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This is a question Starting something you couldn't finish

Finnbar says: I used to know a guy who tattooed LOVE across his left knuckles, but didn't tattoo HATE on the other knuckles because he was right-handed and realised he couldn't finish. Ever run out of skills or inspiration halfway through a job?

(, Thu 24 Jun 2010, 12:32)
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Shenmue III
Shenmue I and II were brilliant games, so ahead of their time - decent graphics (for the dreamcast), a fully immersive world with great weather effects, mini-games (such as gambling, arm-wrestling), lots of collectibles, in-game games (if you visited the arcade you could play sega classics), the story was epic, the character development was great and the locations were astonishing. The fights were action packed and the games just reeked of originality.

I completed them both (shenmue I was fairly easy, Shenmue II was tricky) and when you complete number II, you get a hint of what number III will be like with a beautiful cut scene.

But.... It was NEVER released. What is the point in setting up an epic plot line if they fail to deliver.

(, Thu 1 Jul 2010, 10:31, Reply)
This could possibly be my most soul baring post to date. I’m not one to leave things half-finished, usually I barely start. That way it’s easier not to fail. This however goes back to my early twenties and a wonderful young lady I met while on holiday in Dorset.

Way back then I was slim, very fit and a bit of a dandy. Well, fashion victim if you will. It was the early eighties so you can just google for the fashions and be amazed and disturbed. I did indeed wear the most outlandish clobber. Then again it was a step up from the disgusting state I was in as a punk. But I digress. The young lady in question was a fine specimen indeed, very much a Lady Di clone but more gorgeous. And I pulled her. After a long night’s snogging and fumbling we agreed to meet the next evening and this was to be my downfall.

In honour of my exquisite conquest I determined to look my best. In those days Baldrick was unheard of and I was often likened to the heartthrob of teens Midge Ure (shows how long ago it was). I had the clothes, the ‘tache and of course the attitude. What I lacked was my sister. It was she who always did my hair before I ventured forth on my hunt for the hairy oracle. So I had to do my own. After a long time primping and pulling and spraying and teasing at my luxuriant (and much missed) locks I had achieved the desired effect. So off to the pub.

Unfortunately it had taken so long to do the barnet, by the time I arrived at the pub I was 90 minutes late and she’d gone home. With someone else. Never did get to finish her off.
(, Thu 1 Jul 2010, 9:06, 3 replies)
My current job
Just handed in my resignation. I will work the whole of July and that's it. Free again.

I know it's not the best plan having nothing lined up (although I have an interview on Tuesday), but there is a fair backstory.

I've been in this job for 3 years - in the first two years I worked under the tyranny of a nut-job Managing Director. I won't go into details but he managed to get someone else in another business to file a bullying law-suit against him. He was just that kind of utter cunt with no respect for peoples lives and everything was about results and profit. Think Gordon Gecko.

So he eventually did get the sack after 2 years, the board of Director's cloak and dagger-ified him and he left. I'm pretty gutted that I didn't get the chance to tell him to his face to stick his job up his fucking cunt.

So the third year was bearable but the damage had been done, 2 years of fucking misery and losing the will to do anything positive for the company. The atmosphere that was generated was a self-preservation, bitchy climate of fear - if you stick your neck out to make improvements, prepare for a world of arguing. Instead it's prefferable to keep your head down and go home after-work and forget about it.

It's just a terrible atmosphere to work in, even after the MD's gone his legacy remains.

Since the very first few weeks that I met him I've been saving for this day because I knew that at anytime I could probably argue with this cunt and quit in a huff, he also made very clear that nobody was expendable and could be given the boot at anytime.

I may not have a new job, but I've prepared enough for this and it's going to be nice to wake up in the morning without the paralysing fear of having to put up with the bitching, sniping, hand-washing of any responsibility, etc.

So yeah, I've finished the job but I can't help but feel there was unfinished business with that cunt of an MD who's ruined a potentially good company and probably terminally infected many a good employee.
(, Thu 1 Jul 2010, 8:42, 1 reply)

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