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This is a question Things to do before you die

Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic tells us that his ambition is to a) drive around New Zealand in a camper van; and b) have MASSIVE sex with the original members of Bananarama. Tell us what's on your wish list, and why.

(, Thu 14 Oct 2010, 13:08)
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I'd like to have sex with a pornstar.

Oh wait I'm already doing that. Oh well, I'll just go die happily now. ^_^
(, Fri 15 Oct 2010, 19:32, 17 replies)

What's his name?
(, Fri 15 Oct 2010, 19:43, closed)

Good question. When I decide to have sex with a male pornstar, I'll let you know...
(, Fri 15 Oct 2010, 20:13, closed)
Oh right, so he had sex with you?
That sounds a bit rapey.
(, Fri 15 Oct 2010, 20:17, closed)

(, Fri 15 Oct 2010, 22:12, closed)
Woo! you're shagging a women who shags for a living.
Yes you can definitely die happy now.
(, Fri 15 Oct 2010, 20:27, closed)
I suppose it's one up on shagging Dirty Doris the bag lady from the kwik save car park

(, Fri 15 Oct 2010, 20:37, closed)
Hell, she's always grateful.

(, Fri 15 Oct 2010, 23:16, closed)

(, Sat 16 Oct 2010, 2:06, closed)
Do you think she thinks of you
when she's being plunged by another gentleman?
(, Sat 16 Oct 2010, 4:33, closed)
I've always been bothered by that concept.
Let's say that you're dating a woman. You find out that she's eaten at a hundred different restaurants, ranging from kebab stands to four star gourmet restaurants. One night you invite her to yours for dinner and cook for her, and give her the best you can manage, the dish that you're known for among your friends.

As she's tasting your best efforts, do you worry that she's comparing your efforts against those of the chef at the four star restaurant? Or do you like that she's appreciating what you've done for her and the effort that you put into pleasing her?

The parallel is exact.
(, Sat 16 Oct 2010, 5:09, closed)
I can't cook and eat dinner in 45 seconds, and i don't usualy cry afterwards.
(, Sat 16 Oct 2010, 6:22, closed)
or force them to eat it at knifepoint while they say "NO, PLEASE, STOP" ?

(, Sat 16 Oct 2010, 19:52, closed)
Its not perfect
If you're a inexpierienced cook, the odds of her getting food poisoning are higher- bad for her because of you.

If shes been with hundreds of guys the odds of you getting an StI are higher- bad for you because of her.
(, Sat 16 Oct 2010, 19:59, closed)
That was a somewhat obscure Sherlock Homes quote, actually.
From The Adventure Of The Empty House.

"I wonder that my very simple stratagem could deceive so old a shikari," said Holmes. "It must be very familiar to you. Have you not tethered a young kid under a tree, lain above it with your rifle, and waited for the bait to bring up your tiger? This empty house is my tree and you are my tiger. You have possibly had other guns in reserve in case there should be several tigers, or in the unlikely supposition of your own aim failing you. These," he pointed around, "are my other guns. The parallel is exact."


Especially with porn stars, the odds of getting an STI are slim as they get constantly tested. With a non-pornstar who's been around a bit... well, you both get tested together before you go bareback, don't you? Otherwise you stick a funny little balloon on yourself to protect both of you.

But the point is that her past experience should be a plus, if anything. She has realistic expectations of you and can maybe expand your horizons a bit by showing you new techniques and such. Why would you turn her away?
(, Sun 17 Oct 2010, 13:01, closed)
To be fair...
There's loads of ugly as fuck porn stars out there
(, Sat 16 Oct 2010, 13:24, closed)
So, how does the timing work?
Is there a gap between her STD tests and the results when she doesn't work, so you can have sex with her straight after the results (assuming they're negative)?
(, Sat 16 Oct 2010, 17:48, closed)
Ron Jeremy?

(, Mon 18 Oct 2010, 10:09, closed)

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