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This is a question People with Stupid Names

There are hundreds of unfortunate people out there with silly names desparately coping with the evil their parents perpetrated upon them at birth.

So far, I've met a woman called Rusty Tharp, a child health consultant called Peter Files and have the business card for "Fab Boolaky" on my desk.

We'd like you to tell us about the people you've met or work with that have silly, inappropriate or frankly wierd names.

(, Thu 26 Aug 2004, 10:54)
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Briefly, and to the point...
My ex-colleague Hazel Evans met and married a David Hazel and became Hazel Hazel.

And in my dealings with work I have come across the following living people. All of these are verified as genuine, and if you know any of them, you have my deepest sympathy:

1) Allen Keys
2) Fanny Fawcett
3) Patricia Fuller-Hiscock
4) Mike Hunt (yawn - but it's true)
5) X (a male)

and the best one...

Sir Ramjam Delilah Funkyboogaloo-Smythe

And also the past yields yet more...

1) Willy and Fanny Sawe
2) Josiah Arthur Wetmuff
3) Titus Aloysius Ramsbottom (or Titus A Ramsbottom)
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 16:55, Reply)
One Size
A fairly well known one this - former (sadly) Oldham footballer Fitz Hall who answers to the wonderful sobriquet 'One Size'
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 16:51, Reply)
Kes Cockhead
A bloke I used to work with was called Kes Cockhead. Must have had a hell of a time at school, but seemed fairly well-balanced considering...
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 16:44, Reply)
People with stupid names
Remember when you were at comprehensive school and there was always a repulsive, malodourous hound who your mates would tell that you really fancied them?

At my school she was called 'Wendy House'. She had a younger brother who was called 'Maxwell'. For some insane reason her other brother was left out of this inbred's version of a joke and was simply called 'Glynn'.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 16:25, Reply)
he was good at rock climbing
we had a tour guide in the dominican republic whose name was 'Boom Boom Salami'. that's what he told me anyway.

later on, he stole my sisters purse.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 16:21, Reply)
From Harare to Waterford...
When I was touristing around Zimbabwe, I purchased a carving by a person named Jealousy, and MET a guy named Lovemore and also a man named Typewriter. Yes, Typewriter.

BUT the most evil parents I have ever come across were in my home town of Waterford (Ireland). While tidying up the filing cabinets in my local bank (summer job, long ago), I came across the account card of one Mr. Norris. His parents, in their INFINITE wisdom, decided to give their ONLY child the first name of Maurice...
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 16:08, Reply)
Silly Names
At my workplace we have a number of funnies on the records. Our favourites are: Himalaya Dong, Perkins Gonzo, Trilby Beaver, Fanny Bouquet, Phanny Reddy, Oral Holder (with a brill middle name - St Elmo, if you please!) Velvet Lipps, Rolex (no surname) the omnipresent Mr Randy Bastardi, Igor Wonkov, Victor Jesus Pineapple, one lucky blokey is called Adonis Socrates - bet he gets lots of luck with the ladies.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 16:06, Reply)
my brother in law
studied to be a doctor. His mate had the unfortunate surname De'ath. Thankfully he decided to go along with the joke everyone would make, and just before his graduation he had the apostrophe removed by deed poll.

Hmm. You can imagine his career going well - "Doctor Death will see you now"
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 16:01, Reply)
My cousins
are called Zebedee and Octavia.

Which I think was fairly mean.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 15:52, Reply)
I was at school
with Jermaine (a boy) whose middle names were all the american presidents up to his birth for some reason. I also had friends at the time called Blue, Obi, Sky, Red, Ruskin and Bevis. I was known by my middle name (until I was able to take matters into my own hands) which is Dorje´. Us wierd named ones stuck together and drew boots on the school walls.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 15:51, Reply)
I knew a german girl once
called Mescher Schmidt - and no we didn't mention the war...
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 15:48, Reply)
Reginald Sole
Mr. Quentin Cumber
Mr. Tickle and his wife Tess
Letters that arrive for Mr. Ogglyboggly (meant for an Olingschleager)
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 15:48, Reply)
long time reader, first time poster, etc...
Okay here we go:

A mate of mine once worked for a company who had a Jappy chappy on their books with the rather unfortunate name of Mr Fukyamama. No joke...

I currently work at social services so in my more bored moments I used to search their client databases for names which might warrant a giggle. On one occasion I managed to find a fella whose first name was Poo. Now what could be the worst surname for a person with such a first name? Stain? Pants? No. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you.....

Mr Poo Poo.

I know where he lives and everything. Beat that.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 15:24, Reply)
My best friends dad
was called Peter Nutt. He used to send back any mail address to Mr P. Nutt it had to be address to Mr. P. R. Nutt.
I also worked for a large investment bank where amongst people I encountered, were a Rebecca Fuca and a Bernt Oehring (painfull).
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 15:08, Reply)
olympic equestrianism
pippa funnel. surely that means her full name is phillipa.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 15:04, Reply)
school mates
I went to school with a Lee Jeans and a Theresa Green, and my best friends mum's maiden name was Gaye Sermon.

Oh nearly forgot an old boyfriend, also at school, was a Jody Jackie Stewart Pitts
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 15:00, Reply)
100% fact
A quick trawl through the work address book has come up with these gems...

Yagnik Vadher
Dave Cave
Cordula von Eye
Egon Walesch
Justin Wee
Matt Yallop
Irene Zinger
Ieuan Skym

And my dad is called Christopher Robin. Bless.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 14:49, Reply)
Haven't been able to bring myself to read the whole thread so sorry if any repeats!
I went to school with a Kevin McNevin and a Leila Shayler which are just unfortunate rather than rude.
My sister went to school with Justin Loosely.....classic.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 14:38, Reply)
A couple......
My friends dad is a dentist, and he works in a surgery with a Dr. Henning Schmidt, which I've always found quite funny.

At my soon-to-be-previous place of work, the cleaner is a druid called Kreb Dragonrider.

I also know of local families The Furbys, The Munts, and The Cockburns.

Oh, just remembered at my old college there was a maths teacher called Roger Atree.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 14:30, Reply)
I used to work
with someone called Dr Dick Totty
At the same place, a Dr Tart, and someone called Sukdeep.

Also, but not strictly rude names, I deal with/know a Dr Pepper, and a Dr Martin.

Also, a Phil Martin, and a Jim Robinson (for all you old-skool neighbours fans)
Also a Dr Niggerman.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 14:17, Reply)
Quality German names
There's a guy in the company I work for called Gerrit Harder and a woman called Silke Busch.

I also once got a call from an Indian guy called Mr Shitole.

Oh, and I want to school with an Andrew Peacock which of course we shortened to Drew Peacock.

(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 14:13, Reply)
Dunno if this is true I was told about a woman who used to work with a mate of mine with the name Melanie Cummin. Not very funny you may add but when it came to assigning her an 8 letter username for her computer system consisting of her surname first and then fill it out with her first name

result: cumminme
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 14:10, Reply)
at work we have some good ones on the mailing list
but anna somers cocks is the best...

oh and onone can forget the classic the dutch prime-minister (wim cock),' prime-minister' being 'premier' in dutch provides a rather curious name of "premier cock"
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 14:06, Reply)
my high school science teacher
was blessed with the name richard coxhead

Parents, eh?
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 14:03, Reply)
At my secondary school....
...there was a teacher called Mr Sparrow...

who named his son Robin.

Poor lad
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 13:58, Reply)
When working as a civil servant I saw plenty of these...

Patricia Wardrobe

Theresa Green - ok, it's an oldie, but she was real

Edith Womble - a perennial favourite.

Jerzy Milka - my fave of all time. MOO!
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 13:56, Reply)
baucus.senate.gov/aboutmax.html - check out his wife's name at the bottom of the page

www.fritz.de/_/fritzinside/team/detail_jsp/key=mitarbeiter_1652.html - best name ever!

You might have seen these before...
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 13:27, Reply)
I once met a man called Malcolm Bastard.

Now once, there was a family of Bastards. Mr Bastard, Mrs Bastard... and all the little Bastards.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 13:23, Reply)
a post-curry cry...
Whilst at a wedding in India my friend had to sit next to a girl called Anita Gopu..

The irony was lost on her...
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 13:21, Reply)
we used to go to school with a girl called
tracy carla peyipee

it took a while for use to notice what happens when you abbreviate either her first two names - OR all 3 :)
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 13:17, Reply)

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