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This is a question Sticking it to The Man

From little victories over your bank manager to epic wins over the law - tell us how you've put one over authority. Right on, kids!

Suggestion from Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic

(, Thu 17 Jun 2010, 16:01)
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It's results day tomorrow, and I'm cacking myself over whether I'll get a 2.1 or a 2.2. I have averaged a 2.1 for the past two years, but am now breaking out the Tena Lady because I fear I've fucked it up at the last hurdle. However, everything about tomorrow represents me sticking it to the man, so whatever happens, I'll be proud as fuck.

Here's why:

1. I've done a degree in Law
2. I'm a girl (whatever your opinions, the fact is that 100 years ago, I couldn't have even graduated because of the fact that one of my chromosomes has an extra leg)
3. I'm from a very working class background
4. I've had a 28hr a week job my entire time through college and university just to pay my way
5. My partner (now fiancee) lost his father (and thus became an orphan at the age of 22) when I did my exams last year. I had to help his two brothers find a house. He is still grieving horrendously, as am I
6. I don't want to go into any of the major areas of law, so have had no mentor support

Apologies for the message, but at this point (13.5 hours before finding out), I need everything I can get to make me feel better. And I will let you all know as soon as I find out what my results are...

EDIT: 2.1 mofos! Thanks for all the support guys, you made me feel all fuzzy inside...
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 0:24, 31 replies)
*massive massive hugs*
Good luck!
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 0:34, closed)
You know if you've been averaging a 2:1 you can appeal even if you get a 2:2... extenuating circumstances etc etc. Speak to your union rep... (I was ours when at uni, and I got a few moved up. you just need to ask. and try for it... you can't get a worse grade...)
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 0:49, closed)

(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 11:09, closed)
Unlikely, by the sound of the OP.
I'm not sure that the death of a non-relative would carry much weight, and it doesn't seem to have made much difference to the marks at the time.

And speaking to the Union rep won't help, either. If there're genuine extenuating circumstances and the department is notified in good time, it'll probably bend over backwards to accommodate them. At this stage... the chances aren't so high. Also, exam boards have less and less room to make decisions like this nowardays.

Sorry to piss on your candle like that.

EDIT: On the other hand, if the OP has a history of 2:1s, there seems to be little reason to worry unless something went SERIOUSLY wrong this time...
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 11:27, closed)
Still think it's worth it. One of the problems is when you have extenuating circumstances you don't always realise how extenuating they are, and often don't have the psychic energy to pursue it.
But I reckon we need more lawyers from working class backgrounds, there is still surprising bigotry in the field, even among lawyers who advocate for the downtrodden masses.

Only 2.5 hours! Good Luck!
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 11:35, closed)
She would have needed to appeal at the time.
and a union rep in a university is as much use as mudflaps on a tortoise in situations like this. If you're genuinely having your performance effected you should speak to your staff mentor or year DoS. Strangely, we are there to help, and unlike idiot sabs who simply want an extra year in Uni getting pissed at the taxpayers expense, we actually can help.
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 12:00, closed)
Matters of academic judgement are nothing to do with the union.
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 13:35, closed)
Go girl ...
go girl, go!

/waves pom poms
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 0:50, closed)
As a community
We all love you, for showing such courage and putting up with so much!

Whatever happens, I admire you :)
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 0:56, closed)
If I ever need a lawyer (in whatever field it is you choose), you're getting a call. Congratulations on getting this far and good luck for the future (first time I've ever written that and actually meant it!)
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 0:58, closed)
I'm really grateful to all you guys for showing me this much support :) I really love this community, whenever I need you guys, you come through with the positive side of things.

Much love x
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 1:01, closed)
Even a Desmond will do you proud

working the job, you've had half the time anyone else has had.
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 1:07, closed)
Go for it
Do it girl, and make it count. When the results come in you will probably be pleasantly suprised but even if not, you did it and you made the grade. Big hugs!
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 2:56, closed)

You've got a lot more drive and focus than I ever will. Congrats and all the best.
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 3:10, closed)
Brill Girl!!!
Please accept my congratulations - you are a role model for a bunch of yobs that thing that they are entitled to every and anything. I would also call ye if I needed an attorney, but I live on the wrong side of the world where everything is resolved with either a pistol or shotgun :S

You are a light wihin the darkness; again, congrats.
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 5:17, closed)
Good luck!
I did what you did in 2008, (just without all the death), and I ended up with a 2.2 in the end. It didn't matter to me because employers very rarely check - the 2.1/2.2 split only really seems important if you want to do anything like an MSc/MA.

Good luck anyway!!
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 6:38, closed)
Best of luck to you. Well done.
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 8:10, closed)
Go girl!
If I'm ever naughty you can represent me! In fact, fuck it- I'm off to do a job...
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 9:14, closed)
good luck girlie.....got various appendages crossed here!
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 9:18, closed)
Good luck Bella.
And when I'm bricking it in 2 years time, awaiting my LLB, you can wish me it as well.
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 9:28, closed)
Good luck..
I know how you feel! I went to uni at the age of 28 without any A levels, just 6 GCSE passes (6 x Cs). Managed a 2:1 and now just finished a PhD and awaiting viva.

The more you want it and the harder you work the better it feels when you finish. Seriously good luck!
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 9:40, closed)
Yo, word up.
Hope you get a 2:1 and all that as with everyone else but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember: you don't need one.

It might be tricky to become a lawyer, but most of my friends who did so (magic circle firms) aren't really enjoying it, although obviously the cash is amazing.

You can have a fantastic and fulfilling life without a 2:1. It's true facts. I got a pass, my company chairman got a 3rd... in fact most of the people I know who enjoy their jobs did quite badly at their degrees.

Fingers crossed for you, because I can see it matters to you deeply, but if the worst happens, it might turn out to be the best thing that could have happened to you - saving you from a soul-destroying life as a trainee!
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 9:49, closed)
I've got everything crossed for you...
including my eyes and fingers, which is making typing this quite difficult.

I would however like to point out that of the people I personally know who have studied Law in the last few years - all of them are women. You "Law Ladies" rock!
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 9:59, closed)
It's quite interesting this one...
...and I happen to have the full data from HESA on my desk: women absolutely dominate law degrees.

But I also work with law firms as clients: almost 50% of them will quit the law before reaching 30.

Law is still, alas, an incredibly macho profession, and most ladies simply have too much sense to stay in it. Am 31 now, and the only one of my female friends from uni still sticking with the law explains to me every time she sees me why she's about to quit.
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 10:37, closed)
Whats wrong with a desmond?
all the cool kids get 2.2
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 10:17, closed)
Fingers crossed and that
Let us know how you get on (after the getting drunk to celebrate/obliterate the moment of course).
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 11:17, closed)
I get my results this afternoon
so I know EXACTLY how you feel. Good luck, it will all be fine - believe in yourself! Besides, the "worst case scenario" is NEVER as bad as you think it will be. *Hugs*
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 12:11, closed)
Best of luck :-)
Not entirely sure how 1, 2 and 3 are relevant though... I don't believe the examiners do "background checks" before awarding marks, and it doesn't sound like your lecturers have so far, either.
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 13:38, closed)
Walk tall
You should be extremely proud of your achievment, whatever the grade. Well done our kid :)
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 18:24, closed)
And here's to a long and successful career making a difference to things you really care about :-) Way to go.
Now go and get trolleyed, I command thee.
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 22:14, closed)
boing boing!!

(, Thu 24 Jun 2010, 2:39, closed)

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