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This is a question Tragic Attempts at Being Cool

You say 'I'm cool, I'm no fool' but then you wind up dropping out of high school'. It was Melle Mel who said that, I swear down. THE Melle Mel, that's right.

This week's question is all about your tragic attempts to be cool (pictures welcome), or perhaps times when you've witnessed another's misguided attempt to be a hep-cat daddio. Share the shame, it might make you feel better.

(, Fri 6 Nov 2015, 10:50)
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(, Wed 18 Nov 2015, 12:34, Reply)
I once smoked a cigarette in the back of a Nissan Micra. I thought this was totally cool at the time. But that was before I discovered Massive Drugs, super models and Honda Accords.

I've never looked back!
(, Wed 18 Nov 2015, 0:26, 3 replies)
I'm doing it now.
Hanging out in rock pubs in Manchester where all the students are. In my defence though, the previous pub played a track by Rage Against The Machine from their eponymous album which I bought on cassette when it came out and the barman was probably in a pram at the time. They also played Seek And Destroy which was a classic when I discovered Metallica.
(, Sun 15 Nov 2015, 15:38, 2 replies)
I was cool
Before it was cool.
(, Sun 15 Nov 2015, 14:28, Reply)
You left the first speech mark out.

(, Sun 15 Nov 2015, 13:07, 1 reply)
American Women's Himalayan Expedition Ascent of Annapurna
These women gave a stirring lecture about their mountaineering triumph, so I started wearing their T-Shirt. I belonged to a special group; those who understood there was a double entendre there. Months later, people gently informed me they understood too.

(, Fri 13 Nov 2015, 22:43, 1 reply)
18, a gold paisley cravat
and a fucking pipe.
(, Fri 13 Nov 2015, 10:26, 4 replies)
I did a little bit of sick
Just out with friends we were introduced to a mate of a mate.
He had a few dreadlocks, and when I say few, there were a couple at the front and one massive one at the back.
This thing must have been 6 inches wide and three feet long.
I didnt really pay much attention until , a friend pulled me to one side and told me she thought she saw it move.
From then on I was mesmerised, and yes she wasn't seeing things, it did actually move, you could see little ripples along it.
Fair turned my stomach, but I just couldn't take my eyes off it .
He must have thought we were agog at how cool his hair was.
But seriously WTF?
(, Thu 12 Nov 2015, 23:08, 8 replies)

(, Thu 12 Nov 2015, 20:32, Reply)

Alexei Sayle pissed in his own mouth whilst playing jazz.
(, Thu 12 Nov 2015, 19:36, 2 replies)

(, Thu 12 Nov 2015, 15:21, 11 replies)
I used to buy all my clothes from Stolen from Ivor

(, Thu 12 Nov 2015, 9:48, 5 replies)
I repost B3ta
on my Facebook to make myself look cool.
(, Thu 12 Nov 2015, 5:40, Reply)

(, Wed 11 Nov 2015, 16:56, 3 replies)
Hairdresser's revenge
I'd allowed my hair to become an amorphous blob of undecidedness, and couldn't really decide what I wanted to do with it. Looking back, it's probably always a bad idea to say to the hairdresser "Oh I don't know. Do what you want to it."

One flat top later, and I walked home feeling a little daft. The final straw came when I noticed that the shadow of my head was rectangular, and I hurried straight home and shaved it off before anyone saw me.

I did also persuade my neighbour to give himself a reverse mohican once. was quite amusing. He shaved that too after a day or so.

Nowadays I let my daughter cut my hair. She's not remotely qualified, but I quite like how it makes her cackle as she hacks chunks off, and I swear it looks better than any time I've let a hairdresser near it.
(, Wed 11 Nov 2015, 3:45, 10 replies)
When I was a nipper, about 1979, I was given a pair of suede "HanSolo" boots.
I thought they were the coolest thing ever and couldnt wait to wear them to school. In the morning on my own front lawn I stood in a wet sticky fresh dogshit, and instead they stunk of shit all day and I got teased and never wore them again to school.
(, Tue 10 Nov 2015, 21:34, 8 replies)
funnily enough
Napoleon Dynamite in on film 4 right now
(, Tue 10 Nov 2015, 20:07, Reply)
Hairstyles - inverted Bob - inverted Bob morphing to classic psychobilly - morphing to something Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Would be proud. To a floppy hair look to riffs on the theme of New Order cuts and then something that could only be described as exactly Aunt Flo from Bod. There are others as the college had a pretty good hairdressing course and needed victims.

Inverted Bob, Really really GAY and dangerous.
(, Tue 10 Nov 2015, 19:52, 5 replies)
Had a Mohican and bought a dead cool white jacket.
Went into town with my mate in his Transit van with the indispensible but never used mattress in the back.
Didn't pull and the engine boiled on the way home. Removed the radiator cap and instantly became the owner of a blue fleck white jacket. Even cooler. Or was it even coolant?
(, Tue 10 Nov 2015, 19:23, Reply)
I have a waxed moustache

(, Tue 10 Nov 2015, 18:46, 3 replies)
I found my first grey hair when I was 17 so spent the next ten years or so dyeing it
I thought this was the coolest shit ever at the time - undercut slightly grown out and dyed black and the top letterbox red with black streaks.


In retrospect, I look like I'm off to a rave with Mcbeef. This picture was taken in someone else's room, by the way, so I can't take credit/blame for the mid-90's posters either.
(, Tue 10 Nov 2015, 17:09, 10 replies)
Flat Top, undercut, bleach blonde hair, leopard skin
Are just some of the hairstyles I sported while growing up.

They were all utterly fucking stupid and I looked like a right cunt with every single style. But at the time I felt like a GOD!
(, Tue 10 Nov 2015, 13:40, 10 replies)
A beret
a fucking beret
(, Tue 10 Nov 2015, 1:06, 8 replies)
Blue Stratos
That is all
(, Mon 9 Nov 2015, 19:03, 5 replies)

(, Mon 9 Nov 2015, 13:10, 2 replies)

(, Mon 9 Nov 2015, 8:54, 1 reply)

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