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This is a question I just don't get it

Poor Semiret, he's foreign and has no idea if he "should laugh about the whole 'only playing music when they are out of ice cream' thing or not." There's also a Far Side cartoon that has had him stumped for almost 20 years.

What don't you understand? What have you politely gone along with whilst internally going WTF?

(, Thu 31 Mar 2005, 10:09)
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Where's the soap
wears the soap (as in wears it down)

edit:apologies for using this as message board
but felt i had to explain
(, Thu 7 Apr 2005, 8:09, Reply)
Mad Jogger
I've just seen a mad jogger in gloves, knee pads and yellow tabbard running past the Bank of England. A thousand people on their way to work thinking WTF?
(, Thu 7 Apr 2005, 7:55, Reply)
Please please PLEASE answer these questions?!?!?
What is the point of having a whole week's worth of questions that drive us crazy without giving us answers. You people are driving me insane. I'm probably going to try and kill someone to get the answer to that nuns in a bath joke. I don't get any of this stuff. Grr.
(, Thu 7 Apr 2005, 7:08, Reply)
Why people don't get the theory of evolution.
People who think it's a process of random chance (it's not: it's a process of non-random cumulative natural selection).
People who say 'we evolved from apes, so why are apes still here?' (we share a common ancestor with apes; we didn't evolve from them).

It's not bloody difficult to understand.
(, Thu 7 Apr 2005, 6:51, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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