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This is a question People with Stupid Names

There are hundreds of unfortunate people out there with silly names desparately coping with the evil their parents perpetrated upon them at birth.

So far, I've met a woman called Rusty Tharp, a child health consultant called Peter Files and have the business card for "Fab Boolaky" on my desk.

We'd like you to tell us about the people you've met or work with that have silly, inappropriate or frankly wierd names.

(, Thu 26 Aug 2004, 10:54)
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with no regard for the data protection act
Both my brother and one of my best mates have worked in customer services for a well know credit card company. Everyone who works on the phones was warned of a card holder going by the name of Spunky Transvestite incase he came thru to them and they thought it was a piss-take. Neither of them ever spoke to him unfortunately and he no longer has a card in his wallet.

And another mate has an uncle called Ray Wray.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 13:06, Reply)
A few from a newbie
Yay first post!

I once went to school (actually more than once) with a guy called Beemal Brambat, not much of a pun or anthing but I thought it was pretty funny.

Also worked with a lady called Josephine hall who insisted on using her middle name, Faith, and would sigh everything F Hall.

Lastly, A mate of mine has a cousin in the States called Justin Case. Why do Case families do that to their kids?

Anyway, that's all for now, you've been a wonderful audience, feel free to carry on with whatever you were doing.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 13:00, Reply)
Aah, the electoral roll...
Did you know that there are over 13 Plonkas living in the UK - smirk!
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 12:59, Reply)
radio 4
i remember an article on (of all stations) radio 4 discussing this very topic and recall from the many unfortunate subjects a mr and mrs lear who named their daughter chander.

well done.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 12:56, Reply)
Stupid names
I know for a fact there is a Randy Batchelor living in the UK somewhere.

Also more than one Nicholas Crotch.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 12:45, Reply)
Oh, oh, my turn...
I was at Uni with a guy who's name was Christopher Peacock. Not much at first (stay with me here), but he was known as Chris, Chris Peacock, or with the initial, C Peacock. His parents were quite well to do, and so it went right over their heads, so to speak.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 12:43, Reply)
Not I You Joke
Bloke from uni called...

Isheet Unot
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 12:29, Reply)
great...really great
We used to have family friends, a couple called Gordon and Rosie, with 2 kids called Emma and Alex. Not remotely funny in itself. But get this...they then had a 3rd child whom they named Thomas, so that they could sign xmas cards and letters with: "Love from the G.R.E.A.T. Bowerings!"
I swear they had it planned from the start, especially as the initials were in order of age...

Also, there was a German baroque composer called Samuel Scheidt (pronounced Sh.ite). Luckily not very famous.

Other than that, I think if I read about another Mike Hunt or Dick Head, my sides will split open, they really will...
But I do know a Richard Peacock.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 12:15, Reply)
When I worked for Abbey National
we came across a chap on file called "Mr. Wanker". That's it. Not spelt differently, or obfuscated in any way. Just "Mr. James Wanker". He lived in Rhyl and had a very expensive house.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 12:09, Reply)
Steeeyawpid names!
Went to school with a Richard Allcock, (The third apparently, so his dad and gramps were similarly monickered and thought it prudent to bestow the honour on young Dicky!!), not only a Dick Allcock, but a Richard the Third as well!!.

While a postman in the late eighties saw plenty of T. Shirts, P Nutts, D. Raggon, a Dr. Dick, a Dr. Death, (pronounced D'eath...obviously!), and my personal favourite Mrs. Ethel Onions!!
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 11:43, Reply)
One of
my managers is called Michael Hunt. We have to call him Michael. I once ordered some parts from a motorcycle shop for him and they thought I was taking the piss :)

Also have a collegue called Toby Cockburn and his memo ID is COCKBUT - unlucky :(
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 11:38, Reply)
while working in a certain bank
opening accounts for students we came accross a foriegn student called Ming King Ho.

also my surname is hancock, my boyfriend'd is Head (yes he does have an Uncle Richard). Must try not to mix names and become Mr and Mrs Cock-Head. Its so tempting though.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 11:26, Reply)
There is an Asian Elvis impersonator performing in my local on Sunday nights.....
his name- Patelvis.

(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 11:23, Reply)
more funerals
When I lived in Cape Town a few years ago, there was a firm of undertakers ... Human & Pitt ... yes, really.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 11:21, Reply)
ooh... do shop names count?
I come from a tiny tiny place... near a village called Knockin.

The village shop?

The Knockin Shop.

(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 11:08, Reply)
Poor sods
I went to school with an Aubrey Edmund Berkley Collins and a Jolyon Plum. Whilst Aubrey became everything that his name might suggest (with an added dash of overenthusiastic perversion), Jolyon fought bravely against the restrictions of his name and became the hardest lad in school. He had quite thick glasses too so I guess it was either buckle to the name or start dishing out the kickings. And oh, what kickings. He actually left a footprint on my head.

My brothers kids have quite an odd selection of names between them but family honour holds me back from spilling them. I'll just let it slip that they are named after WWE wrestlers, wizards, rock 'n' roll singers and members of Hawkwind so you can play your own guessing game.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 11:00, Reply)
Dave Gorman.

'Nuff said.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 11:00, Reply)
Paul Mycock
Mycock is an interesting name... and I went to school with a couple of them... one called Paul infact.
Strangely we used to call him "Pull" instead, and later on; "Tug".

Still.... as is the way, here's proof that such names exist. Sadly... it's not my old classmate.


EDIT: WOW... I've just mooched at Dr Paul's Page. Stunning stuff... maybe the lads/lasses at B3TA would fancy employing him?
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 10:57, Reply)
Ex CO worker
So I used to work at Tescos, we all needed to start somewhere. Anyway nearing the time that I left a new character arrived on the line up, his name was Eric. Eric? I hear you say - thats a pretty normal name. The only thing was is his surname was Chung.
If you dont get it at first, say it 5 times fast,

Eric Chung, Eric CHung, Eric CHung, Eric Chung, Eric Chung
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 10:49, Reply)
Some correlations/disconnected similarities.
there's another D'eath, works for a brighton (the sunny one) real estate agency. "Body Corporate Manager: Siobahn D'eath"

aaaand... I've driven past a chinese restraunt called, quite succinctly, the Fuk Hing Chinese Restraunt. Their menu contained such specials as 'Fuk Hing spicy chicken' and 'Fuk Hing beef'. Worth a laugh or twenty.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 10:36, Reply)
One of my good friends
Is called Richard Pullin.
Such a wanker.

Ooh just remembered, staying at a mates house one night, we flicked through the phone book and found a man called A.Dick. We Called Him. We then found out he owned a chinese (food shop thing) so we ordered sweet and sour chicken to the house over the road. At almost midnight. Bastards never came.

(Yaay my first post!)
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 10:30, Reply)
probably already here
but for a long time there was a credit on eastenders for someone called 'ming ho'

made me giggle anyways
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 10:18, Reply)
Too Many Names
My Mam is from a place in Ireland called Cavan
In cavan there are so many people with the surname McGovern that they stopped using it and as being good catholics they always named their children after saints there were too many people with Mary and John and Peter and so on. The phonebook is scary ten pages of John McGoverns. So now when they are talking about people they use their fathers and grandfathers names aswell

Goes kinda like this Mary Mickey Joe Pat Francis --- or Tom Pat Joe Jack John

Gives me a bloody headache listening to them
Sorry about the length.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 9:43, Reply)
I just have to add...
A previous entry mentioned a fencer named Mr. Ramjam Funkyboogaloo-Smythe. It failed, however, to mention his less-active, but much more memorably-named relative, Mr. Koolandthegang Funkyboogaloo-Smythe.

I swear I'm not making this shit up.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 9:22, Reply)
Re: the mention of Frank Zappa
FZ had 4 kiddies, as I recall, and they all had weird names: first came Moon Unit, better known as just plain Moon; then there was Ian Donald Calvin Euclid Zappa, who got his name officially changed to Dweezil at the age of five (he was really Dweezil all along, but the nurse who was making out his birth certificate refused to give him the name Frank wanted); and then came Ahmet and lastly Diva. We still see the brothers make surprise appearances here and there on American television, once in a while.

And Moon, Dweezil and Ahmet don't even seem like weird names for kids anymore. Like Frank said, "It's their LAST name that's always going to get them in trouble."
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 8:59, Reply)
When I was in highschool my friend and I found somone with surname Bumpus in the phonebook. This of couse led to many prank calls.

I once had an eraser made by "Fuk Hing Stationary" in Hong Kong.

My god mothers maiden name was Marietta Grub.

In Australia there is a horse trainer called Gai Waterhouse.

I had a work mate called Natalie Aked (N. Aked) whose husband name was Ben Aked.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 8:32, Reply)
I know someone called
Betty Humpter
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 8:08, Reply)
surfing through the global telephone list here at work ...
Dat Do
Sandi Dolphin
Paul Ennis * 2
Marie Foca-Cunha
Aleli Frisbee
Fred Furck
Richard Gay
Jodie Goates
Cute Min Goh
Shine Wang
Tracey Wankling
Rod Want
Shelley Waters
Vlad Botti
and the obligatory Richard Head
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 6:11, Reply)
Oh no... I forgot this one...
Whilst watching dumber and dumber (the tommy vance channel five one... I think that's what its called), there was an interview with a chap called Dusty Beer. Yes he was American.

A friend of mine knows a young police officer by the name of Mr. World. Yes, that's right, PC World.

(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 2:41, Reply)
At the Local hospital where my mum works, there is a consultant called Dr. Death.

And at uni we had a lecture from an artist called mohare hyman. Teehee!

On a slightly different subject, at my graduation last month, we were graced by the presence of Liam Gallagher, James Brown and Robert Palmer. Jamie Oliver is also a regular where I work. Not neccessarily silly names, but silly by association I suppose... at least there is one Jamie Oliver in the world who is not a dribbling rubber-faced-pear-roasting-paul-weller-licking-pooface. Ahem.
(, Tue 31 Aug 2004, 2:37, Reply)

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