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This is a question False Economies

Sometimes the cheapest option isn't the right one. I fondly remember my neighbours going to a well-known catalogue-based store and buying the cheapest lawnmower they stocked. How we laughed as they realised it had non-rotating wheels and died when presented with grass. Tell us about times you or others have been let down by being a cheapskate.

(, Tue 24 Jun 2014, 12:42)
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No Junk Mail stickers.
So, you stick one of those stickers on your mailbox.
Rest easy that you've saved the planet from some horrible scourge. Right?

The pamphlets and catalogs are printed. They're sent to a distributor who then sends them to the people who collate them for your area and then hands the catalogs out to the people who then shove it in your mailbox.

Most organisations have to pay their local councils a hefty fee in order to send bulk stuff to a recycling depot. On the other hand they can chuck it in a bin and either claim it as a tax debit or at least write it off as a tax loss. Either way they can still make money off the loss rather than having to pay fees to the local council.

Of course the onus really lies with the person delivering your junk mail. They've been given enough paper to fill all of the mailboxes in their/your area. Any mailboxes that say "Don't fill me" they could send back to their distributor. And the distributor could send those catalogs back to the warehouse where the printer/owner would have to pay their council.
Or the deliverer could just chuck all the extra paperwork in the bin. Where it then gets picked up to become landfill. Rather than being recycled, because that would cost money.

In short - recycle your catalogs. Preferably by putting them through a 5 pound hand shredder to then donate to your local abandoned pet haven. That way everything you didn't want to get cause you couldn't afford it will be shat upon by innocent fluffy animals - that should make you feel better about yourselves, yeah?
(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 8:49, 45 replies)
nobody deserves a life as dull as yours
you should put yourself out of your misery
(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 9:53, closed)
Leave him alone, he signed up specially to post that dull story.

(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 9:58, closed)
I could spend as much time on this website as you do, posting pointless negative responses to other peoples posts.

Either way; you'll be the winner, right?
(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 10:12, closed)
Alright Rick Fathelme.

(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 15:08, closed)
alright, rob fairholme

(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 16:53, closed)
It's not at all at the point where he should seek professional help.

(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 18:34, closed)
Don't tell me this is Carehome AGAIN?

(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 11:12, closed)
It looks like it.
At first I thought it was just shambles and AB having a pop at someone for writing a dull shit post. Then I read one of his replies below and he mentions Australia. What are the odds of there being two dreary droning weepers from the same country?

How is he allowed to keep signing up? Soon the entire population of B3ta will be just me, half a dozen others and several thousand ringofyre puppet accounts.
(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 11:54, closed)
I don't think it would affect things too much if the entire country was blocked.

(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 13:29, closed)
he might as well wear a burka with "tragic internet" on it in massive comic sans
at least the oz public would be spared looking at his fucked fifty-year-old face
(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 16:50, closed)
i read that as "tragic magnet"
and agreed
(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 20:49, closed)
Back before the mods all got addicted to fingering dogs Bou-level insanity like this would have led to ALL of Australia being permabanned.
Those were BETTER DAYS.
Mind, I miss Bou, she was always entertaining.
(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 18:06, closed)
I don't have a no junk mail sticker because I want to save the world.
I have a no junk mail sticker because I don't want any fucking junk mail.
(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 13:24, closed)
This. ^^
Why should I have to expend any effort dealing with junk mail just because some cunt who ought to be dying a horrific death wants to sell me something.
(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 13:53, closed)
one of billy braggs worse 'hits'

(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 20:31, closed)

(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 9:50, closed)
^ Surely this?

(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 0:06, closed)
Absolutely right.
I think that the OP has completely missed the point of "No junk mail" stickers. Not a single person affixes them with some kind of idea that they will be "saving" anything.

You just don't want marketing shit put through your letterbox. Simple as that.
(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 17:57, closed)
decorate your house with them
you've clearly got fuck all better to do
(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 20:04, closed)
when I delivered classifieds as a yout I used to throw two mags in on letterboxes saying 'no junk mail'
Explain that SCIENCE.
(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 20:30, closed)
first world problems

(, Sun 29 Jun 2014, 21:05, closed)
Wait, is this even a real thing?
You're seriously suggesting that ANY postie ANYWHERE is going to look at one of them stickers, look at the junk mail for THAT address in his hand and go "No, better not put this in that letter box"?
EVERY postie I know, apart from ONE, and I know a grand total of 4, would try to find MORE junk mail to put in.
And the one that wouldn't, wouldn't because to him doing his job RIGHT is all there is. BTW he is retarded. Really. As in his nickname is Trev The Rev, because his name's Trevor and he used to pretend he was a car. He used to walk around holding a steering wheel making "revving" noises. Yes. Really. He also got sacked from his postie job once for kicking his supervisor in the balls. But his colleagues threatened to go on strike until he got reinstated.
(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 5:07, closed)
To begin with.
- almost all our junk mail is delivered by pavement pounders. The small amount that is put in my post box by the postie is in 'postage paid' envelopes. That means that Australia Post has clearly got it's cut. All the other advertising material as I've said is delivered by hand by someone who has had a whole bundle of pamphlets delivered to them and then they've often had to collate those pamphlets into some sort of order and then deliver them to their allotted area.

- your research parameters are somewhat limited. 4 people and one of them is a mong? Does he make the revving noises as the postie bike is actually running? Cast a wider net next time maybe.

- finally - if you look at the pamphlet carefully there is often a printers code. Usually on the bottom of either the front or back page. If you contact the printers and tell them that you have no wish to have any of their publications delivered to your abode they will probably try to meet your demands by dumping a pallet's worth on your front doorstep.
hth xxx :)
(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 8:52, closed)

(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 13:23, closed)
Yeah, how was I supposed to know you were from convictland?

(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 17:19, closed)
I go away for three days and I arrive back to this. Shoot me now.

(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 10:31, closed)
I like junk mail, you cock.

(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 18:57, closed)

While I doubt you can do much about the official postal service (legally obliged to deliver to the stated address, if I remember correctly), you have to remember that the leaflet-delivery plods get paid to shove the stuff through your door, while you, on the other hand, aren't paying them not to.

Set up a shredder by your front door that dispenses a shiny new pound for each item disposed.
(, Mon 30 Jun 2014, 21:59, closed)
Just out of interest, how environmentally sound are that fucking great big boot you drive and that saltwater pool that'll require fuck off great big amounts of UV and chlorine to sanitise?

(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 6:56, closed)
The point of saltwater pools is that they don't need chlorine
You shit-heckling halfwit
(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 10:27, closed)
I'm pretty sure the point of saltwater pools
is showing off to the internet.
(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 10:52, closed)

showing off to the internet acting as a tear-receptacle for those abloobloobloo moments
(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 11:01, closed)
My saltwater pool is so big
It's tidal.
(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 11:09, closed)
Did wrongo show you his saltwater pool when you guys met up for AUSSIE BASH?

(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 11:41, closed)
I wouldn't be so unkind as to burst his bubble about his ickle pool..
(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 11:54, closed)
of course they have chlorine
you just get the chlorine by adding salt rather than adding chlorine

But 3/10 for the attempted insult.
(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 13:04, closed)
Salt water pools do not require chlorine 'to be added'.
Which was the erroneous comment originally made. "Fuck off great big amounts of chlorine"
Quality of your straw man. 1/10
(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 13:26, closed)
nobody said 'to be added', you dopper
but 0/10 for comprehension of the phrase "straw man"
(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 15:44, closed)
It was painfully obvious to any intellect less feeble than yours..
That that was the intent.
Hence the fallacious nature of your 'argument'
So 0/10 for the straw man rebuttal.
Then have a -1 for trying to make up words, you dobber.
(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 16:13, closed)
awwww ... I love it when they're feisty as well as thick.
You're a keeper.


(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 16:30, closed)
I'm happy to accept that
This is as close as you can manage to an apology. Thanks for playing.
(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 16:33, closed)
dry your eyes, fatso

(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 16:55, closed)
(he's got a pizza oven, and if you mention it, he ignores you, worked for me.)
(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 17:15, closed)
i've had you on ignore for years, petal
(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 18:42, closed)

(, Tue 1 Jul 2014, 21:32, closed)

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