 13:22, closed)
I wish I hadn't read this now. :(
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 15:09, closed)
Fucking hell.

Fucking hell.

What an utterly hideous child.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 16:11, closed)
What a revolting child.
Those kittehs were each worth ten of her.

*clicks*, wishing she knew where Kitten-Crushing Fat Girl lives now.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 17:40, closed)
O Mo Dhia
It takes a lot to shock me but wow. What a shit. That poor kitty. I just cant fathom how anyone, no matter how small could have done this, christ I feel sick now.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 18:44, closed)
Evil Fuck
If somebody did that to one of my cats... or I saw someone do that to a cat in general... I would fucking destroy them. No word of a lie.
(, Sat 11 Oct 2008, 23:43, closed)
Soulless little fiend.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 4:37, closed)
How can someone do that?! That's just, horrible! I really hope she's some drug addict prostitute getten beaten every night by her pimp.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 12:23, closed)
That's just
horrible.I feel really sad now. :( And kind of ill. I hope someone puts her in a crate and squashes her to death...
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 14:55, closed)
We could get her address and kidnap her. Then we take her to a crusher and put her in it. Justice for the poor kitties >^_^<
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 16:51, closed)
What a spiteful, evil little bitch.
I hope she dies. Yes.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 16:11, closed)
I'll need to create a more apt word
'Cos cunt doesn't quite cover it.
(, Sun 12 Oct 2008, 22:43, closed)
fuck, that's horrible
there is one tiny plus side: animal cruelty at this level and at such a young age is one of the trademarks of future sociopaths and/or serial killers. with any luck, she'll be caught before she manages to kill someone and locked up for life, hopefully with a cellmate who's into anal pineapple-shoving.
(, Mon 13 Oct 2008, 2:52, closed)
Words can't express it really.

[Does this mean God had a wank that day?]
(, Tue 14 Oct 2008, 13:12, closed)
Rarely am I lost for words but...

... fucking hell. I have four cats & if anyone ever tried to mess with them I would KILL them. I hope she gets Aids from being raped & then has some incredibly painful & nasty accident that leaves her as a quadraplegic
(, Tue 14 Oct 2008, 13:21, closed)
im not really a cat person, but im welling up a bit now..

i was waiting for the bit when you flipped and savagely attached neighbour girl.. i dont think i would have been able to contain myself..
(, Tue 14 Oct 2008, 23:40, closed)
^^ What they all say
Multiplied by thousands...

What. A. Fucking. Cunt.

(And that's not a word I use a great deal)
(, Wed 15 Oct 2008, 13:53, closed)
My god
That's disgusting, heartbreaking and mind destroying.

*sympathy click*
(, Wed 15 Oct 2008, 14:30, closed)
I'd like to say I'm a pacifist, but there are some things that....arggggg.....

...if you see her again, punch her F****ng lights out. Tell her its from me and the kittehs!
(, Wed 15 Oct 2008, 15:24, closed)
That's fair ruined my evening of teh fluffeh that has.

Fuck x2
(, Wed 15 Oct 2008, 21:20, closed)
Thanks for the Replies
Sorry for depressing everyone! I remember getting really mad at my Gran for lying to me, she kept telling me that she was just a child (she was a couple of years younger than me). I'm not sure if I ever told my Mum. I'll have to ask her this weekend.

I'm completely non violent, not through principle, I just can't do it. Trust me I have had good reason to be in many other situations too!
(, Thu 16 Oct 2008, 7:43, closed)

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