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This is a question Trapped!

Pig Bodine asks: Where have you got stuck, trapped or tangled?

(, Fri 28 Feb 2014, 12:09)
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is there any truth to the rumour
that qotw hasn't been updated because the mods have all got their fingers trapped in dogs' bums?
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 15:34, 39 replies)
A more pertinent question might be why qftwers squeak and moan about the late arrival of a new question EVERY SINGLE WEEK.
I'm not suggesting you're all slow learners with nothing more worthwhile in your lives or owt. But you are.
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 15:39, closed)
"you're all"?
this party includes you, sunshine, in fact, you're one of the guests of honour.

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 15:45, closed)
Do you mind.
I'm playing the traditional interweb role of participating in a community while pretending to be outside it and disparaging all the other poor cunts.
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 15:52, closed)
Your sort sicken me

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 15:55, closed)
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 16:07, closed)
White Lies FTW

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 16:07, closed)
and they call it.....puppy glove....

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 15:40, closed)
Oh good work, Sir.

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 16:08, closed)
Italian for "yay".
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 16:43, closed)
Scaryduck's been a bit busy this week
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 18:56, closed)
"Put on the sex register"
So worried dogs can check him out?
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 19:00, closed)
I assume it's to stop him ever getting a job as a zoo keeper.

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 19:02, closed)
Wow, you learn something new every day.
I knew this shithole country had some pretty pathetic laws but I hadn't realised they are that brain dead.
Somebody is put on the "nonces and rapists" register for animal cruelty? The puritanical dipshits have really excelled themselves with that one. "Let's not worry about protecting victims, let's worry about being puritans." -- a slow clap for the people who think animal abusers are as much of a threat to the public as rapists and paedorasts.
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 19:05, closed)
^fucks animals

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 19:24, closed)
Apparently there's no point.
The powers that be suggest that if you're into animals you might as well rape some children also. I tend to disagree with having sex with animals or children but I'd rather sick indidivuals stick to animals.
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 19:42, closed)
^fucks animals

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 19:48, closed)

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 19:49, closed)
^ dog nonce

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 19:30, closed)
^ fingers young goats

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 19:32, closed)
None of the above.
I just take rape of human adults and children a little more seriously than our apparently religious government. Unless they're calling for the farming, eating and enslaving of people also?
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 19:34, closed)
^uncomfortable at being outed as an animal fucker

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 19:42, closed)
I'm pretty sure the government take rape of humans more seriously too,
hence the suspended sentence for fucking a dog, rather than 4 years inside.
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 20:23, closed)
4 years inside the dog? Surely that's exactly what he wants?

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 21:18, closed)

but it's 28 years for the dog :/
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 22:01, closed)

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 22:06, closed)

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 22:25, closed)
Superbest internet.

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 22:26, closed)
And yet again, this is why replies should be able to win.
(, Sat 8 Mar 2014, 1:30, closed)
Also: who are you, and what have you done with Happy Phantom?
Shouldn't you be castigating all of us for Terrible Bullying?
(, Sat 8 Mar 2014, 1:31, closed)

My destrier's up on bricks.
(, Sat 8 Mar 2014, 12:41, closed)
I'm pretty sure the sex offenders register
is a record of people who have committed sexual offenses. Why wouldn't the dog fucker have to sign it?

I was, however, baffled by the recent reports of a schoolboy who raped his sister, which claimed that both the boy and his father would have to sign the register.
Why should his father sign it? That's a bit weird.
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 20:06, closed)
He was in her mouth at the same time

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 20:08, closed)
It wasn't just animal cruelty though, was it?
He fucked a dog, you sick wanker. Stop defending an animal rapist.
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 20:16, closed)
The "nonces and rapists" list would be the sex offenders register, then?
You don't need to be a nonce or a rapist to get on it, just commit a sexual offence. Putting your penis in anything incapable of consenting is a sexual offence, hence he goes on the register. I don't think this is really that hard to understand, and I don't think you're going to get much support for your view that this is somehow diminishes the separate offence of rape. On the contrary, everyone will just assume that you like to fuck dogs.
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 20:19, closed)
Condoms don't consent.
Nor do underpants.
Nor your right hand.
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 20:23, closed)
What about a sock stuffed into the neck of a milk bottle?

(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 20:27, closed)
It works better with it outside the bottle.
Less washing.
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 21:02, closed)

no one LIKES to fuck dogs. Just sometimes it happens. Judgers gonna judge!Haters gonna hate. Same as Doggers gonna Dog. Or catters gonna cat.Otters gonna ott(... but only in a sufficiently large salt water pool, 20,000+l should do it.)
(, Sat 8 Mar 2014, 5:58, closed)
And we have a real identity
(, Fri 7 Mar 2014, 20:28, closed)

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