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[challenge entry] Some of the comments I've been reading have been from people implausibly young...
(or is it the case the consequences of her policies linger on..?)

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(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:23, archived)
# Ah leave them be.
Hating Thatcher is like supporting the same football team as your dad. It's an important and bonding part of our collective culture.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:24, archived)
# Good point
It's exactly the same cheering on your dad's team as it is celebrating the death of an elderly woman who went through a long and undignified illness and finally died to dementia.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 18:52, archived)
# Spot on
I've given up on Facebook for today the amount of absolute bollocks being posted at the moment.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:26, archived)
# I just involuntarily signed up for FB.
I might be one of a few places where real stuff is happening. I don't get the idea of clicking on a "like". I post things like repairing a circuit board.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:40, archived)
# And this is different from any other day, how?
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:41, archived)
# Haha
Well, quite :)
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:45, archived)
# haha
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:48, archived)
# I only am on facebook for the absolute bollocks
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:48, archived)
# So
People who are born after a particular time are completely disqualified from having an opinion on it?
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:27, archived)
# They're disqualified from having a kneejerk opinion on it
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:31, archived)
# Everyone's disqualified from that, shirley?
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:37, archived)
# Aye, but I was wondering how many of today's teens know much about her
I'm 31 and could only tell you the key moments of her time in office as it all took place before I turned 10.
so I don't know if people born in, say, 1994 would be able to hold a balanced discussion on her...
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:49, archived)
# yeah, go on, make me feel old
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:50, archived)
# they could if they´d discovered some phenomena called writing or speaking
whereupon information encoded into symbols called words can be deciphered, revealing data about the past that extends even more that 20 years back. You can find words in human speech, books, and even websites. It can allow you know something about an event you didn´t even personally witness
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:58, archived)
# Yes, yes, yes
But would 'yer average teenager' have taken it upon themselves to learn about Thatcher,
i.e. if I'd asked a 17 year old yesterday what they thought about Mrs T, what response would I have got?
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 18:07, archived)
# Round my way you would have got chibbed.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 18:09, archived)
# That Ken Clarke was a right c*nt back in the day
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 19:40, archived)
# I don't see what living through an experienece has to do with it
If you stopped a random person on the street and asked them to explain what caused the current recession you're likely to get little further than "bloody bankers innit?". In twenty years I'd far rather have a discussion with someone who has recently studied the recession in school/uni, even if they werne't born at the time, then that same person on the street - especially after time has entrenched the bias in their views and dimmed their memory.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 18:17, archived)
# They know she was Camerons grandmonth wife
nuff said innit
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:28, archived)
# I miss month grandmonth :(
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:51, archived)
# don't get me started
my mood isn't the best today as it is
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:33, archived)
# but it's the best Monday the 8th of April ever
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:36, archived)
# not in our house
found out this morning my brother has cancer :(
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:41, archived)
# Very sorry to hear that Mrs Smash
Best of luck
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:45, archived)
# they've caught it early
but there are 5 tumours. nearly punched someone earlier when he suggested my best bet was prayer.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:49, archived)
# Give him the greatest biggest longest Smash Monkey hugs you can muster
they definitely help :)
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 18:00, archived)
# he's not a hugger
very emotionally closed off, apart from anger. i'll probably get him a bottle of brandy on payday, he'd appreciate that more.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 18:14, archived)
I think that's the gift I'd most appreciate under the circumstance.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 18:56, archived)
# :(
Sorry to hear that, I hope he makes a swift recovery
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:49, archived)
# heavy heavy
which kind?..and at what stage?
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:50, archived)
# bowel
and early. he's going in in a few days to have it removed before he starts on chemo.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:51, archived)
# early is good
I went through 3 months chemo......My neck tumour shrunk in 48 hours.Then they zap the area with radiation ......Amazing advances in treatment over the last few years.And the Macmillan nurses who dish it out are meticulous.He'll be in good hands.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 18:08, archived)
# he's shitting himself
i'm the one who has all the surgery, he's never had anything done before
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 18:11, archived)
# I was EXACTLY the same....tell him this-- on the second breath of gas,before he exhales he's magically back on the ward.
that's how quick and painless it is. :D
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 18:22, archived)
# Sads :(
Best of luck to him!
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 20:09, archived)
# That's too bad.
I've had my share of illness too. I've recovered from the pits of hell. You never know. I hope the best for him.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:53, archived)
# hoping he'll be fine
nothing else i can do, really
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:57, archived)
# I'm one of those people who hates to hear the phrase "good morning".
But even with the power out for the last 8 hours, and having only a couple of hours of sleep, this is one of the first days in years when I honestly am walking around saying good morning.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:37, archived)
# nicely spot on
I personally believe she did as much good as bad - at least she had conviction and beliefs unlike any pm since that i can remember - most of which have made terrible decisions usually mostly upon political vanity and short term poll ratings.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:45, archived)
# She was extremely divisive....
and I don't like how she vilified her opponents, but she did break the union thugs, and she was in favour of freedom. Sadly New Labour gave it all back to the corporations when they arrived, but most of Thatcher's mistakes still exist.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 18:56, archived)
# Frankly, I've seen a lot more
of people complaining about young people having an opinion despite not being alive in the 80s than I have of young people having an opinion despite not being alive in the 80s.
(, Tue 9 Apr 2013, 9:14, archived)
# Looking back, my pic seems more curmudgeonly than it did yesterday
but really my point was about the worth of a teenager's opinion rather than their right to one. (hence why I used the word 'qualified' and not 'entitled')
(, Tue 9 Apr 2013, 11:34, archived)
# Perfect
Thank you
(, Tue 9 Apr 2013, 21:16, archived)
# Funny, I was thinking along similar lines
except all the comments I've been reading seem to be saying nice things about her. Clearly, they weren't there.

Morrisey called it correctly as far as I'm concerned :
"Thatcher will only be fondly remembered by sentimentalists who did not suffer under her leadership"
(, Sat 13 Apr 2013, 9:13, archived)