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(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:14, archived)
Don't you find that most people who "turn to god"
do so because they've run out of humans who will talk to them
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:16, archived)
they have run out of options in life

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:18, archived)
without wanting to invoke /r/atheism
vocal christians are utter simpletons
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:20, archived)

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:17, archived)
That poor tattoo artist, he's got to live with his canvas acting in this way

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:20, archived)
It looks like he's just done it himself in the mirror.

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:27, archived)
tattoo artists surely have some of moral code, right?
Like asking "are you aware this will completely fuck up your life?" before inking someone's face.
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:40, archived)
"I want a tattoo that captures the spirit of this hat"
Say no more, m8
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:45, archived)
There's a wally that comes into my local on the rare occasion and he's got a full Maori facial tattoo. It's been covered and redone several times, so if he's more than about 3 meters away it looks like he's blacked up.

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:28, archived)
He's got a point though.

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:27, archived)
That god owns the rainbows?
that's true, I suppose
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:32, archived)
I think he meant point as in his willy lol
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:34, archived)
oh man, that is rich!
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:36, archived)
You'd have thought an omniscient, transcendental being would be aware of other uses of the rainbow,
and pick a less contentious symbol for His followers to unite behind.
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:36, archived)
a bit of wood with his son nailed to it, that's what I'd use

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:40, archived)
I think you might be on to something, there.
A bit grim, perhaps, but no one else is using it. Good job there's nothing in the Bible about graven images, too.
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:02, archived)

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(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:33, archived)
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(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:35, archived)
lol gutted

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:38, archived)
"Uneducated followers of the media nites"?

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:33, archived)
Come on m8, everyone knows what the media-nites are
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:39, archived)
Don't want to end up reading the times.
Woah oh the media nites
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:02, archived)
Might be a rasta thing:
The Africans were the Medianites as Canaanites and sons of Kush / Ham. The Israelites / Moses were Hebrew Israelites and descending from Shem. They were not African, according to the scripture.

And you will find he did slaughter the tribe of his wife and children. His wife was a medianite.... By slaughtering them I mean they killed all of the males including the male children and the none virgin women. The virgins they kept for themselves. This is wickedness at its heights and against the example of Haile Selassie I

If you read the bible you should know this!

I obviously need to brush up on my Bible.
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:12, archived)
Imma read Harry Potter instead
better innit
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:15, archived)
The only Potter book I've read was Deathly Hallows.
It was rubbish.

Fittingly, the only book of the Bible I've read is Revelation. I didn't like that, either.
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:19, archived)
Well it's no good just reading the last one, is it
They're alright. The boys enjoyed having them read to them. Amusingly, my oldest hated the films because they're not as good.
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:24, archived)
I'd been watching the films with my other half, thought I'd get ahead and find out the ending by reading the last book
(mainly to confirm that the "Harry is a horcrux and has to get himself killed" twist was as I'd suspected).

I didn't have kids at the time, so I really had no business reading the books, but I'd enjoyed taunting a colleague with my "Snape kills Dumbledore, but it's all part of the plan and he turns out to be a hero" prediction, earlier, so wanted to check if I was right. On reflection, guessing the plot twists is a story for children isn't really much of an achievement.
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:34, archived)
The B.I.B.L.E (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) is an *Ancient* book written roughly 2500 years ago by lots of different people then translated over and over again, edited, re edited and so on for millennia.

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:15, archived)
Ancient Aliens are to blame for everything.

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:22, archived)
goodness me

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:16, archived)
He's quite the package, isn't he

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:18, archived)
they should have put the picture further down the article
having it at the top ruins the comic timing
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 11:16, archived)