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This is a question Crap Gadgets

We wanted a monkey butler and bought one off eBay. Imagine our surprise when we found it was just an ordinary monkey with rabies. Worse: It had no butler training at all. Tell us about your duff technology purchases.

Thanks to Moonbadger for the suggestion

(, Thu 29 Sep 2011, 12:51)
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Two different blokes I know
Spent vast wads of cash on fancy wristwatches. I wear a 12 Casio, so it's not really my thing, but I can understand the appeal, and I like a fancy bit of technology as much as the next man.

However, what I really don't get is that they bought watches which charge themselves from your body's movement - you wear them and they use your motion to recharge. Excellent.


Both of them are a bit thick, to be fair.
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 11:18, closed)
made me do a lol. I bet the special boxes use far more battery power than a battery-operated watch ever would.
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 11:24, closed)
I'd never even considered this
but it's an entirely legitimate point
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 11:55, closed)
In my opinion watches are time-telling devices which are made to be worn.
I don't understand why people buy expensive watches then never wear them -- that's defeating the object of a watch.
Personally, I did spend a few quid on a fancy watch -- but it's a G-Shock and only leaves my wrist at night. It is a useless gadget in itself though, as it tells me my altitude -- provided I calibrated it in the same atmospheric conditions.
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 11:28, closed)
A related lol
Back in college during a maths session (not a euphemism) one lad was bragging about how awesome his watch was.

Bragger: "... And it's waterproof to 200 metres, which is really important when I go diving."
Other boy: "Where do you go diving?"
Bragger: "At the swimming pool."
Other boy: "Do you often get to 200 metres in a swimming pool?"

Chortles ensued.
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 11:37, closed)
Surely it's a good idea to have your watch be waterproof
to a depth beyond that which you'd normally do down to? Or do you have a different watch for each dive?
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 13:15, closed)
General rule amongst actual divers
is that devices which are waterproof only as a secondary feature are only reliable up to about 10-20% of the stated depth. So a 200m normal watch might be useful for a normal 30m dive or might implode, while a 50m divers watch will probably work to 50m.
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 13:54, closed)

Divers watches are the dog's because they're tested doing what they're designed for. Watches which say 200m would probably be ok sitting in a static tank at 200m equivalent, but when you're swimming about and knocking it off your diving tank the actual pressure your watch sees varies quite a bit. I've got a Tag which has 200m on it and I wouldn't take that deeper than snorkeling.
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 15:55, closed)
I have a watch which is water resistant to 30m. Apparently, that translates to "Don't submerge it in water"
(, Sat 1 Oct 2011, 10:51, closed)
But what if you have a collection
You can't wear your nice automatic watch all the time. So you have to have a watch winder to keep them fully charged/wound. I can't wear my nice watch at work so I bought a watch winder.
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 12:45, closed)
Can't you just
wind it up and set the time when you want to wear it? Takes about 30 seconds....
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 14:31, closed)
Why can't you wear it all the time?
Especially if it's an expensive waterproofy type thing. My watch only comes off for sexy times, and only then because the straps a bit crap and might scratch my missus' back/front/ladyparts.
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 15:33, closed)
Can't you just
move it up your arm a bit, so it doesn't?
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 22:29, closed)

(, Sat 1 Oct 2011, 18:28, closed)
the sort of person that would buy that is enough of a wanker that the wrist action should keep the watch perfectly wound....
(, Fri 30 Sep 2011, 14:22, closed)
Casio F91W
This is all you need:

Cheap, reliable and puts you on an FBI watch list.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 19:32, closed)
I have two
This probably means I'm the new leader of Al Qaeda.
(, Mon 3 Oct 2011, 9:56, closed)

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