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This is a question Old stuff I still know

Our Ginger Fuhrer says that he could still code up a simple game idea in Amstrad Basic, while I'm your man if you ever need to rebuild the suspension on an Austin Allegro (1750 Equipe version). This stuff doesn't leave your mind - tell us about obsolete talents you still have.

(, Thu 30 Jun 2011, 17:04)
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I've been accused of being aspergers 48 times this year

(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 18:09, 4 replies)
I remember a time
when my Daddy didn't drink so much and Mommy was happy.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 16:57, 2 replies)
An earlier post reminded me...
I can recite the whole scripts for Red Dwarf, series 1-6, before it went shit.

9 years ago, I worked on the Tesco fish counter, and try as I might, whenever I go near one now, i think:
Rainbow Trout, 9063
Cooked and peeled Prawns, 9156
Dressed Crab 9270
Smoked Haddock 9890 etc, etc, reckon I know at least 3/4 without even thinking

Tesco barcodes mainly start 5018374 or 5031021 or on shorter barcodes 1001

I can still program in Pascal

Phone numbers just stick in my head, even my Primary school friends number (That was 22 years ago)

Navigate my way around in Dos, including creating autoexec.bat and config.sys files

Recipes I used to use in my first bakery job

I can hand mould bread (dying skill!)

User passwords for around 30 people

Why the hell does my brain retain this info, i don't even want to remember this crap!
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 16:46, 2 replies)
I still know
99% of all the lyrics to Rappers Delight - the full version - despite it coming out 5 years before I was born.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 16:36, Reply)
I can recall the phone numbers and birth dates...
... of every girl I even remotely cared about
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 16:28, 7 replies)
Random things
I know the calories for almost all foods, even foods created at home from scratch.

The two random generated passwords from a website I was on 12 years ago, the 'iawhf7vd' kind.

My old debit card number, but not my current one.

Several friend's phone numbers from primary school, but not my own work building's number.

Far too much 'useless' general knowledge and little known facts collected over the years. May only come in useful for proving people wrong, getting a positive score on QI, or pub quizes.

Several songs in foreign languages which we learnt in primary school aged about 7 or 8.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 15:44, Reply)
Strength Intelligence Luck Constitution Dexterity Charisma Speed
The order of attributes in the Tunnels & Trolls gamebooks.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 15:39, Reply)
My head stubbornly refuses to drop most of my old knowledge
I can still remember the times and temperatures of all the McDonalds grills, vats, and storage facilities in fahrenheit despite the fact that they converted to centigrade 15 years or so ago and I haven't worked there for over 3 years...

00130523562** - my dad's old telephone number when he lived in Miami... he's not lived there for 12 years.

I can also still remember all the alternate lyrics to christmas carols that I came up with in conjunction with my mates when we were forced to sing them at junior school too many years back
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 15:33, 2 replies)
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers
I can recite all of the books of the bible, old and new testament, in order, thanks to a little ditty we sung at Sunday school. I also remember John 3:16 off by heart as the evil leaders made us stand in a circle and say a word each until we knew it. It doesn't get me laid much.

I can also remember Howard Kieran Stone's telephone number, a boy I met at Peak '95... 012** 568894.

(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 14:53, 3 replies)
Pygge y-farsyd
Take raw Eyroun, and draw hem thorw a straynoure; than grate fayre brede; take Safroun and Salt, and pouder of Pepir, and Swet of a schepe, and melle alle to-gederys in a fayre bolle; then broche thin Pygge; then farce hym, and sewe the hole, and lat hym roste; and than serue forth.

That's some old stuffing I know.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 14:32, 1 reply)
Look for the lid of the box with the most oxygen
Currently replaying this and I LOVE IT! I can remember tons of stuff for this game.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 14:22, Reply)
I can solve the first layer
of the rubik's cube. Which is useful for those who don't like entirely random distribution, but find a completely-solved cube offensive in some way.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 12:59, 1 reply)
rubik's cube
I can still remember the method for how to solve the cube using nothing more than a screwdriver.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 12:27, 2 replies)
Has any sod had "0181 811 8181" yet? I'll take that one to the grave.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 12:17, 12 replies)
Norman Stanley Fletcher
"You have pleaded guilty to the charges brought by this court, and it is now my duty to pass sentence. You are an habitual criminal, who accepts arrest as an occupational hazard, and presumably accepts imprisonment in the same casual manner. We therefore feel constrained to commit you, for the maximum term allowed for these offences. You will go to prison for five years."

There's no reason at all that I should remember that. I was born in 1984, long after Porridge was off the air - and long after Richard Beckinsale had corked it :( - and I don't even like Porridge (either in gloopy mush form or TV form).
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 12:11, 1 reply)
For some reason I still know that...
..."The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true"
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 11:34, 3 replies)
I can eat a ginsters with one hand with another hand down my pants
In public transport without shame.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 11:25, 5 replies)
cheatcode for CJ's Elephant Antics on the Amiga.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 11:04, 1 reply)
I still remember 90% of my lines from The Wind in the Willows production I performed in, aged eleven. "Your carriage awaits..."

I can sing the entire catalogue of backing vocals to Joseph and his Bastard Technicolour Dreamcoat (I was in that over seventeen years ago). Ah-aaah...
"May I return... to the beginning
The light is dimming, and the dream is too
The world and I, we are still waiting
Still masturbating
Any dream will do"

I could tell you the 1994 prices for a Yorkshire Rider child rate from Hyde Park Corner to most places in Leeds. (20p to the Original Oak - The North has its own version of the famous London park: smaller and with more tramps)

I know every step to simian victory in The Secret of Monkey Island off by heart. "Use giant, purple-ribbed dildo with Governor Marley."

Most of the script of series 1 of Red Dwarf (sad, I know).

Least useful of all: most of Book 1 of the Cambridge Latin Course. "Caecilius est in via. Quintus laborat in horto. Ecce! Cerberus est homosexuales."
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 11:02, Reply)

I remember how to read instructions. Surely that is not an obsolete talent. Oh the irony.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 10:37, Reply)
Asda EPOS keyboards
I used to work at IBM, many many years ago, doing tech support for their EPOS equipment as used by Boots, Asda, and many other companies.

One day a couple of years ago (and several years after I'd left IBM) I was in Asda (the big one in Govan, where I did most of my practical training on the damn things). One of the till managers was struggling with a phone, a keyboard and her glasses on the out-of-service checkout beside the one I was waiting in the queue for.
"Do you need a hand with that?"
"Oh, um, yes, can you read that number on the bottom?"
"You weren't even looking at it!"
"No, I thought I'd repressed that particular memory, but it's still stuck... I used to work there"
"Oh, um, John on the phone here said to ask if that's Gordon?"

And I still know how to use the serrated edge of a £1 coin to resharpen the receipt printer cutter blade, and the exact sequence of little gears and pingfuckits to remove to change them when they are too far gone.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 9:27, 6 replies)
Wide awake club:
Postcode for their compos: London NW1 8TQ
and 0898 200 898 Chinwag the chatline where anything can happen.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 9:18, Reply)
In my youth wondering into W H Smiths on a Saturday when it was packed with people looking at the new Sinclair Spectrum, typing

PRINT USER 1000 after any filth you want on screen and the only way to get rid of it is to unplug the power cord which didnt go down too well with the staff.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 3:59, 1 reply)
Thanks to "That's Life" in the 80's I once removed a wheel clamp from my car without having to pay the fine. No law against it unless you damage the clamp. Was achieved by letting down your tyre, rocking it forward until you can undo a wheelnut, rock back and spin the wheel, then rock forward to expose another wheelnut...rinse and repeat. when the wheel is off you can take the clamp off, put on your spare wheel and hot foot it to the garage to blow your tyre back up. Obsolete as you can't do it with new clamps.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 3:31, Reply)
That stupid 'S' thing people used to draw
They're called Stussies, and I can still remember how to draw 'em.

I also seem to be the only person who knows the secret of drawing an impossible triangle. All of the Youtube tutorials I've seen do it the wrong, time consuming way. HINT: Draw it from the inside out.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 1:12, 1 reply)
In 1990 I bought my first Mountain Bike.
I then got a part time job in a small bike shop and had to learn how to build new bikes and fix broken ones.

In those days Mountain Bike brakes were fiddly Cantilevers with shaped washers that adjusted how the pad hit the rim. They also had a connecting wire that ran through a yoke on the activating wire.

I spent months learning how to set this fiddly crap up correctly, to give the right feel on the brake lever, the least amount of noisy pad vibration and still feel firm enough to actually stop a speeding mountain bike! I got so good that I could set up Scott Pederson Self Energising Cantilevers on Campag Stheno curved rims, with out the pad rubbing the tyre. I was a great Bike mechanic in 1990.

Suspension hit the market big time and Rock Shox released the long travel Judy DH, that had 60mm of travel and an oil damping cartridge. I trained on Ballistic Forks, because they were going to be the next big thing according to my boss. After snapping my third pair, I gave up on them and not long after so did the rest of the UK mountain bike market. I can to this day remember still how strip and rebuild crappy Ballistic Long travel forks.

I ended up working in a bike shop again in 2008, my skills were obsolete, even cheap and nasty bikes have disk brakes now and every one else has V-Brakes with their one single wire to activate them, the Bike shop boss had never even heard of Scott Pederson Self energising brakes.

I miss the old school simplicity of mountain bikes, when seven gears on the back was cutting edge. Some one laughed at my bike recently because I still run Shimano Deore, seven speed Thumbshifters on an 8 speed block. It works well, but I do not think any of the modern bike mechanics I had to work with could fix my bike (which has Hope disks front and rear, full XT gears and a carbon fibre handle bar, I am not that much of an old lady yet!).
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 1:11, Reply)
I can identify pretty much any cold-war era jet aircraft.
And in a lot of cases tell you their maximum speed.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 0:21, 1 reply)
i can still remember the product code for windows 95.
it's xmdky 8tf6x 37kfh 2xp6m ry6kd if you're interested. bet you're not.
(, Sun 3 Jul 2011, 0:19, 5 replies)

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