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# Unshopped. Sick sense of humour.
This woman's mag was for sale this week.

Raped by dad? THey love it.

Edit: I SWEAR this is not photoshopped. Go down to your local WHSmiths.
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 14:56, archived)
# Designer Vagina???
I'd love to see that!!
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 14:59, archived)
# she
could have put the kidney in a pie with some steak served with a portion of chips for him, I bet he was gutted just getting kidney
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:03, archived)
# ..........
that's just wrong

please please please tell me that's shopped

/edit hahaha what are the kind of people who buy that going to do with a "free book!"?
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 14:59, archived)
# Even the Sick Fucks
around here couldn't make that up.
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:04, archived)
...Just to compound my 'shame'

Oooh - Class!

I must say - the font does look slightly shopped...just a weeee bit too sharp in comparison to the rest of the image - or is that just a glimmer of hope in my mind,...??
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:00, archived)
# Sounds like someone from Tassie!!
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:02, archived)
# what's that lassie?
the boys are trapped down a mineshift?
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:02, archived)
# No mention of 16 toes here...
...So any references to Tassie are arbritary!
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:07, archived)
# fucking
(, Sat 25 Feb 2006, 11:21, archived)
# It's real
I saw it in Sainsbury's this afternoon and thought exactly the same thing - "Doesn't she look happy about her incestuous rape lovechild?"

I can only assume the main model is not the victim here.........
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:08, archived)
# Re:
Nah it's the unfortunate bleach-blonde in the inset.

I bet she's happy to be her baby's sister.
(, Sat 25 Feb 2006, 6:41, archived)
# Oh dear
I always laugh at those mags when I'm queueing in supermarkets. I've seen worse!
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:03, archived)
# pfffffft

(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:04, archived)
*buys subscription*
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:08, archived)
# more ham
Image hosting by Photofucket
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:14, archived)
# I still can't understand how the market can sustain
this number of fucking awful women's magazines.
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:05, archived)
# What are you on about?
this is comedy entertainment in it's purest form!
(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:07, archived)
# i saw this in whsmiths
100% unshopped

made me giggle like a loon
everyone gave me a funny look

(, Sun 19 Feb 2006, 15:07, archived)
# exclusively
raped by her dad.

so she was the only one then?
did anyone check with her mother/sister or uncle brother?
(, Mon 20 Feb 2006, 23:01, archived)
# it's not the girl on the cover
who's been raped by her dad... its the girl in the inset photo by the headline.
(, Fri 24 Feb 2006, 17:07, archived)
# But still
When you see that in the shop, as I did the other day, what screams out at you is the text:
"love it! RAPED BY MY DAD"

Wrong. Very, very wrong.
(, Fri 24 Feb 2006, 17:28, archived)
# Yes...
I think we realised that ;)
(, Fri 24 Feb 2006, 18:33, archived)
# I know someone who works on this mag
I'm afraid.
Also, if you read the article, there's a full-page ad for Cow & Gate baby food straight after it with the slogan reading something like "babies can bring lots of surprises" or summat. Nice!
(, Fri 24 Feb 2006, 19:07, archived)
# repost (lamely shopped)
I also saw and laughed at the cover of Love It while in the queue at Somerfield the other day.

This slight edit sums it up:

(, Fri 24 Feb 2006, 19:52, archived)
# You
can laugh but I sometimes work for magazines like this... "HE ATE MY FACE WITH A FORK" sticks in my mind for some reason.
(, Fri 24 Feb 2006, 19:56, archived)
# It's a boy/girl thing
I think fundamentally it depends how you look at it.

As we all know, magazine covers are designed to be looked at "at a glance," predominantly by females. However, as males, we consider magazine covers not "as a whole," but more, "mmm, totty. what next?" even the gayest males among us will be drawn at least to the girl's eyes before even noticing it's a girl's magazine.
So then your natural progression, as a fella, is to follow your pervy route of, "she's pretty, can I see her tits?" and your eye follows the strap on her dress/bra, and ultimately you end up with a resounding "no, but what's this?!" as you read the headline. It's the snakes n ladders of magazines and you just fell down a snake!

Like it or not, that's what's happening, all in a split second - and that's why this post exists.

Lots of love,

17th Year Media Student, OBE.

(or summat.)
(, Sat 25 Feb 2006, 6:34, archived)
# oh yes
it's magazines like that I hate about being a housewife.
It drives me mad my only daytime human contact is with women who read these, watch GMTV and lust after Chico. It's so completely depressing.
I prefer to buy the only naughty woman's mag I can find called Scarlet.
In fact they have a comp b3ta would appreciate called twart.
(, Sat 25 Feb 2006, 9:27, archived)