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This is a question My Collection

Do you have display cabinets full of stuff? With it all neatly labelled, cross-referenced and entered into a database. Have you been to a convention? Do other collectors look up to you in awe?

I thought I was above this one. I'm not that autistically geeky that I have a Collection with a capital C. But no, I remembered I'm hoarding away every version of "Inside Macintosh" ever published.

What do you collect? And why? I mean, what makes you do it?

(, Thu 11 Jan 2007, 16:52)
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In my collection I have...
23131 Autographs from various celebrities
6933 Knives/ Swords
4851 Rocks and...
30247 Trading cards!

Guess that makes me a huge geek. I have never left my room in my entire life, so I've got fook all else to do except collect stuff. Thing is, I only get to keep it for a very short amount of time.

(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 13:12, Reply)
Take that , Fritz
I have around 600 Commando comics from when I was but a lad, that I have lugged around ever since even though I haven't bought one, or read them for over twenty years. I guess there are only so may ways that Jerry takes a pasting, or that Tojo can scream AIEEEEEEEEEEE, before you get bored. Bit like watching pron for hours on end, but with the added nuisance of turning the pages.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 13:02, Reply)
I'm not that sad...honest!
My mum was a war baby. When she was hurried out of Austria when the well dressed funny walking men came in, all she had on her was a teddybear. Now she is a hoarder. Sadly this has passed on to me and my collections.

My mum got me into collecting stamps and coins when I was young...big mistake. This led to cans, magic tricks, comics & slippers (yes it's true...I had 7 pairs at one point!)

This was the start of the end. A lack of friends in school meant I went on to collect trading cards. I spent all my hard earned cash on em. Even the guy at the local store said to me "Easy kid...try go for one type of card". I was hoarding x-men, basketball, coca-cola, mad magazine cards, conan, baseball, rugby, james bond...at least one pack from every box in the whole shop!!!

This led on to my collection of collectible card games like magic & star wars etc. Each game has its own set that you have to collect. But i ended up collecting different games.
At one point I have over 18 games...each with at least 200 cards.

After being very broke (and dumped from my girlfriend who couldn't understand my "hobby") I found marajuana. This led to a 5 years sitting on my ass and collecting a porn. I had so much even Larry Flint would be proud of me.

Several girlfriends later (and a decent job) I sold everything that was collectible. I took up art, bought some DJ decks and made heeps of cash. Eventually I bought a surfboard & a oneway ticket to London.

I guess selling it all gave me the cash to do what I really wanted.

Now I try to collect as little as poss.

(except for my 300+ dvd collection & 600+ CD collection)

PS sorry for the length...newbie I am.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 12:50, Reply)
Little Purple Triangles
A good few years ago when I was no'but a lass, a certain soft drink company (lets call it Rye-Bee-Nah) was doing a promotion whereby you collected the corners off cartons and could exchange them for various goodies. Being fairly ambitious I decided the soft toys and keyrings were not for me, but I would save up for something big.

Week after week went by and I saved a carton corner from every drink I had. Packed lunches, snacks and vending machines would tremble as I approached with scissors in hand.

I finally counted up the little purple triangles to find I was around a hundred short of anything cool. The next few weeks were spent frantically searching for the last remaining cartons in shops where stock rotation was notoriously poor.

Gathering together my horde, I shovelled them into a large envelope and looked on the final carton for the address to send it to. To my horror the promotion had closed two weeks previously.

I kept the little bastard triangles for 2 years, hoping that the company would do another promotion where you had to collect the same things, but they never did.

(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 12:47, Reply)
i seem to get asked out by weirdos. all. the. time. the last one was the big issue seller in the middle of uxbridge who wanted to take me for a coffee with the money he'd made that morning...

then there was the london underground driver with the twitch who stopped on his way through the train to ask me for a pint when he reached cockfosters. so sleazy drivers with a lazy eye are why the piccadilly line never runs on time...

the rather special tesco security guard who routinely presents me with chocolate bars on my way out...

the homeless WOMAN who said she liked my top but she thought my breasts would "look a lot better out of it"...

this is always when i am dressed up for going out or to court. do i emit some kind of a high pitched squeal or beacon that only freaks and weirdos can hear?!

i also collect first edition enid blytons. and my brother has a really freaky collection of football programmes (for the only team worth collecting!) which goes back over 30 years and every one is in cellophane and catalogued as it's apparently a huge investment..... damn ebay!
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 12:36, Reply)
Empty Whisky Bottles
Prefer single malts and expensive ones. I keep them in the kitchen to make me look all posh and sophisticated, not just an Alcholoic.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 12:34, Reply)
I love to hang out around women who love to dance and have a pathological dislike of clothes which explains my collection
I have a collection of strippers pubic hairs. Well a pubic hair actually. Specifically a genuine blonde one from a lovely lass I encountered at a club in Flinders St Melbourne. The problem with my collection growing is the of popularity of the shaven vagina and the laws in my native Queensland forbidding the ladies exposing their genitals fully. Still I will keep on the trail doggedly.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 12:34, Reply)
I have an excessively large collection of Transforming robot toys (as opposed to electrical converters) - probably about 500-600 pieces.

I don't know what I'm going to do with them. They do worry me.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 12:31, Reply)
I collect people...
... in my car, but I tend not to keep them long.

I am a taxi driver.

Ba-dum tish!
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 12:24, Reply)
I have glass underpants...
...so people can view my stunning collection of genital warts.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 11:13, Reply)
I have a huge collection of rocks, semi- and gemstones.
It's so big I still haven't been able to get it from my dad's house in Holland to my current one in the UK.

I also collect antique books and coins.. bit boring aint I?

the reason I collect these things is because they just quite simply fascinate me beyond belief.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 10:21, Reply)
I don't collect buttplugs

but I am a pain in the arse.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 9:49, Reply)
I'll be honest.....
... as this question fails to involve driving tests, shit, shagging, being accidentally arrested, icecream vans or a gory and stomach-churning story... I'll not be making such an effort.

I am an engineer, heading up a group of lesser -engineers, designing stuff for a big company that makes big stuff. (Wow... my abilities to describe things with such vivid pictorial accuracy surprises me on monday mornings)

Despite spending most of my days clicking away behind a large screen, and drooling over nicely machined lumps of 7005 Aluminium, I have other hobbies in life. Some involve geekyness, many involve Adrenaline/Endorphines, and many involve sex.

Much like the Elves in the story of the cobbler , After working hours I scurry into our workshop - *end elf analogy* - select bars of scrap steel and aluminium, and set about crafting them into pleasing shapes. There is a magic period during the machining process where the shapes transform from *possibly something work-related* to undeniably *Sex-Toy*. I then spend up to 4 hours per toy meticulously polishing them into a beautiful shine.

These toys are either tailor made for friends (solid buttplugs need to be made to measure) or left in my collection.


This is the tip of the iceberg. So far I have made around 20 toys... and 8 I still poses... Others have been given away, or kept by lasses that loved them.

Apologies for length... Just ask, and I'll make them shorter ;o)

P.S... unlike the cobbler's elves, I don't leave them neatly laid out on the workshop bench for people to happily discover!
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 9:11, Reply)
Used transit cards
From London Underground, Glasgow public transport, and the New York City Subway.

I have loads. It's really an unhealthy amount. But I plan to make a dress out of them using loads of clear grip-tape.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 7:08, Reply)
In year 3
I collected hair samples from everyone in my class. Taped them to the inside of a notebook and labeled them appropriately. I was quite proud of my taxonomic skillz.

My mum chucked them.

And they wonder why there are so few girls in science.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 7:07, Reply)
I collect
tickets from theater shows that Molly Ringwald has been in.
So far, I have the one from Sweet Charity.

I don't think I'll be collecting any more.

Great voice, shame she can't act or dance
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 5:34, Reply)
Mike Election
I collect digital photographs of women, in particular those that display their primary and secondary sexual characteristics more openly than usually considered proper in public circumstances.

I apologize if this particular collection is not unusual.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 3:58, Reply)
Oh wait, forgot something...
I also have collected all of my concert tickets for the past four years or so... or whenever I started going to concerts, I don't remember. But yeah, I have... 40 stubs as of right now. Not an astronomical number or anything, but not bad for a college kid.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 1:35, Reply)
Smarties Lids
Ive recently started collecting smarties lids
a bit late i know (since they have changed the packaging)

if anyone can help me out however drop us a line will ya?

[email protected]
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 1:33, Reply)
blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 1:24, Reply)
not me but my flatmate.
as if its not bad enough for him being in the box room he decides that 1 wall of his room can have 2ft long comic boxes down the entire side of it. thats the entire length of his room.

the length isnt affected but he loses about 2ft from the girth of his room.
(, Mon 15 Jan 2007, 1:09, Reply)
I collect crack cocaine
but it's not really it's just cardboard

still addictive though


(, Sun 14 Jan 2007, 22:54, Reply)
Polly Pockets
I'm supposed to be clearing out my room and selling all my old stuff, like books I had when I was seven. So I decided to check ebay and see how much Polly Pockets would fetch, since I used to be obsessed with the things.

Then I started looking at the pictures too closely and I decided I don't want to sell them any more. When I finally get to uni my room will be dominated by an entire tiny village.

So as of now, I collect Polly Pockets (But only 1990-1997, because I don't remember any from 1989, being 1, and in 1997 Mattel did a hostile takeover on Bluebell toys and ruined the whole thing.)

Apologies for lack of length, it's pocket-sized.
(, Sun 14 Jan 2007, 22:39, Reply)
Totally non geekable
Oi - I spent years amassing my minerals and meteorite collection.
I think they are great - but then again I don't go out much.
Could even post you a link for a preview glimpse but I doubt you'd be interested....but they are high quality - not this tumbled rubbish they give to kids.
I am undeniably a Sad fuck. And I do care....
And yes, they are all "inventorised, photographed and databased..."

I am an Olympic bore for England on all things spacy and mineralogical.
(, Sun 14 Jan 2007, 21:52, Reply)
i collect these small robots in disguise and they are alot fof fun to have. i now keep them without any missles though as they seem to like shooting me in the eye when i pick them up.

sorry for lack of length, it's three times bigger once it's transformed
(, Sun 14 Jan 2007, 21:08, Reply)
my uncle
my uncle's been collecting cigar packets since 1976.
he smokes a pack a day
you do the maths
(, Sun 14 Jan 2007, 20:21, Reply)
Obsessive, serial, collector
I've got about 2,000 comics and 900 pulp sci-fi books in my loft. And about 40 handheld LED computer games (plus Vectrex).

Every now and then I discover I'm collecting something new, but I can never part with the older items. Sometimes I go up to the loft and get the comics out and arrange them in order. I've got a list and everything. Oh, god, this is so sad.
(, Sun 14 Jan 2007, 20:20, Reply)
Female body parts in formaldehyde.
Why? I just can't bear to part with them after all the effort that went into hacking them off the FILTHY FUCKING WHORES. Anyway, God told me to.
(, Sun 14 Jan 2007, 19:47, Reply)

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