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This is a question The last thing that made me cry

I wept for my cat last week despite trying to be all hard and manly. What's made you cry recently?

(, Thu 14 Apr 2005, 11:07)
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The other day at work...
One of the girls I work with thought the recently departed popes name was Jeffrey Archer. I nearly fucking wet myself
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 20:34, Reply)
I cried because of
Toothache, then having to go on antibiotics for toothache - no drinking
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 20:23, Reply)
There was one of those "remember" programmes on TV. The OXO family, hit a raw nerve and made me cry.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 19:29, Reply)
Lil Brudder

(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 19:26, Reply)
In bed
crying with happiness looking at my beautiful girlfriend asleep like a baby in my arms. I've got a tear in my eye now just thinking bout it! wow i'm such a soppy git!
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 19:23, Reply)
Adblock to find Google ads on b3ta. Fucking hell.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 19:22, Reply)
2 films are gurrenteed to make me cry if I watch throughout
Forrest gump and My girl

"Where are his glasses, he cant see without his glasses!"
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 19:06, Reply)
I thought the perineum was the bit between the crackers and the starfish or, on a lady - the chinrest.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 19:01, Reply)
There are a couple of things that have made me cry.
A good friend of mine from uni died a few weeks ago from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and Leukaemia. She was the true definition of blameless: truly one of the most beautiful (in terms of her personality) people you could want to meet. I shed a tear at the time, however I had a worse moment. I was visiting Slovenia, and I wandered into this church in a town called Bled. Now, I am not a very religious person at all, but I went in and lit a votive candle in Ruth's memory, and sat down to offer a prayer (you never know, and God knows she deserved a prayer). I was the only person in this church, which was beautiful. I began crying uncontrollably at how unfair her death was, and I stayed like that for several minutes. That was when I realised that I had grieved for her fully, and I felt much better for it. I know she is in a much better place where there is no more pain for her.

The other times are too numerous to mention, and some are too sad even for this topic.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 18:41, Reply)
... Im big and butch ... But i cry every day. Sometimes in happiness and sometimes in sadness. I welled up just reading a few of the replies here before i started typing this.

My friends say im easily "moved" ... I wouldnt change it for the world. It makes me feel more human knowing i can empathise with someone elses pain or joy.

Reading some of these comments in this thread make me feel happy to be a part of the human race. Its a feeling that is getting rarer every month. ... And that makes me cry.

So thanks to all for helping to make me feel good today.....
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 18:31, Reply)
The last thing that made me cry, a predictable answer
When I held my son for the first time, aged about two and a half minutes, about three weeks ago.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 17:44, Reply)
I was 4, first cinema visit. I haven't watched it since as I know I'll be in floods of tears again (22 years later...)

But, last time? Been a few months, to do with the exgirlfriend. Enough said there. Much happier now!
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 17:21, Reply)
Made Paula Radcliffe Cry
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 17:09, Reply)
I didn't cry but by Christ it brought a tear to my eye I can tell you. The perenium (sic?) or for those in the know the banjo...the little bit of skin that attaches Kojaks hat to the back of his neck. In my new(ish) girlfriends bath (big bubbly job) getting frisky, fumbling and in my haste went in a little too quickly...A shooting pain, an audible pop and withdraw sraying blood over the porcelin like a special effect in a bad horror film. My god the pain, but more the mental anguish of seeing the poor fella dribbling claret and then the nearly three weeks of blue balls that followed while I waited for him to finish his R&R.

I do apologise for length and girth as if I'd been a little bit titchier t'would never have happened. Sorry it wasn't about a much loved family pet carking it.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 17:04, Reply)
I laughed so much I cried because I caught my dad on my sisters dance mat.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 16:57, Reply)
happier times next week i'm sure

as a youth i used to weep in butcher's shops

probably the last time i sobbed like an injured child was when they did that 100 best tearjerkers thing on valentines day. that clip of rolf harris and the wee dog that got put down... pure emotional buggeration. i couldnt see through the tears.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 16:30, Reply)
Last night actually, not going into too much detail
Pissed off with myself cause everything I do or plan goes wrong. Last night was no exception but my boyfriend snapped me out of it after I had a lil cry to myself. He was great support, I'm such a softy when im with him!
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 16:20, Reply)
Wanna know the last thing that made me cry??!!
Reading the responses to this QOTW! I'm not checking in again till Friday now, this is just too sad. And I've only read 3 answers!

Bye for now.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 15:56, Reply)
the end of mrs doubtfire.
He just wants to see his kids, bless him.

(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 15:39, Reply)
January 2004,
a guy that I used to share a house with, moved in with his boyfriend to a lovely house and they were so incredibly happy, I used to go round and we'd just spend all evening chilling out and laughing. About 2 months after that, his cough got quite bad and they told him he had lung cancer-he was a really heavy smoker.
About a month of tests and stuff later, they said his cancer had spread through his entire lymphatic system and he basically didnt have a chance but they continued to give him chemo and his hair all fell out and he was the skinniest guy I've ever seen. I had to go away for two weeks in november and when I left, he was ill but coherent and as happy as he could be. When I got back, he was laying on the bed, too weak to lift his head, and when I came in to say hi, he didn't even recognise me. He just lay there half staring at me half staring through me, then his eyes rolled back and I guess he went to sleep. He died two days after.
I've never cried so much in my life.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 15:24, Reply)
first time i've ever really understood the term heartbroken
I lost my cat on friday in a road traffic accident. Myself (and my wife) have cried solidly for 3 days and it aint showing any signs of letting up. dirty pawprints in the house are a nightmare but I refuse to clean em up! I'm also unable to clean up her uneaten food (it's dry so don't worry it's not stinking). I feel like life has lost a little of it's fun...
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 15:02, Reply)
Losing my Mum last year
My beautiful Mum died suddenly last September. The pain and hole it has left behind will never really go away. I now live in the states and didnt get back in time to say goodbye or hold her hand. I miss her terribly. I cry daily for her and for us that she has left behind.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 14:57, Reply)
Last month,
we were told that my sister probably had Lymphoma. She had been taken to hospital with an enlarged lymph gland and jaundice. The docors ran tests for glandular fever, but they all came back negative and finally we were told that she would have to have a biopsie and that lymphoma was on the cards. My dad rang me at work and i rushed back to my place to pack my things and go back home to Devon. Then, about an hour later my dad rang again to say that a third test for glandular fever had come back POSITIVE! I went from crying in dispair to crying for joy in the space of 10 seconds :) She is getting better now and gets to lie around all day watching DVDs. Just wanted to write a story with a happy ending :)
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 14:43, Reply)
Today, with laughter.
Reading through, it seems some of these posts are upsetting people. So, I have something that could improve things. If you go to www.illuminated.co.uk/mung and put the Question Of The Week url into the box, then translate it into "jive", it makes it funny.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 14:07, Reply)
Cry with laughter!
I sneezed into a £5 note in the pub on Saturday, and then gave it to the bar lady when I paid for a drink. She was not amused... but she still stuck it straight into the till without cleaning it up!
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 13:42, Reply)
A Mighty Wind
The bit at the end where mitch and mickey sing the song, and then they kiss.

May have something to do with me recently falling head over heels in love.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 13:28, Reply)
Last thing to make me really cry....
The last General election result.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 12:59, Reply)
I've always wanted to be an RSPCA inspector
and I saw a program about them a while back, one of those fly-on-the-wall series, about them going through their training.

There was this situation where a cat had been abused and it was really ill with cancer, the trainee was going to take it to the vet, but the supervisor said it's best to let poor thing go. So they gave it an injection, standing in the street with the car it the back of the car, and it died while the guy was stroking it.

My wife then turned to me to say how sad it was and saw tars running down my face. She held my hand and said she didn't think I had the right temperament for the job....

I think she's probably right, with in a week of my doing that job my house would be full of sick and dying animals, and me crying the whole time each one died.

bugger now I'm crying in the office....
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 12:49, Reply)

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