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This is a question Hidden Treasure

My landlord had some builders in to remove a staircase in an outbuilding when a rusty biscuit tin fell out from under the woodwork.

What wonders were in this hidden treasure box? Two live hand grenades and 40 rounds of ammunition. From WW2. I've never seen builders run before.

What hidden treasures have you uncovered?

(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 13:33)
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..found a cellophane wrapped etching down the back of a built in wardrobe I was dismantling. Totally out of place. The etching was in black on thin white paper, Japanese stylee and pictured 3 or 4 people, maybe 'doing' tea, and was signed something like 'Hiroshita'. I tried researching it, but got no where.....does any one have any insight?
In fact, I'm not even sure where it is now...
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 16:07, Reply)
Found a rolled up £50 in the cubicle at Mezzo once... how very benevolent. Corries equivilent to Alfie Moon was there that night being very exciteable... not that I'm one to put 2 and 2 together...
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 16:04, Reply)
Ships in the night
Moved into a bizarre shared house with a spotty weirdo animator and being the curious person I am decided to investigate the rooms of the house that the landlord had poorly but intentionally locked.

In the cellar, there were copious amounts of jazz mags of the male gay wrestling and fetishy women covered in ketchup and feathers variety, along with a stack of huge dresses with peculiar stripes (spurts?!) of mould on them and a load of size 10 stilettoes.

Upstairs, in what had been the landlords mothers’ room was a very poignant collection of old lady hats, fur coats, some gramaphone records, a polar bear rug and lots of hand knitted floral bouquets.

I never met the landlord, or paid him any rent and I shudder to imagine what kind of household that must have been when they both lived there. Freaky shit. I moved out swiftly.

(Kept the polar bear rug tho’)
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 16:00, Reply)
Hidden, yes - Treasure, not so sure...
We've just moved into a new house. Whilst digging up the garden I found a plastic bag. With a dead animal in it.


So if you're thinking of burying a beloved pet (preferably dead) in your garden, please mark the spot accordingly. Or, at least, don't put it in a fucking plastic bag to preserve it. Else if you move you might find "Fluffy" being dumped on the doorstep of your new house.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:58, Reply)
Poo towel
I worked for my uncle one summer-- hired muscle to move furniture from one showhouse in a new housing estate to another.
One bathroom began to stink and stink and stink. The reason? Some chav had decided to unroll a towel in the bathroom display, deposit a jobbie in it, re-roll it up and return it.

(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:56, Reply)
Treasure indeed...
Found a tin of keys, a small pot of car headlight yellower (for that cosmopolitan look), and a manually powered lawnmower in a shed my folks bought (for the land it stood on). I saw this as a fast path to fame and riches somehow...I think the Goonies had something to do with this. Industriously, I had wire brushed the rust off the lawn mower and jollied it up with Hammerite before realising that modern lawn mowers cost less than a wire brush and a tin of Hammerite. The tin of cosmopolitan yellow stained keys is still buried in the back garden awaiting the discovery of the treasure chests that they will unlock.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:56, Reply)
Not discovered so much as lost and found...
When I was a bit younger I used to have an old Atari gaming system with a full suite of cartridges. After I got my Nintendo the Atari went back into the box for some 10 or so years. Recently, on discovering the (rather) high auction prices for working Ataris, I asked my mom where the old thing went to...

"Oh, it was collecting dust so I threw it out."

Cue me collapsing in disbelief and quiet anger.

Insult was added to injury when 3 days later while going through our hall closet I discovered 4 of the largest vibrators I have ever seen (a la the infamous "ass to ass" one from requiem for a dream"), a video recorder, and a stack of old penthouse magazines...

...they were my parents'.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:54, Reply)
Cupboard of mystery
About four years back I rented a flat in Edinburgh's Morningside (full of blue rinses, money and weirdos) with a couple of mates. On exploring the flat there was a cupboard in the hall which no-one had checked out prior to moving in, having been told it was a storage cupboard.

On opening it we discovered a binbag full of stuffed toys, a hedge trimmer (there was no garden to speak of) a large stone head and a temporary bus stop (thankfully it didn't attract any busses). We asked the letting agent what the deal was as we felt entitled to the space these were occupying and were informed that it must have been left by the previous tenants.

We did the decent thing and tried to contact said tenants but to no avail so the booty was ours. We couldn't move the head, took the hedge trimmer to Cash Converters (and felt like right jakies) and used the bus stop for drunken late night japes on the road outside till we got bored and left it there. The toys went to my neice who loved them and still has them so if you were the owner get in touch!

(Post the first, about as disappointing as losing my virginity)
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:40, Reply)
Living a 16th century cottage, with large oak beams. The beam in the lounge had a large hole in it. One afternoon while lying on the floor, i notice there was bits of paper stuffed in it.

Upon extracting the paper, I found it was from some broadsheet newpaper. Cant remember the exact date but it was around 1910. Shame there wasnt enough bits to make a full page.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:38, Reply)
Hidden treasure that we missed!!
About a year after moving out of a flat, Mr Duke got a call from the police asking if we'd ever been in the attic. We hadn't which turned out to be unfortunate.
The police explaned that the new owners of the building had been doing some renovationms, and a builder had been up in the attic to check the condition of the roof. While there he'd found a box tucked under the eaves- containing a human skull... Apart from being gutted that we'd never found it ourselves, it later transpired that it had belonged to a previous tenent who was a medical student and he'd bought it off some bloke in a pub.
Like you do.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:36, Reply)
My old house was victorian and was in those days owned by the local mill owner. So me and my cousin as lil kids decided to go hunting for 'victorian treasure' and being only kids we thought we might find something under my Mum and Dads bed. We did, we found my Dads condoms.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:34, Reply)
Party Pooper.
In my youth I used to drink in the Haymarket area of Newcastle and used to frequently gatecrash parties. Our method was tried and trusted. We'd spot some students leaving the pub carrying booze and simply follow them. On arriving at the party, we'd ring on the door and say "John invited us.". Worked everytime.

Anyway, this one time we'd blagged our way into a boring party but didn't have any booze with us so a plan, so cunning that you could tie a tale on it and call it a weasel, was was born. I stationed myself by the door and, as the doorbell rang, would open the door and greet the new arrivals.

"Hi - welcome to the party. Oh, you've brought booze? How kind. I'll take in the kitchen with all the rest"

With that. I'd relieve them of their booze and scuttle away to the living room and stash it under my mates coat. After a couple of hours I was smashed out of my tree and bored with answering the door so I abandoned my post and went to see what I'd managed to blag. I buggered off into the living room and asked Tony to show me the stash. He pulled his greatcoat back to reveal a load of vodka, whiskey, wine, beer and even a bottle of champagne...

Hidden treasure indeed. So we loaded our ill-gotten gains into a few carrier bags and quietly slipped out of the crap party and headed to the local nurses home where we were made extremely welcome.

That night I'm afraid to say that I, as is my wont, got extremely
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:32, Reply)
Who the hell hid it there
Drystone wall to the pigsty fell down in heavy rain, to reveal a little round tin of durex condoms with 1940's-style lettering. Adolescent curiosity drove me to destroy the tin in order to get at the condoms (having never touched one before).
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:28, Reply)
Atics are fun
Whilst shoving a load of stuff up in the atic of my recently bought house, I came across stuff left by previous tenants, which included (but is not limited to) a Guitar with no strings, a Sega Megadrive Manual, part of a home gym, and a really shitty acrylic painting on board.

Oh, and this little baby

I was both scared and overjoyed to see it had suffered a full wooly rectal prolapse at some undisclosed point of time in the past.

After the photo was taken, I promptly put it back in the loft. Although I would prefer not to know it's up there, I fear throwing it out might invoke some form of gypsy curse on the house, and make the fucker fall down.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:26, Reply)
Bucket outside the back door which the males of the house used to piss in 'cos the toilet was away at the end of the garden. I rummaged around in there and in among the teabags and carrot-tops found a dead mouse, which I took in to show my folks who were drinking tea in the front room. To my surprise they weren't impressed and I was made to throw the thing away, onlythe tail came away in my hand as I did so.

Dead, piss-soaked mouse = treasure, when you're eight
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:24, Reply)
hidden treasure indeed
On holiday in cornwall with extended family who had rented a 17th century manor house. which was a draughty old castle type thing, with massive rooms. the owners were some minor 'earl' or somesuch, but obviously had an overtly kinky 'kink' in their family geneology - as well as dusty suits of armour knocking about the place, there were some rather explicit and very realistic huge self portrait paintings of who i can only assume was the 'earls' ancestor, basically shagging a fully naked, voluptuos model/muse. These were dotted about the place and being a pubescent 13 year old i thought they were simultaneously hilarious and fucking horny. One day i stumbled across a staircase i hadnt seen before and went up it, into the attic. after finding a few boxes of dusty crap, a massive stack of magazines caught my eye. Imagine my sheer 13 year old joy at discovering the magazines were vintage 70s era playboy and mayfair .
i spent the rest of the fortnight happily wanking myself silly. treasure indeed..
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:22, Reply)
Ginger Bottles
I live in London but my family are all from Glasgow.

When I was younger most of my summers were spent in Glasgow. My grandad would collect all the empty bottles of irn bru and coke for me as when you took them to a shop you got 10p on each of them.

My and my friend decided to go on a mission to find ginger bottles (thats what they call the juice bottles) and spent the day walking around the River Clyde.

We came across this sex doll but being ten years old we had no idea what it was. It was deflated and (Its making me gag even writing this) we kept blowing it up but after a couple of mins it kept doing down (the doll)

I decided to take it home to my grans to see if my Grandad could fix it.

Cue me walking into my grans with this half deflated blow up doll with this shocking face with her lips painted red and wide open.

Sadly my Grandad couldnt fix it and I was barred from ever going near the Clyde again.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:22, Reply)
Hidden Treasure you say?
While exploring my attic with my friend Charlie, we found an Ann Summers magazine from the 1980s and a large vibrator (with the battery compartment missing) which we decided to hide in my sister's bed amongst her cuddly toys.
Charlie has NEVER let me forget this.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:21, Reply)
Helped my mate move into a new place a few weeks ago. We had a look in a tiny, perfectly square cupboard under the stairs and were greeted by what first looked like just damp.

But when you reach over the top of the door onto a little shelf, you find more than damp. Two little specimen jars with faded russian stickers and what looks to be teeth inside. We left them there. Better not to mess with experimental russian teeth.

There's also a brewing jar stuck with grease to one of the higher kitchen cabinets, filled with something.... apathy is sometimes a good thing.

I think it's wee.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:12, Reply)
Matchbox and Dinky Fossils
At my school when I was about 8 there was this semi permenent muddy patch - most often a puddle.

Lots of the other kids used to play in or near it at playtime - quite often replicating stunts from The Dukes and The Rider with matchbox cars. Y'know - doing jumps and stuff.

Fast forward to the following hot summer. Mud patch is all dried up and somehow I find out there are all these cars fossilised waiting to be mined. I must have dug up about 20 over the next few weeks, plus about a hundred marbles (alleys as we called them).

My best find was a green Porsche Carrera. Oh Happy days. It's the simple things isn't it?...
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:11, Reply)
Bushwalk in Scouts
When I was in scouts we would go for bushwalks from time to time, some with adults, some without. The ones without were my favourites as we had a chance to have a good look around on the way. From time to time we'd come across a mattress in the bush which was a talking point in itself (depending on extent and manner of soiling), and sometimes after a bit of a search there would be unsavoury porn mags around that spot, which was even better.

Most interesting find was a pair of "see through when wet" undies around a waterhole. I guess the person wearing them decided she didn't need them any more.

Ah, to be young an innocent again...
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 15:06, Reply)
Old Houses rule.
My parent's house is a big Edwardian place that used to have those bells in the rooms for calling the 'servants'. Only one button remains, and the wood that the bells hung on in the basement.

They also have a cool crawlspace that stretches under the lounge, dining room and kitchen. Absolute heaven for a grubby kid to explore. When I was 13 (many moons ago), I found a whole load of these: www.geocities.com/bioelectrochemistry/leclanche.htm Leclanche Cells were very early batteries, which they used to run the bells.

Most were broken, but I cobbled the working bits together and took one into my Physics lesson. The Teacher filled it up with Ammonium Chloride, and tested it. Amazingly, it still worked, and had the same power as a Duracell AA. Best thing was, the cylinder in the middle still had the date and place of purchase written on it in pencil - 1928, which is kinda weird when they were superceded years earlier.

Pretty cool though.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 14:59, Reply)
Superman Shame
A long standing mate and I, at the age of about 12, were "excavating" a local fresh water spring looking for buried treasure. Apart from finding a few shitty bits of pottery, what I did find was that taking a tumble down the hill into the water, being frog-marched down the High Street by your irate mother, rush-hour traffic cruising by, wearing superman pyjamas, tends to make you look / feel rather like a cunt. Now how do I sell that to make myself rich eh?

Pop....goes the cherry...1st post...get in.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 14:51, Reply)
It's brown and it's good....
On my travels as a wee lass I moved into a very large share house in Sydney as a young, impressionable 19 year old. I finally got to settling in the house a few days later by having a bit of a rummage around the place. The house was big by most standards - a 3 storey, 6 level, bright and airy house with timber decking, balcony and swimming pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Nice, but this isn't a real estate ad so I digress. Upon rummaging under one of the several staircases I came across an innocuous brown cardboard box. Not expecting to find much, maybe a stash of books from the previous tenant, imagine my delight whenst opening I discovered some 2 dozen giant blocks of Cadbury's chocolate (about 10kg of choc all in all) and 6 bottles of Cadbury's Cream Liquer. Resistance was futile especially considering in another nook and cranny my flatmate was culitvating some herbes fines under lights. Needless to say the chocolate didn't last the length of my tenancy, but oh what joy to be completely gluttonous thanks to my serendipitous discovery.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 14:50, Reply)
A WW2 Nazi motorbike
When I was ten, we broke into a boarded-up church and found a nearly complete, hardly-rusted-at-all WW2 NSU bike with a swastika on it and EVERYTHING (like Steve McQueen rode in The Great Escape.) Feck knows how it got there. We looked everywhere but couldn't find the skeleton of its long dead hiding German rider-in-hiding. Most disappointing.

My grandad worked in construction for years and finding bombs in gardens etc. was a frighteningly regular occurrence for years, apparently, He tells me that if you every heard the 'ting!' of your pick hitting metal, you usually shat yourself.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 14:47, Reply)
Hidden Treasure
Due to the fecking ridiculous house prices in this shithole of a country, i have been living in rented property for nearly six years. On moving in to my last property in Winchester, we found we had been left a double bed in the spare room.

I decided to turn the mattress to see if it was as shagged as it looked. Tucked in to the slats of the bed was gay porn. A shitload of gay porn. Some of which was scarily close to the legal / illegal mark. Had to burn it as i was paranoid that it would be retreived from the communal bins and my neighbours would think i was a gay pederast.

Oh, and once found £500 in cash in my bedside drawer. Had sold my motorbike and put it to the back of the drawer and forgotten about it for a year and a half. I am a dumbass.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 14:39, Reply)
Pottery and Porn
Many many many moons ago some mates and i used to play around in a little stream in the woods where we lived. Playing army and catching fish, as you do.

Anyway one day we found a load of of victorian pottery and those square bottles. Great!
Although the following year we did find a tramps den full of porn mags (yay) and needles (not yay)
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 14:37, Reply)
Bloated sheep
Not my treasure as such, but the other week my dog dragged a giant bloated sheep corpse out of a bush, which promptly burst spraying a fountain of green and yellow puss across the path.

More of a 'grand prize' than a treasure.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 14:35, Reply)
A bomb.
While clearing out my grandparents house when they reached the age where it was necessary for the to live in "Sheltered Accomodation" we found part of a WWI bomb (the nose cone tip, extremely heavy & solid brass) which Nan merrily told us that her brother had brought back from the Somme..

Nice souvenier I guess.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 14:32, Reply)

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