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This is a question The last thing that made me cry

I wept for my cat last week despite trying to be all hard and manly. What's made you cry recently?

(, Thu 14 Apr 2005, 11:07)
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I really feel for you mate. A friend of mine killed homself when we were 13. Gosh, 11 years ago... No one knows why. He was popular, girls loved him and he had a loving family.

I hope that you come through this.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 12:38, Reply)
About 2 mins ago
when my boyfriend left after staying here for six days, now I'm alone and the house feels very quiet and empty
oh the shittiness
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 12:34, Reply)
And thats it really, god Im 'ard.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 12:06, Reply)
I welled up last night....
watching the top 100 album's of all time when Jeff Buckley's mum was talking about his death.


\and when Pet Sounds was lower than Debut by Bjork
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 12:05, Reply)
I cried with laughter on Saturday night when my ex-boss was telling us about a business associate missing an important meeting on Friday because she had to go to the hospital to have a Matchbox car removed from her rectum. Foolish lady called the meeting and told everyone this on speakerphone. I only hope the doors weren't open...
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 11:58, Reply)
All the pet posts
reminded me of when our cat Bluey passed-on. Thinking about it made me well-up (he died just over 6 years ago ...)
We'd had him about 11 years - he was part of the family, always knew when I was upset (I had some probs) and would sit with me for hours, run up to me when I came home, etc.
When I was 20, he started getting a bit slow, going to bed earlier (he slept in the clothes drier) and losing a little weight - then developed a full-blown chest infection.
The sight of him, struggling to breathe, skin and bones, after being a large, strong animal, mucus running continually out of his nose as I tried to feed him bits of cat-food and milk with my fingers ... I cried more then than when any of my 3 dead grandparents passed-on. My brother, mum & I held a funeral service for him, with a nice grave in our backyard, little white cross with his name and dates on it.
The saddest part was, we couldn't afford to take him to the vet to get him cured-up, and he suffered for about 8 months, while we could only try to make him as comfortable as we could. By the time we scraped-up the money, it was too late, and the vet basically told us to give-up.
There was no option of 'assisting' him - none of us would have been able to do it.
Ridiculously long post, but ...
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 11:46, Reply)
I’m feeling a bit weird at the moment. One of my best pals killed himself on Thursday, and I have spent the last four days crying, drinking, trying to figure some things out, though thankfully, all with friends. Good friends. kinnda a bit numb at the moment and coming in to work and reading this question of the week is getting a bit much. The last month or so have been horrible, I split up with my girlfriend of 3 years, and the first time I saw her again was at the weekend. I am trying to deal with the loss of some one whom meant so much, and trying to communicate with a person who once was so close, but now feels like a stranger. I don't know why I am writing a message on a computer to a bunch of folk I have never met, or am i ever likely to meet. It is not like I don’t have anyone to talk too. I have great friends, and a very close family, but for some reason I feel the need to tell a web site. None of you know me, but reading other stories from people who have been through so much can give you strength. i am down, but soon i will be up. There are many wonderful things to look forward too. i can only hope i find them.


Ben, i miss you. i will never understand why you did it. Rest in Peace my friend.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 11:12, Reply)
Sad - Happy
I cried 2 months ago when my little bro finally admitted he had a problem, and went into drugs rehab.

I cried again, 1 month ago when he came out again, during his 'graduation'.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 10:49, Reply)
Looking at my life
and realising that all my promise has turned to sh*t. Even so, I love this question of the week. It puts things in perspective.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 10:45, Reply)
i donated and haven't received my cool icon thing :(
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 10:26, Reply)
I cried yesterday when I got home and realised that I had run out of cigarettes and my local shop had closed hours before. It was one of the most upsetting nights of my life.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 9:30, Reply)
When Dutchbird played a trick on me,
saying she didn't love me any more.
I cried so much I could barely hear her telling me that in fact she loved me more than ever.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 7:59, Reply)
having to sleep on a mate's sofa and put all my stuff into storage because my former housemate is pussy-whipped (and heaps of other shit going badly) is getting me very close to a minor breakdown. maybe it'll have happened before this question closes...
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 5:22, Reply)
Deliberate deceiving...
Reading these posts makes me realise how much my job (paramedic) makes me accept truly sad situations with little or no emotion...and even that realisation doesn't make me emotional or teary eyed. I guess it’s a way of retaining my sanity, but I do wonder at what cost.

I did get a request once via the police to speak to the wife and young son of a man who had committed suicide in an incredibly bizarre and tortuous manner. He died in my care as we arrived at hospital and the possibility of survival was always nil. The wife and son wanted to be reassured that he died in peace, in no pain and had he given a message to pass on to them.

Frankly he was in extreme pain and a lot of mental anguish and confusion, but he did have a lucid period of about a minute when he told me some personal stuff – none of which involved any messages for his loved ones. The liaising police officer sussed out a few background details about the family and we both conspired to concoct a story that we thought they would want to hear – how much he loved them both and that his son shouldn’t give up on his learning difficulties and that he was sorry for hitting his wife.
And more stuff like that.

Man, the look on their faces as we spun our web of deceit – pure tears of happiness in the midst of a tragedy.

The police officer and I had a few drinks later to debrief what we had done and even though I felt the eyes welling up a bit, there were still no tears. Out of the blue the cop tells me that it really bugs him that he doesn’t get teary eyed/emotional anymore, so it’s not just me.

And for fucks sake can we get back to something more amusing for the next QOTW? With this question and no newsletter all in the same week how are we supposed to get our daily grin to cope with it all?
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 5:20, Reply)
Lameeeee oh well
Earlier this week the guy I was dating told me he's seeing someone on the side and all other kinds of crap. This mixed with my grandmother in the hospital just did not make my week. Ehhhh stupid but I'm glad I got it out.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 4:24, Reply)
Right now
Having just won a bid for my leeds ticket. £190 as well, cheaper than I was expecting to end up paying.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 3:06, Reply)
Ah crap
I just stopped crying, so thought I'd share.
My best friend has terminal cancer, and on her dying wish list is to come home (to England) with me. She won't live that long. So her husbands boss has paid for her and her husband for an all expenses paid trip throughout Europe for 2 weeks. Well, she flies into England tomorrow for 4 nights, and she's meeting my brothers (remember, I only met one of them last year and the other one 2 years ago) and hanging out with them...........and then they're all going for dinner and dad will be there. I'm sorry, but I'm jealous. Not in a selfish way, but I just with it was me that was hanging out with my family again! I cried for about 2 hours tonight because of this, and also because she won't be able to come home with me in October. *sob*
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 1:58, Reply)
Actually I lied (unintentionally)..
I cried a lot more recently than Comic Relief night.

I was in my module leader's office because all my work has gotten on top of me because of a really shit situation in my uni house at the moment.

One of my housemates has been stealing from the rest of us and won't admit to it even though she has been caught red handed with concrete proof in writing that it was her. On top of all that she was meant to be my best friend and tried to blame it on one of our other housemates.

It's just been the most horrible situation and although we've had some really amazing support from all our friends, I just allowed it all to bottle up and make me slip behind with my work.

So I was in my tutor's office and was trying to explain why I was having trouble without going into too much detail but just ended up bursting into tears and telling her everything. And she was lovely and gave me an extension for the essay I was trying to do.. which I ended up getting a 2:1 for. :)
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 1:38, Reply)
On Comic Relief night
when they show those clips of what they do out in Africa. They were working with a group who look after homeless kids and were driving along and saw a litle boy crying his little heart out so they took him back to the centre. He had been kidnapped from his home months (maybe years) before and was taken hundreds of miles away. He managed to escape but had no possible way of getting home. The people at the centre looked after him til he was okay to go home and took him back. His parents had no idea that he was safe and hadn't heard a single word about him since he was taken. And the moment his dad opened the door to see him standing there was absolutely heart breaking. His dad couldn't express how he felt, he was just a complete mess and actually collapsed on the floor. It was just so moving as the little boy's family crowded around him shouting and screaming and crying. Man it's making me well up now.

I almost cried on Monday when my mum told me my grandmother was in hospital. She is never ill and it was a complete shock. It just terrified me that she might leave us and that my sister wouldnt get the chance to say goodbye as she's in Africa travelling. *shudder*
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 1:24, Reply)
I'm like a emotional geyser
The last thing that made me cry was talking to me ex yesterday about all the shit that's happened with us.
Still love him to bits though.

Today my shitty essay for uni nearly made me cry but I conquered the fricking thing!

Things that made me cry lately
*Gandalf's near demise (poor little Frodo being dragged away in his grief!)
*Random points in Star Wars
*A tsunami documentary that I saw last week that had me weeping into my tea

Thing that always makes me cry
*The point in the last Harry Potter when Dumbledore allows Harry to smash up up his office
"I rather thought you had enough to be getting on with."
Waaaaaah!!! X(
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 1:10, Reply)
I last cried on Saturday
when I realised I was in love with a person I could never be with. It wasn't very nice.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 0:34, Reply)
I inexplicably teared up during an episode of 'Justice League'. Don't know why.
Besides that 'Big Fish' made me want to call my dad and Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand's 'The Way We Were' made me sob like a baby.
This is over a few years. I'm tough as fuck actually.
(, Mon 18 Apr 2005, 0:10, Reply)
life is fucking shit.
it's 23.52 i've split up with a girl earlier today simply because i didn't know what the fuck my brain wanted to do and now i'm reading this page of possibily the saddest stories i've ever heard. i'm listening to the most fucking emo music i own (which i hate) and sobbing quietly to myself. i was 22 last week and realised that my life really isn't going anywhere and i might as well just stay in bed for the rest of it. oh well, there's always beer and dancing i suppose. smile. what the fuck else is there to do?
(, Sun 17 Apr 2005, 23:54, Reply)
With reference to nightdreams reply
My mum has had 5 miscarriages. 1 before me, 4 after.

One died in herwomb at the stage where if she gave birth it could of lived.

I dont see it as a miscarriage. I see it as 5 dead siblings.

This QOTW is pants.
(, Sun 17 Apr 2005, 23:33, Reply)
I nearly (nearly) cried with laughter the first time I saw this. NSFW.
(, Sun 17 Apr 2005, 22:36, Reply)
My dad died
I was on a business trip in Paris about to get on another plane to Canada when my wife called and told me my dad had died suddenly. I was arguing with the air france people trying to get on a flight home and i just lost it.
(, Sun 17 Apr 2005, 22:31, Reply)
Well my gran died on saturday.
But it didn't make me cry. I'm actually happier.

I think the last thing that made me cry was my fake tears combined with sad puppeh face. I think I wanted some chocolate.
(, Sun 17 Apr 2005, 22:30, Reply)
Reading the last 2 chapters of 1984 at 2 in the morning. The ending is the saddest thing I have ever read , and it made my cry for half an hour.
(, Sun 17 Apr 2005, 22:27, Reply)

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