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This is a question Mistaken Identity

Jizzbiscuits-Murphy writes, "I was punched at a friend's party by a drunk who thought I was Russell Brand"

Well, if you dress anything like him, you probably deserved it, but who have you been mistaken for/mistaken other people for?

(, Thu 31 May 2007, 14:49)
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Too many times....
I get mistaken for a lesbian!

I'm not.

Does that count?
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 16:09, Reply)
When Episode 2 came out
That fella that Plays Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen). All the bloody time people would say it to me. Then a year or two passes and everyone forgets about it, Then comes the Final in the prequal Trilogy. AND AGAIN IT STARTS!! I mean the fella aint exactly ugly but his acting is terrible, he comes across as a moany wee kid "Make me a Jedi Knight or I'll hold my breath till I turn blue!"

Length? Average saber is about three foot I think.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 16:08, Reply)
PC Feckin' World
I was in PC world when some old dear came up to me and started asking me questions about IT, I answered her of course (I'm in IT after all).

Now, I was wearing a purple shirt (ok, ok, it was Lilac) - but when she started asking me proper PC world rubbish, that was when I got most offended.

Being mistaken for a PC World monkey??

I've never been so insulted!

Well, I have, but that's not for here
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 16:07, Reply)
I used to get told I looked like Brandon Flowers loads, that is until he decided to look like a Gunslinger/Card Sharp from an old Western!
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 16:07, Reply)
disasterprone, i feel your pain
My nickname, in the pub where I do random shifts, is..............


As in Marlon Dingle off of teh Emmerdale.

I look fuck all like Marlon effing Dingle.

(, Thu 31 May 2007, 16:06, Reply)
I'm so sorry, but I have to get this one in first:

I've often been mistaken for someone who gives a shit.

(, Thu 31 May 2007, 16:04, Reply)
Wrong on all counts
My mum was attracted to my Dad because she thought he was a rich American and drove flash car.

In reality, he was a hard-up accountant from London who drove some knackered old piece of crap.

Still, he must've had something going for him because they got married and still are, 40-odd years later.

Length? Possibly, but I'd rather not think about it.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 16:04, Reply)
3 times
I have been mistaken for Sir Paul Fucking McCartney. But oh no, not the current one, the YOUNG Paul McCartney. Once at Watford train station, once in San Francisco by a drunk guy and once by 80's singer Paul Young (we were in Yates in watford where he played sometimes on sundays in his shitty country band). All of them on first glance thought I was actually the living embodiment of Paul Mccartney circa 1967.

Not one of them even slightly considered the consequences of the damage to the space time continuum that could have been caused had I actually been the young Paul McCartney in 2007 and existing in the same timeline as the real old one. It makes me really angry.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 16:03, Reply)
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
At Uni, I was mistaken for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

With a LOT less dress sense.

And bad glasses.

In Sheffield.

It was the high flat top that I thought looked cool.... I've seen the photos - I don't - I just look like a prize cock.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 16:03, Reply)
Nearly on topic
I had a friend from Hartlepool. Mad as fuck she was. She had a best friend who was originally from America and still had some of the accent. My friend chatted up this bloke and pretended to also be from America. They chatted and got on really well and decided to meet up again. And again. And again. For 4 months my friend had to keep up the accent. She eventually got fed up with the hassle of trying to be American and came clean to him.

He said he didn't care as she was the best shag he'd ever had.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 16:02, Reply)
Back in the early 90s, with my round glasses with black frames
baggy jumper and crap hair, I thought I looked like Pursuit of Happiness singer and personal hero, Moe Berg:

But no! According to my then girlfriend (and all my mates) I looked like nerdy british chess player, Nigel Short:

So much like him in fact, that the aforementioned girlfriend fell off her seat on the bus seeing Nigel Short's photo in a newspaper, thinking it was me.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:58, Reply)
My Dad
I've been mistaken for my Dad before - I do look like him to be honest, but this is a bit recent - like in the past few years....

What I don't get is how these people who supposedly know my Dad come up to me and ask how I am.

And why (he) I've not aged.

So when I point out that he died 16 years ago, I get the predictable sharp intake of breath and the ever annoying:


No, we faked his death, really he's living in a condo in Miami living off his life insurance money.....

I'm being serious - I worry for the populace!
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:56, Reply)
A dingle
When I was at university, a girl from Manchester asked me if I was from Wolverhampton.

When I next spoke to her two years later I told her I wasn't.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:54, Reply)
Mistaken Identity
I was once at a foam party at a club in Leeds. As the foam got thicker I wondered drukardly further into the depths to see if I could find a bar. As I stood gathering my surroundings and wondering where the hell I was I felt a pair of hands pull my shorts down a little, shortly followed by swollen member being thrust into the mouth of a girl who really knew what she was doing.

And so, thats where I remained for an undisclosed amount of time, after which she stood up looking rather pleased with her handy work. That is until she realised I wasn't her boyfriend who she'd been waiting for, and who had the same excellent taste in shorts as I did.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:50, Reply)
Swede jesus...
I have been living in Poland now for a couple of years teaching english, and everywhere I go people keep thinking that I'm Swedish. The logic seems to go like this:

Random Pole: So you're Swedish then?

Me: Um, you what?

RP: Well you have blonde hair..

Me: ...go on...

RP: and blue eyes

Me: ....continue...

RP: and you speak english really well so you MUST be swedish!

Wonderful logic huh? They're quite shocked when I tell them that not only am I from Leeds, but I am infact 100% Polish as well! This wouldn't be so bad if it didn't happen every bloody week! Two weeks ago I was having a beer with a mate and a Swedish chap joined us. Guess where he thought I was from....

(Oh yeah and everyone thinks my fiance's Spanish but she is Polish as well!)

Length/size..... have you seen a Polish sausage recently?
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:50, Reply)
I've been mistaken as....
...A Sales Assistant

"Excuse me, but do you work here?"

"If I did, I'd be wearing one of those stupid shirts with a name tag, and I wouldn't be stuffing DVDs up my jumper, Love, now would I?"
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:48, Reply)
My dad looks (and sounds) just like Leonard Nimoy. He really does - when he emigrated to the UK in the 60s his nickname quickly became 'Spocky'.

He is also an academic. One of his areas is logic: cue dozens of 'it is illogical, Captain' type cracks from his colleagues and students.

He is also a bell-end, but thankfully doesn't look just like one.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:48, Reply)
I have been mistaken
for John Hartson more times than I can remember. I've signed autographs.

I've also been mistaken for Kirk off Coronation Street.

Yeah, it's shit.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:48, Reply)
I used to do IT support - This was in the days when you'd visit the site - these days, you're more likely to do a remote connect.


Anyway, I was in Grimsby one evening coming back from a job and I needed to fill up. Ordinarily I hate getting out of my car when I'm in Grimsby, but I kinda needed the ol' jungle juice.

I filled up quite happily and was just walking back to the car when this drunk, smelly, angry Grimsby-ite stumbles over to me blocking my path to the car.


Drunk Guy - "Are you Les Ferdinand?"
Me - (Thinks - WHAT? In a zero spec feckin' Vauxhall Astra Estate?)
Me - "Er, no"
Drunk Guy - "You look like Les Ferdinand"
Me - "Er, thanks - but I don't think I do"
DG - Gets agitated.
DG - "Yeh ya do - just like him and everything"
Me - "Er, thanks, but, um, nah...."
DG - Is annoyed now.
DG - "You. Look. Like. Les. Ferdinand." With each word broken with a sharp prod to the chest.
Me - "Yeh, you know what, I do - Everyone says it....."

I'd've told him I looked like feckin' Doris Day at this point...

I skooted around him and practically ran the 10ft to the car - DG in hot pursuit*, jumped in and locked it, started it and sped off.....

*As fast as a drunk Grimsby-ite can move that is.

I've not been back since.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:46, Reply)
Jocky Wilson
Well not quite but because I own my a set of darts and play in a team, I'm often mistaken for a good player.

Which I'm not.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:43, Reply)
does this count
I was mistaken for my dad by my grandmother on her deathbed.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:43, Reply)
People keep thinking Im English
I was born in Scotland, and have lived here my whole life!

I have also been mistaken for Australian, American, Canadian and Irish.

Im Worried.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:42, Reply)
I'm always getting people telling me that I look just like someone they know. When I lived in my home town years ago I kept getting stopped by people who thought I was someone else.

I've never ever ever seen a nearly 6ft girl with very short dark hair and a winning smile.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:41, Reply)
David Duchovny
Constantly, when the X-Files first came out.

Did I meet any girls that looked like Gillian Anderson? Did I fuck.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:40, Reply)
Figures Legless would put in a "first" holder. Ya goof.

(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:39, Reply)
pea rost
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:38, Reply)
Tiger Woods
I've been mistaken for Tiger Woods before. No, really.

You do, however, have to wonder what the hell Tiger Woods would be doing walking down Lincoln High street!

Hurray - a new QOTW finally!
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:37, Reply)
Sedcond woo

OK I used to look JUST like one of my course tutors (Devilishly handsome chap he was) and students used to come up to me and ask for homework extensions etc. Thinking about it I shoulda asked 'em for cash in order to extend the deadline. But I just laughed at them.
(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:37, Reply)
Many times
At work, I often have people pouring out their woes to me and my reply is inevitably the same:

"Err - I'm afraid you've mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck....."

(, Thu 31 May 2007, 15:36, Reply)

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