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(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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LOL at that footage of Madonna kissing Drake.
What was the last thing in your mouth that made you cringe?

alt. What's your verdict for the election this year? Who are you swaying towards? Think Im more Labour at the minute.

altalt. cocktail of choice?
I like a long island ice tea or a bluberry mojito

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 14:45, 93 replies, latest was 9 years ago)
psychochomp's cock
Dirty Martini
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 14:51, Reply)
Alt: I'm voting conservative, because our other local political candidates are cunts.
altalt: I thought you just liked cock.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 14:51, Reply)
i'm voting for for patrick stewart because if enough people do jedi will be a real religion !!! haha yeah

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 14:54, Reply)
dunno to the other rubbish questions cheers

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 14:54, Reply)

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:01, Reply)
He'd be a terrible political candidate.
I'd definitely put an X next to his name, but then I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to write "-men" after it.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 14:56, Reply)
my salad was lovely
but there was one middle piece of cucumber that didn't have any skin so it was all slimy and that made me heave.

alt: they're all just awful people. i was reading about blair's speech over the weekend. "we can't have a referendum on europe because the people can't be trusted to make a "sensible" decision". like or loathe being in europe, it's a classic example of what politicians actually think of the public.

altalt: something long and fruity.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 14:59, Reply)
Good old Blair. Goes to war, causing the death of millions in the process in the name of democracy
and then tells us that we're too stupid to be trusted to vote on important issues.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:00, Reply)
i can't believe he still gets air time
i went to a charity ball recently, and one of the auction prizes was "tea with tony" (to be taken at tony's convenience, in a location of his choice).

some utter nobber paid £25,000 for that. jesus christ.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:04, Reply)
Let's hope that they're planning an assassination.

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:06, Reply)
ok, i might pay to watch that.

bonus £10k if some of the gore splatters on duckface cheri.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:07, Reply)
And while she's crimson red from Tony's blood
they shove a letter in her gob.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:08, Reply)
this is almost poetic

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:09, Reply)
He's right though. I wouldn't ask an electrician to do my plumbing
Most people have no idea whether being in Europe is a good or bad thing and aren't qualified to make the decision. Unfortunately a lot of politicians are included in this. Most people tow the party line. Tell a lifelong Tory that a Tory policy is bonkers they are likely to defend it without really understanding why.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:05, Reply)
the fact that one of the top searches after the leaders' debate was
"can i vote SNP if i don't live in scotland" demonstrates just how dim the average punter is.

but i'd still trust most people to do most things before i'd trust blair.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:08, Reply)
can you though?
Why was the Welsh and the Scots even on that lie debate thingy. Should have put them n local news innit.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:10, Reply)
no, they only have scottish candidates
but you can "help" them by voting labour.

i thought it was worth having them there to see miliband's face when he was asked if labour intend to match their pledge to buy scottish votes in wales.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:12, Reply)
They still effect us as a nation, as a hung parliament looks likely a coalition government will probably be inevitable.
The SNP will hold a lot of sway if they go into a coalition with Labour, so their policies and opinions should really effect peoples choices.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:14, Reply)

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:16, Reply)

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:17, Reply)
i wish there was a sensible way we could vote per policy, rather than per party
then we could vote for exactly what we want to happen in respect of education, nhs, environment, blah blah.

as it is, you realise that none of the parties match your wishes, scrabble around for the nearest fit, only for them to break the promises as soon as they get elected.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:20, Reply)
direct democracy is shit and for cunts

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:22, Reply)
People struggle to come out and vote once every five years.
Aint nobody gonna bother with the daily trite decisions of government.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:27, Reply)
Which is why the country's fucked
majority have "doesn't affect me so don't care" attitude. Until it does affect them, by which time it's too late.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:31, Reply)
I don't disagree with this. But voting on every policy is too much choice.
What we should do right, is vote for a local representative to do it all for us.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:33, Reply)
Problem is very few of them are "local"
Some don't even live in the area they represent, and most do whatever the national party whips office tells them
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:38, Reply)
If they're just following the party then they need kicking out.

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:51, Reply)
doesn't affect me so don't care

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:32, Reply)
Perhaps we could have a text vote on everything? Just like the X Factor.

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:43, Reply)
what, and have the policiticans buy up all the pay as you go cards and vote for themselves?
i don't think you thought this through.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:48, Reply)
I was being sarcastic bbz xxx
Everyone knows that the public are clueless and don't wash enough.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:50, Reply)
strikethrough public
replace with lolarious word of choice
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:55, Reply)

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:16, Reply)
Somebody brought back South Korean sweets from holiday

Alt: Can't see Tories getting back in, they're still running on "we're making life better for rich people" policies "because what's good for business benefits everyone" not realising that everybody now knows that bankers are cunts.

AltAlt Long Island Iced Tea here although a proper Old Fashioned hits the spot.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:00, Reply)
long island iced tea is fizzy pop for blobbing birds and bumboys

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:04, Reply)
Properly made can really fuck you up though.

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:11, Reply)
a guy i went out with years ago had an ex from south korea
he said the food in seoul was the worst he'd ever come across, anywhere in the world.

and he was from liverpool.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:06, Reply)
Korean meatballs are meant to be the dogs bollocks!

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:10, Reply)
i lol'd

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:13, Reply)
Park! Park! Wherever you may be
You eat dogs in your country
But it could be worse
You could be scouse
Eating rats in your council house
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:13, Reply)
i fucking love a good football chant, me

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:23, Reply)
Best I've heard was by Millwall Supporters, directed at Derby County fans, shortly after the Mick Philpott conviction.
You burn your own kids,
you burn your own kids,
you sheep shagging bastards,
you burn your own kids.

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:26, Reply)
it always amuses me that 1 person starts singing
and seconds later, thousands have joined in. although the internet has taken away a bit of the spontaneity i think.

there was an old chap used to sit near me at old trafford when i was a kid. if someone did something that he thought was shit, he'd stand up and bellow, "PETER HUNT'S PIES" at him. peter hunt's pies had an advert on the hoarding, but i have no idea why the old man thought they were so shit - as shit as remi moses, who was his particular pet peeve.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:30, Reply)
I've been reliably informed that Russian sweets taste of 'hardship'.

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:20, Reply)

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:22, Reply)
Chrome threw a certificate wobbly at this so I'm not reading it.

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:26, Reply)
it was just that sketch from spitting image where a spud-u-like opens in moscow. there is a massive Q
and the first comrade orders a jacket potato.

the second says, "i too would like a baked potato," and the whole queue murmurs in assent.

"sorry," says the shop assistant, "we haf sold out."
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:33, Reply)
I love this

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:35, Reply)
Labours manifesto is out and there's nothing too bad in it.
I like old fashioned.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:04, Reply)
Not even Ed Millibands face?

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:20, Reply)
i'm voting for the zombie party
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:14, Reply)
Ha ha, they're dead set on a brain based economy ha ha.

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:16, Reply)
yessss! nommy tszombies ftw!!
lets go zombies lets go *clap clap*

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:21, Reply)
A Zombie party - that would be AMAZING!
They should get some student pricks to do it for RAG week or something.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:24, Reply)
I'mma vote SNP.
I'd quite like to listen to the new Squarepusher lp but I'm a bit too hungover for it.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:19, Reply)
The SNP is shit and for cunts.
HTH xxx
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:47, Reply)
your repartee is simply stunning today.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:50, Reply)
I'm voting for Meatfrog

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:32, Reply)
the peoples champion

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:32, Reply)

Fried gristle nuggets, Beijing, 2012.

Alt: According to one of those famously infallible online quizzes, I'm most inclined to vote Labour. Greens coming a close second.

Altalt: Long Island Ice Tea, Rusty Nail, gin and bitters, anything that's not sweet basically (increasingly hard to find these days; one local bar famous for its cocktails doesn't serve a single drink that doesn't have a tonne of sugar in it).
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:35, Reply)
I'm actually voting for MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS
More people would vote for the party they wanted too if other people shut up about it. My wife used to vote for who her father told her she should until she met me and I told her to keep her vote to herself and let him believe what ever he wants to. I happen to know she votes Labour but not because I asked. What I will say is I'm not voting for who I did last time. Cunts. My current MP is a cunt too, George Useless we call him! AHAHAHAHA! Alright I'm voting ukip ok?
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:41, Reply)
UKIP are the only real choice if you are not bent or brown.

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:46, Reply)
I just vote like i choose a horse in the grand national, by choosing a name that has some personal significance, seems lucky or has nice colours

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:43, Reply)
I always put a grand on any that are 100/1 so I can win a hundred grand.

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:49, Reply)
did you lot solve this?
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:43, Reply)
Yes, its easy

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:49, Reply)
My mate thought he was clever but he got it wrong, I took great pleasure in explaining why his August 17th was wrong

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:50, Reply)
i take great pleasure in explaining why your face is wrong

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:54, Reply)

*link to when you called me good looking*
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:57, Reply)
you can't link to your fantasies on here

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:59, Reply)
baggysock now wants to sex you because you're a 10 year old Malay child

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 16:03, Reply)

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 15:59, Reply)

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 16:00, Reply)
altalt cocktails
Depends on the circumstance, if it is proper cocktails at cocktail hour in a cocktail bar then the Alaska.

Otherwise a Tom Collins or a Manhattan.

Politics, emigrants.
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 16:06, Reply)
correct cocktailing

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 16:13, Reply)
Joan Collins more like... poof.

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 16:26, Reply)
+ fan club

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 16:38, Reply)
haha I always misread 'Walker Crips' as 'Walker's Crisps'

(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 16:52, Reply)
alt: hitler
altalt: long island iced hitler
(, Mon 13 Apr 2015, 17:35, Reply)

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