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# .
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:09, archived)
# ha haa!
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:10, archived)
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:38, archived)
# shit that made me laugh
me likey
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:11, archived)
# hehehe !
insane !!
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:11, archived)
# woooooooooooooo!
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:12, archived)
# i like it
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:12, archived)
# hahahahaha
i've just spat my tea all over my monitor at that.
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:12, archived)
# excellent!
That is all there is to say..
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:17, archived)
# woo!
even;'ing crabby! :)
here i've a question for you... if you're still there...?
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:18, archived)
# Hiya
Yup, still here. what can I do for you?
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:20, archived)
# haha glad you asked.
dunno whether you know, but me and hugo is getting married. have decided to have a special b3tan ceremony, seeing as we're the first.. we wondered if you would be "minister" for us? :)
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:23, archived)
# Woo-hoo!
Yup, I heard. Congrats and many happies!
Being a minister sounds good. What are you planning?
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:37, archived)
# not quite sure yet
spacefish and priestess have agreed to be bridesmaids.. dr phil is Best Woman and Bob the Dino is Best Man... a piss up, sometime, somewhere in the not too distant future.. i am sure there is some sort of a role for everyone, though there may be too many going for the part of Drunken Raucous Auntie... and Lechy Great Uncle... :)

was thinking last night that if we made Oxfam/Sue Ryder/Whatever or something the Official outfitters it could be something of a charity event also... maximum outfit spend £2.50 or something :)

(edit) I think Vulga is a hot contender for Lecherous Great Uncle come to think of it...
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:41, archived)
# fabulous...
this sounds great. A live web-broadcast would be appropriate really.

Spacefish and Priestess as bridesmaids... inspired.

Edit - You need someone in a polar bear suit really... perhaps to give you away (as opposed to stealing you).
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:45, archived)
# or...
you could hold the "ceremony" at the zoo. At the Penguin House, perhaps.
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:48, archived)
# all ideas noted :)
the zoo would be a pretty expensive day out though.. but a jolly good idea!

and yes i do need someone to give me away.. *deep thought*..

(edit) actually i have no one to give me away in real life... i think i may ask Si_W for b3ta though...
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:52, archived)
# I did wonder about the expense...
but the Lubetkin Penguin House at London Zoo is a wonderful background...
I love the spiralling ramps for the penguins to waddle along...
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:56, archived)
# it is truly lovely
i walked by there the other day and i was thinking about the penguins... we shall see... if everyone doesn't mind paying for the zoo then i don't see why not - we can get a group concession i am sure... it would look absolutely 100% woofing mad as well...
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 21:03, archived)
# Hooray
yes, that is indeed inspired
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:52, archived)
# okay then
are you up for it?

will be deciding a date soon and then it's a bit of all-hands-on-decks effort!

(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:56, archived)
# I'd love to be in attendance...
...just as a random b3tan guest. Sounds like a truly memorable day.
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:58, archived)
# everyone is welcome
but participation is mandatory.. or at least dressing up!

once a date has been decided we'll put it in m3ss3ng3r schedule thingy and people can indicate whether they are interested or not - then we can see about Zoo thing.. i really like the idea (good weather would be a bonus) so well done you!
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 21:05, archived)
# Yeah, I'm up for it
sounds like a cracking plan
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:59, archived)
# jolly good!!!
i expect some sort of sermon/homily would be appropriate :)
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 21:08, archived)
# Oooh,
can I me an Usher and misdirect all your relatives to the wrong place?
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:45, archived)
# actually
the whole point is that none of our rellys will be there... i thought it best to separate real life from errrr... my other real life...

you can be the usher.. but can you be like a retarded cousin that we felt sorry for? : )

(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:50, archived)
# with trousers that are slightly too short?
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:52, archived)
# and too tight
actually we saw the perfect thing in a window of a charity shop in camden last night... pale blue with a frilly shirt... blimey corrrrrrr!
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:53, archived)
# Oh yes,
I've always wanted to be a retarded Cousin...thanks. :(
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:57, archived)
# oh *hugs*
we all know you're not reaaaaaally retarded... but it might be fun to slip into character... i know how you love role play!

besides.. those tight trousers will really do wonders for your enormous cock... you knows you might even cop a feel from one of the bridesmaids! : )
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 21:11, archived)
# hahahaa nice image to come back to
Just got back after a rather extended (curses the train network) journey - about 6 hrs to get home, but i made it in time for CNX's harvey birdman (20:55), sealab 2021 (21:10), aquaa teen (21:25) & brak (21:40).
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:20, archived)
# ASHAJKSGAHKxdhksvbchj,dvbc
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:29, archived)
# You are 5 minutes early
on your times Harvey birdman don't start
until 21.00
I should know i have digiguide so there
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:33, archived)
# i have sky digital and they are usually so accurate
they'll tell you what's on Newsnight by 9pm
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:34, archived)
# There's nothing good on now anyway so you may as well tune in 5 mins early
just in case i'm right.
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:35, archived)
# See what you mean
but then again if you are watching Outlaw Star you won't miss anything
melfina and suzuka hubba hubba if you know what i mean
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:39, archived)
# actually sealab is still scheduled for 21:15 but Aqua is still 21:25 and brak at
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:48, archived)
# As long as you catch
Harvey Birdman you don't have to worry about the start times for the rest of them. Just keep it on CNX and don't bounce.
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:54, archived)
# the €6,000,000 penguin?
Sue. Perb.
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:21, archived)
# You must enter a subject.
OMGOMGOMGOGMogmgmgom The penguins just switched sides. Or am I just going mad.

Love it.
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:22, archived)
# Haha!
That rocks
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 20:32, archived)
# that does indeed
(, Sun 19 Jan 2003, 23:56, archived)