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This is a question Hidden Treasure

My landlord had some builders in to remove a staircase in an outbuilding when a rusty biscuit tin fell out from under the woodwork.

What wonders were in this hidden treasure box? Two live hand grenades and 40 rounds of ammunition. From WW2. I've never seen builders run before.

What hidden treasures have you uncovered?

(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 13:33)
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Abi Titmuss? Amateur!
When my Mum and Dad were redecorating their house a few years ago, I helped Mum to tear up the carpet in their bedroom. Instead of that soft foam stuff, the previous owner had used newspaper for underlay.

Except, it wasn't newspaper. Oh no. It was porn mags.

Bestiality porn mags.

What a top find - hundreds of grainy, faded pictures of naked women with 70s haircuts, smiling seductively.

While wanking off horses.

And behind the radiator in the bathroom was a large Disney annual. Seriously. Bestiality and the mouse.

I hope the fucker never went to the Magic Kingdom.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 22:21, Reply)
When I
was a grubby student, the house (or shithole as it was) we moved into had a cupboard in the living room. On opening the cupboard I found a couple of torn up pages from a porn mag and a Joe Pasquale video.
I'm glad I never met the previous tennants.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 22:15, Reply)
Hundreds & hundreds of bodies
When I were but a nipper, somebody decided to build a house on the vacant lad next to my parent's old gaff. I was messing about in the newly dug foundations when I tripped over something; after going back and kicking the object out of frustration and hearing a popping noise, I decided to investigate by having a wee dig. After about a minute it became obvious that it was bone, and then it became obvious that it was a human skull.

Long story short: pictish graveyard, over 300 bodies, one of the best examples ever found, and my picture in the Fife Free Press. Yay!
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 22:14, Reply)
age 14 cycling past a bin...
spotted me a copy of 'Leg Sex' magazine.... kept me in jostle material for months.

mmmmmm feet
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 22:08, Reply)
So I wake up in the War Memorial Park
in Basingstoke, right, and I find in my shirt pocket £10 and a baggie of skunk. Not much, I know, but I was impressed
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 21:40, Reply)
the best ever find!
in stalybridge (nr manchester), my mate and his friends found a briefcase in a local park. they opened it up and found it was stashed full of cash - no kidding - there was roughly £12,000 in it (so police said). it was like finding one eyed willy's treasure in the goonies!

As there were four of them they split it four ways. Then one of the guys, call him tom, decided they should contact the police to hand it in. ok...... so tom gets the shit kicked out of him by the boys after a much heated arguement and runs off crying, now it's split between three.

After 2 weeks getting pissed every night and buying watches, playstations, and new tv's etc.... these guys had the best bedrooms ever. They were kitted out with everything.

Then the police knocked round soon after, and everything became clear to my mates mum as to how he had got all this new stuff. It's still the best week he has ever had and even when he tells me this story now he has a smile and a glint in his eye.... they had only spent about £2000 too. idiots.

and it was tom who had 'helped police with their enquiries' after he dobbed them in after his beating. tom was a dick and got another kicking soon after :o)
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 21:26, Reply)
Treasure on Bham St
Found no less than £50 on the floor, on the corner of Carr's Lane, at Christmas a couple of years ago.

That helped the festive presents bill, I must say. :-)
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 21:21, Reply)
upon moving house
i found a selection of old catalogues that are probably about 50 or 60 years old, though i'm no historian, so my guess is probably way out. But they're full of very conservative dresses, which is nice.

There is also the heaviest safe ever in my hall, which we can't open. hmmm, what prizes are in it? we've never got round to paying someone to open it, but what could it be??? hmmmmmmmm....
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 21:15, Reply)
Found my Grandad's old 8mm Cine Camera
while routing through the loft. It's complete with a projector and several reels of film... Mostly just pics of my mum and aunt in the garden having fun. As the films got more recent a little fella toddles in and waves... It was me aged about 3!

Oh and there's a Charlie Chaplin movie in there too.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 21:02, Reply)
Oh dear
I found an apple core behind my monitor a few weeks ago. It had shrivelled to the size of a 10p coin. Must have been there for ages.

Not exactly treasure, but it certainly explained why my room smelled funny.

[Edit] Ah - I found an Iron Age arrowhead in the garden. And my folks picked up a stone spearhead in France once. That's a bit better, init?

[Edit again] AHHHH - I know! When I was about 13 or so, a mate and I picked up a small box, which oddly enough looked a little like a miniature pirate treasure chest. The box was on the railings for the whole world to see (so OK, not very hidden). We had just got off one bus and went via an underpass to our respective next buses. My mate opened the little box. It was packed full of white powder. Then it dawned on us. It was full of cocaine. We had just disrupted a drugs deal.


We threw it down a drain, legged it to the bus stop and somehow lived to see another day.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 21:00, Reply)
i once
found a pair of armani sun glasses in the glove box of a car i broke into. and they say that crime doesnt pay. i beg to differ
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 20:48, Reply)
Campaign Button
Once discovered a "John Kennedy for President" campaign button, shaken loose from inside an old desk that had just been moved. Opened more drawers in this 60's wormhole, looking for Sinatra records and Marilyn's shampoo, but just found a lot of moondust.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 20:32, Reply)
not exactly treasure but...
when i was 8 years old i was with my mam and my brother looking at this house and for some strange reason we decided to raid the attic and the treasure we found...

a couple of small sheets of card paper and a hand held power rangers game (which at the time was sooo rad). there were some other stuff but ive forgotten them

also i found an crushed & rusted empty can of pepsi from the 80's when i was burying my cat last october
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 20:29, Reply)
Bought a new house in January and decided to bust two rooms into one(my mate uses this term to describe back door sex) feel free to use if necessary. Anyway,shitloads of dust all over the place to clean up,when I lifted the gas meter up and swept under it a moneybag with £240 in new and old tenners flipped out.Fucking result!!!!Thoughts of contacting previous owner disapeared in a millisecond .Two days later a new purchase of a camcorder and thoughts of amateur housewives in disgusting poses abound:-p .........Anyone interested?my wife told me fuck off......p.s there is a law in the U.K called theft by finding and there was me thinking, finders keepers,tough shite more like it.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 19:57, Reply)
Just go Round Glastonbury on the cleanup operation
Its full of lairy Chavs, but we found what works out at over 200 unopened cans of beer within about half an acre(maybe slightly incorrect measurements). Shame i didnt stay to drink it.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 19:44, Reply)
That isn't mousehold heath in Norwich by any chance, is it? Sounds like alot of the same crap I used to find while walking through there.

I found a pretty nifty ladies watch once while taking a path less traveled. Gold strap with diamonds in the face.

My mum claimed it.

(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 19:30, Reply)
Hidden in my Windows(TM) registry
I found this rather nice GUID: {0E5CBF21-D15F-11D0-8301-00AA005B4383}
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 19:01, Reply)
An elephant's foot
Made into a footstool. In the road.

My boyfriend found it when cycling home from Tonbridge. He managed to balance it on the handlebars and pushed it along on the bike. But then a very boring person came up and talked about regimental history until the boyf had to cycle off again.

Still got the foot. Very comfy to sit on.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 18:58, Reply)
When I was 12...
...finding porn mags in bushes was like Treasure. Of course, I can't think of any other Treasure that features stuck together pages.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 18:50, Reply)
I was ripping up floorboards in a 15th century Manor House bathroom. These "latest" boards had been laid in the 50s.

Anyway, hidden under one of the boards was an old Coke tin. Very very old with diamond pattern and of course no pull top, just triangle markings showing where to pierce. The drinker had used the bottom to open, so the top markings were all intact. Slight rust but not much

I whacked it on Ebay and thought £4.99 starting bid was a bit cheeky

(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 18:46, Reply)
wallet containing £14, driving licence and a bunch of other stuff. stole the £14 and handed the wallet into the police - rewarded £10 by the owner who was a VICAR (aged 9)

haversack in road containing flask, 2Oz baccy and a zippo which I used to accidentally set fire to the net curtains in the bathroom (aged about 10)

£400 in a shoe, on the stairs of the new house I'd moved into which was left FILTHY by the departees. I secretly kept the £400 and declared it my cleaning fee !!

briefcase with credit cards, chequebooks, debit cards, keys, bank details etc of a (then) local garage, lying in the road by the off licence.
I handed it in to police, owner called to say thanks, he'd left it on the roof of his car when he loaded it after a visit to the offy and the watermellon didn't offer me a GODDAMNED thing as a reward.

I should have taken option 2 which was to flog the lot to the highest bidder down the pub ;-)

there's more .. length and all that
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 18:31, Reply)
Maybe not hidden but...
In a B&B in Halifax once (for work, not amusement, y'understand) I opened the cupboard where you might expect to find towels and found, instead, chainsaws, axes, and various other props from badly made horror films.

On the second day there the landlord stood gazing out of the kitchen window instead of making breakfast.

I left then...
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 18:25, Reply)
my friend's dad found a very cool old trunk on the side of the road.
as if the trunk wasn't cool enough, it was filled with an assortment of extremely creepy ceramic clowns, and one very old sepia toned photograph of a middle-aged woman.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 18:21, Reply)
A few months ago,
my best friends mother in law gave them a backpack for their kid that she'd picked up at a garage sale. Thought the kid would appreciate it. The little one (6 years old) explores the pockets and takes the contents to mommy and daddy. "I found this lighter, and I know I'm not allowed to play with them" and handed the lighter to them, along with a pipe and a bag of weed.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 18:06, Reply)
Also, went for a wander at lunchtime, and decided to buy a CD.Walked up to the cash machine and waited for the two blokes in front to go. Wasn't really paying much attention to be honest, tried to put my card in the machine and it wouldn't take it. Looked at the screen to be told it was counting my cash. Oh, I thought. Two seconds later a load of £20's pop out, so I grabbed it.
Looked around for the two chaps that were in front of me and they were nowhere to be seen. Had no choice but to pocket it. Thought it was only a ton, but when I counted it was £200!
Felt guilty for about 5 mins, then went shopping.
Is that finding treasure or plain and simple theft?!
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 18:05, Reply)
The misses and I moved into a house in Leeds last year and promptly removed the disgusting carpets the previous fat owners had leaked sweat all over.

In the lounge we found half an old metal license plate from a car screwed into one of the floorboards. Took it off - nothing underneath. Strange.

We later found the other half of the plate stashed away in the cellar.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 18:04, Reply)
Not me, sadly
My cousin was studying for some hugely expensive degree in Hull a few years back. The books and trips he had to take cost him a fortune, so when he moved out of halls of residence he took up foraging through skips for bits and pieces to funish his new flat.

Now, a fair amount of useless material goes into skips but he was fortunate enough to find enough plywood to make a sturdy desk, a fully intact office chair and a dusty old dartboard. But this was not the treasure. Ho no.

In rummaging through one skip, he found a working Sinclair C5, a bit scratched but otherwise fine.

Despite his proper adult status (if such a thing exists), he still has it and potters about on it from time to time. Though people tend to call him a wanker when he does.
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 17:57, Reply)
time me and (now ex)gf hired a crappy car from this really dodgy rental agency in Brighton. Went to put something on the boot, and lying there was a Silver Palm leaf pipe. Result. Then we hired a different car from the same place and there was a pair of RayBans, complete with hard case in the glove box. Further result.
I'm sure all their cars were stolen...........
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 17:54, Reply)
You're all so materialistic.
I, on the other hand, found enlightenment - the most hidden and worthy of all treasures.

Several minutes later I discovered all I was doing was staring at the sun, and I could smell my retinas burning
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 17:44, Reply)
Hidden Treasure
As an ecologically minded binman I have hidden (or carelessly disposed of) treasures served to me in a dirty grey wheelie bin every day. I've recently found:
2 camcorders, both with accesories..
1 X10 home automation system (minus pc cable - can anyone help?)
20 expertly painted Warhammer figures
1 venetian blind that fits my window perfectly
1 brand new cafetierre in lime green
1 Pentax 35mm camera with a big lens and onother bigger lens, flash/light meter/manual and bag (my mum got a tenner for it at her local bowling club auction
1 Prinz binoculars.. (£8)
TVs, DVD players, books, computers, shelves, clothes.. I've taken them all home.
As you can imagine my place looks like Steptoes but at least i saved something from the landfill or incinerator..
But still my most memorable find was in an old derelict cottage where among the little glass jars of powder and primitive laboratory equipment I found a hardbound exercise book bearing the nameplate of a local printer inside the front cover with the "Telephone No. 7"
I'm still looking for the big one though! maybe tomorrow?
(, Thu 30 Jun 2005, 17:37, Reply)

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