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This is a question People with Stupid Names

There are hundreds of unfortunate people out there with silly names desparately coping with the evil their parents perpetrated upon them at birth.

So far, I've met a woman called Rusty Tharp, a child health consultant called Peter Files and have the business card for "Fab Boolaky" on my desk.

We'd like you to tell us about the people you've met or work with that have silly, inappropriate or frankly wierd names.

(, Thu 26 Aug 2004, 10:54)
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I knew i had to submit this when i heard it...
Watching a home improvement show with my mum on Home and Garden TV (US), the Host announced himself to be Penn Holderness. I couldn't believe someone had such an odd name.. but then i saw the little bar on the bottom of the screen, proclaiming his name in blue. Penn Holderness...
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 2:25, Reply)
Out and About
Im not sure if this is funny to anyone else, But in southend essex there is a van marked up as "Munters property sevices" Wow a service for the Ugly :)
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 1:12, Reply)
mean bastard parents
I went to high school with a guy called
cant remember his last name but his mum always jokes that she name him after his father ....strange thing was his dads name was gary.

if anyone remember from the 2000 olympics there was a us swimmer by the name of misty hyman ......... well her brother is called rusty

bastard parents
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 1:09, Reply)
You wonder about some people -- mean or clueless
My parents bought their house from the Dick family, and the Dicks were aptly named. However, they cruelly named their child "Peter Dick" (in the States, "Peter" and "Dick" are synonyms for penis).

When I worked for a company that did data entry for college financial aid forms, people collected the odd names. The only one that stands out in my memory was Christian Gay.

A friend comes from a family that had 10 children. The parents named the last one Decima, and the older ones teased her that if she'd been a boy, they would have named her "Decimo." Another friend commented, "If they can't think of decent names, they shouldn't be having more children."

Some people clue in, though. My friend worked for a man whose last name was Missen. He told my friend that it was understood that no one in the family should name their kid "Richard."
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 0:49, Reply)
Kid's party
A friend of mine had to host a party for some eight year olds, and there were three little girls there, named Peaches, Cherish and Starburst.

What a terrible curse to inflict on a child.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 0:20, Reply)
One of the girls at work
has the surname Pratt. So when her first daughter was 3 weeks late, she decided to punish her for the rest of her life by naming her Alice.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 0:02, Reply)
Gran was called Rose Rose, and there was a boy in my mates, mother's school called Duane Pipe.
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 23:00, Reply)
this is unshopped

i found it on google ages ago and for somereason started hosting it my self..

i think its an old trading card
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 21:54, Reply)
Some old ones from school
One of the office staff was called Mrs Neat. The librarian was called Mr Careless. I don't know if they're still there, but they should be listed somewhere here

Edit: Oh, and there was a girl in my class called Natalie Stevens-Hoare. Made me chuckle anyhoo.
Edit again: And whilst doing some paperwork for my dad, I noticed he'd had a client called Glasscock. It was just written in big letters on a scrap of paper lying on the desk. I nearly pissed myself.
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 21:52, Reply)
my name is
Martin Kemp.

yep. it's not silly, but there are a surprisingly large number of people in the south east of britain that share the name. Completely randomly, i've met 4 of them. One of which had a horse for a leg.

weird. but possibly not stupid.
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 20:40, Reply)
My uncle
has the rather bizarre name Stavros Stavri.

On the other side of the family I have a grandad called Bill Williams, which seemed perfectly ordinary to me, until I remembered what Bill is short for.
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 20:27, Reply)
You couldn't make it up...
My aunt's friend married into Annette Curtain. Seriously, why didn't she keep her maiden name?

My nan's next door neighbour was called Dolly Polly.

My cousin is called John Thomas Semens. Luckily I'm a Milligan.

My mate's mum's friend is called Wendy Bender. She also married into this, but her maiden name was Wendy Circus so she can probably be forgiven.

I know of a girl called Lucy Hoore, but she preffers to be called Luce. Ahem.

Oh, and my mate who's gay, he has a dutch boyfriend called Ulvan van Dyke.
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 20:06, Reply)
a doctor
named Cancer. He cured my sinusitis though
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 19:24, Reply)
my brother's name...
is David Craig. that's Craig David backwards
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 19:21, Reply)
about the naming a baby trinity, either i know her too, or there are 2 people that cruel to their children
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 17:37, Reply)
my aunty's a nurse..
in dundee in scotland
sometimes she has to explain to patients why they can't call their kids stuff like chlamydia...

(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 17:26, Reply)
more stupid names
the ex-wife of my flatmates cousin is called lovely lynn leopard stridiron (she┬┤s philipina)

my first girlfriends name is aysha naomi dyke

a grand uncle of mine is called boy-sax hinrichs (weird north-german first name)
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 16:47, Reply)
Everybody loves Cox
I have heard tell of a poster at this site (LordOfTheBeans I believe), whose surname happens to be Cox, using the slogan 'Vote for me, because everyone loves Cox' while running for school council. I don't know him personally, but a friend went to his school. If you see this, I salute you, you magnificent bastard.
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 15:47, Reply)
People who have rung at work
Working for the council we always get a few idiots ringing up. fortunately most of them have stupid names. When they say their name, we find the real reason secrecy buttons were invented, to hide the laughter

Mr Filmur-Cox
Dick Sprains
William Rash (willy rash?!)
Clive Burnascone
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 15:34, Reply)
tee hee hee
I have a relative called Donald Duckering.

There was also someone in a company phonebook called Fanny Gravey...yucky.
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 15:29, Reply)
Gena Tayler, Woodcock, Pratt, Gay
This is the name of a girl at my school, and strangely she doesn't even prefer to be called Genifer Tayler, so she is just as bad as her pairents. Its always a laugh when her name gets called out.

(say it outloud)

There is also a teacher called Gaynor McKinnon, and back in England i had a teacher called Mrs Pratt, aswell as Mrs Woodcock.
Thats all i can remember.
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 15:15, Reply)
For Real
My optomitrist's name is Dr Jennifer Seawright.
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 14:09, Reply)
Absolutely real, I promise.
There's a guy who works in Hong Kong, for the same company as I do.
His name is Hung Fuk Man Gary.

I imagine he's very popular.
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 12:16, Reply)
a great one from thailand
a business associate of my dad's company (not what u thinking)

Mr. Sukma Kok
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 10:32, Reply)
On the subject of Pocohontas, a friend of mine was a midwife at Irvine Central Hospital in Ayrshire, Scotland. During the summer of 1995, she had 7 Pocohontas on her ward .... ahh bless the Neds.

I also went to school with a bloke called Elvis McCann ... unlucky but true ....
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 10:30, Reply)
Jason Lopicalo
Call him J Lo

(errr, i dont know how funny a jenifer lopez joke will be here, but oh well)
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 10:17, Reply)
I just wanted to know your name.
There was a teacher at my high school called Mrs. Dovervitch... rumor was that she had a son named Ben.

heres what I see:
"so whats your name?"
"Ben Dovervitch"
"whoah, just wanted to know your name!"

say it outloud, it makes sense
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 7:15, Reply)
I know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody
who has recently had a baby. It was a girl and they called her Trinity. You guessed it, if it was a boy they were actually going to call him Neo.

I thought that was bloody stupid.
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 6:53, Reply)
More Logons....
I work in Hong Kong for a bank, and to create your user logons they start with the country code ("HK" in this case), and then use the first 3 letters of your surname ("MOR" in my case), and then the first letter of your first name - so mine would be - HKMORC. One unfortunate guy has the name Ken Wannell, which gives him the logon on of "HKWANK" - poor guy has got a lot of abuse for this one.
(, Mon 30 Aug 2004, 6:36, Reply)

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