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This is a question Premonitions

When I was 14 I had a really scary dream about being run over. A few days later, as I gently bounced off the front of a volvo who seemed incapable of indicating, I found this vaguely reassuring.

Last week 'emadex' managed to respond to this weeks question a good five days ahead of time, so it would only be courteous to ask: What spooky premonitions have you had?

(, Thu 18 Nov 2004, 19:52)
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Not really interesting
Sometimes i think of something funny from a film or an episode of friends or something for no apparant reason, happens all the time and a few days later or so or maybe even that same day that episode will come on or a particular film or something... weird isnt it, i also dream things up that seem to be consistant with the real world happenings, but i guess thats just subconscious things, probably cos im only half asleep or something?
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 19:07, Reply)
This Morning
Not this morning, This Morning the TV program, I sometimes day dream and it ends up being about This Morning, and about 10 minutes later I end up knowing word for word what Fern Britain and Philip Schofield will be saying, the fact its live makes it very worrying.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 19:01, Reply)
Ooh err...
I get premonitions all the time, it's just sad that mins are always so boring!

Today, for example, I was sat in the back row of my Physics class, next to 2 guys,one called Sam, one called Mark. A friend of mine called Ali came up and started talking to Sam, asked him a question, and walked off after swearing about something.

I dreamt that exact scene, right down to the question and the use of swearing, about 2 1/2 years ago. I remember thinking to myself at the time "Why would Mark and Sam be in the same lessons?", because they were (when I dreamt it) in different forms. Then we were all mixed together next year, something else I didn't know would happen at the time.

A couple of times I've had really vivid, random dreams about (unsurprisingly) girls and fighting, only to fall out with a female friend the next day.

Sometimes I get 3 "Hang on, didn't I dream this...?" moments in a day. Ooh er...
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 18:57, Reply)
Hopefully won't come true any time soon...
In the past fortnight I've had 3, count em, 3, dreams about getting married. Which is bizarre as I'm 19 and exceptionally single at the moment.

The first one was about the bar at the reception closing early and me and my mates having to climb over it and steal various bottles of grog.

The second one was about me arriving at my wedding, and saying hello to all the guests and stuff, and then realising that Rebecca Loos (of Beckham-shagging fame) was there and throwing a diva-like fit of rage as I don't like her because shes famous for being a slag.

The third one I actually got to see my bride, quite nice too, brunette, shorter than me, exactly my type. I have her face stored in my head, and I'm positive I'm gonna meet her one day and live happily ever after. Hopefully.

Oh, and two of my mates had dreams that they slept with each other on the same night. Don't think they ever got round to actually doing the deed though.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 18:24, Reply)
This is the honest-to-god truth.
I dreamt that a mouse was outside my garden, so I picked it up and threw it by it's tail. I wake up from my mousey dream and stagger down stairs only to find a bastard mouse scurrying about the front room. Got the fucker with a trap, though :D
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 18:09, Reply)
When I was 12...
I'd been at my best bud's house for the evening. My bud and her dad walked me half way home where my dad met me to walk me the rest (I had to go through a scary lane so that's why he met me... just so you don't think I was a weirdo for needing walked home at that age!) Yeah, so... My dad started running to race me home with me screaming "don't run, someone's gonna get hurt". Well, the next day I meet my buddy for us to do our paper rounds. She smiles at me and shows the nice gaps in her mouth where her front teeth used to be. Turns out she and her dad had raced home too, and she fell. Wooo.... spooky! haha xx
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 17:59, Reply)
I once dreamt about baby spice playing the cello wearing a green tutu and standing in a fish shop
The next day, a grand piano fell on my head.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 17:58, Reply)
i have premonitions far too often
i had one on the morning of september 11th (at about 3am), but for some reason i thought a train was going to crash horrificly (instead of several planes and buildings). but, then again, it seems that if b3ta ruled the world (poss. future comp?) then half of all the major disasters in the past 20 years wouldnt have happened.

all the others generally involve things that will happen to me. i remember dreaming about going for a drive with several of my friends, and taking a corner too fast, and flying into a ditch.
the next day, my mates ask if i wanted to come out with them, i declined. later they phoned me up and told me they'd been in a car crash. no one was hurt, but the rear left door had been smashed up badly, and anyone sitting there would have been quite battered, but the seat was empty due to my absence.

during my school days, i woke up after having a dream that someone had been hit by a car. when i got to school i found out it wasnt a car, it was a motorbike.

there have been LOADS in my lifetime, but theyre usually things like dreaming that i'll go somewhere, and see something strange, then it happens about 3 days later. none spring to mind at the moment, as they're not usually hugely exciting, but they happen very often :S

maybe im just insane
*licks window*
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 17:52, Reply)
I couldn't sleep the night before the
berlin wall came down,
the day before the first Mc Donalds opened in Russia and the night of the 10th of September 2001.

However I had an ace nights sleep the night Diana died.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 17:49, Reply)
Last night i had a premonition that i would post something utterly pointless on b3ta.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 17:49, Reply)
My Wife
Predicted that there was going to be a bad car accident on the 26th of October.

My younger brother was killed in a car crash on that exact day.


Not nice
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 17:47, Reply)
Quite a few, but sometimes, wish I was wrong!
Knowing that your old man and old dear won't see the end of the year -seperate years too. =
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 17:36, Reply)
Very odd...
I never used to dream about my grandad but I once had a dream about him hiding under a table from something that was scaring him. He told me that he was really scared and that some sort of monster wanted to put a stake through his heart. I woke up in the morning to find out he had died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Very spooky.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 17:36, Reply)
On the night before Princess Di died...
I didn't give a toss about her. On the night she died I didn't give a toss about her, and to this very day, I still don't give a toss about her.

It interrupted my favourite TV shows on Sky One and all those little tributes came up in the advert breaks. That really pissed me off.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 17:24, Reply)
I can predict "Neighbours" plot lines, sometimes months in advance...

Also, I have massive recursive deja vu (deja vu, of deja vu of deja vu... etc.) more often than is normal.

My best friend and I can finish each other's sentances most of time. Though this may be because we're one person with two bodies...
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 17:13, Reply)
picture time
my uncle is a stock photographer and he sells his photos to textbook companies. he always took pictures at family gatherings of us, so i knew that somewhere out there was a picture of me in a textbook. i was telling this to a friend, and the very next day i found that picture in a psychology textbook. it was my family circa 1985, in a section comparing happy families to unhappy ones. fortunately we were the happy one.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 16:58, Reply)
In school...
I had a premonition one night about how I would be in the corridor outside my form room getting a bollocking for something.

I thought little of it at the time as I was a very good boy.

Two months later a kid in my class started taking the piss out of me, so in retaliation myself and some others did the same to him a few hours later, to which he ended up crying his fat, puffy little eyes out.

The next day after registration I was ushered outside of the form room where I got a bollocking and in-house suspension. Instead of playing rugby in the freezing cold I read a book in the warm. Bliss.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 16:42, Reply)
When I was 18
I was in this dingy club in sunny Scarborough pissed of my head and I met what I thought was an angel (well fit). She had a boyfriend, I had a girlfriend, but at the end of the night I drunkenly said to my mate "imfddfgxn vm nng her (i'm gonna marry her, just you wait and see)"
Didn't see here again for another 2 years but that was ok because the wedding was last month.
Somthing to be said for those drunken epiphanies!
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 16:35, Reply)
I dreamed last night that I hadn't had a shave, and woke up this morning to find it had come true.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 16:33, Reply)
I do have one
I was in London when Princess Diana's funeral was, I was on the tube with my girlfriend and said something along the lines of "I bet if mother theresa died they wouldn't make half as much fuss". Sure enough a couple of days later she pops her clogs, and sure enough they didn't.

Spent the next few days after trying to infulence the deaths of people I disliked. ("I bet if Thatcher died etc....")
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 16:12, Reply)
I once had a premonition while fwapping that my Mum brought me in a cup of tea. Suffice to say when I had finished it was there waiting.

(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 16:08, Reply)
Not a premonition dogger collymore...
...I think you'll find I plied tons of laxatives into the ten pints of lager you drank, and then put your hand in a bowl of warm water as you slept.

Now that's amazing.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 15:54, Reply)
I once dreamed that I was in a glass room
I left through a doorway, went down 2 or 3 steps and looked over a railing. I saw a fat woman holding a fish. It was an odd dream.
A few months later, I was on a trip to Alaska, and was doing a touristy riverboat cruise. I went to the top deck for a drink, and while I was there, they announced something to look at on the riverbank. I found myself in a glass room, leaving through a doorway and down a few steps looking over a railing to watch a fat woman giving a demonstration on how to skin a fish.
I was quite freaked out. Keeping in mind that I didn't even know about the riverboat thing until about a week before it happened.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 14:39, Reply)
There were two loud bangs!
I was driving in to Manchester early one morning, I was daydreaming and I made the sound of a large crash with my mouth, followed by another a few seconds later, I snapped out of the daydream the moment I made the seond "crash" sound with my mouth, and thought nothing of it. Later that day, passing the same point in the road in the opposite direction, I made the same two irrelivant crashing noises again with my mouth. Soon after I switched the radio on to hear that the twin towers had been hit at the exact time I was on that road. I was a bit freaked out, and keen to get home, as it was also my birthday.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 14:26, Reply)
mine ALWAYS involve money
one: a few years back, I had a dream about finding money on a plate. the next day I went to a cash machine to find the person in front of me hadn't waited for his cash. £50

two: while sleeping at my (now ex) girlfriends (who happens to be a 'witch' - it's true) I had a dream about £20 notes that were stuck to a wet floor. went home about 2.00 the next night to find money scattered about around the corner from her house. £60

three: a couple of weeks ago, I went out, and had no money for a taxi home. after waiting about 2 hours for my wages to go into my bank, I thought fuck it, I'll walk and just hope to find some money. 200 yards later, £20. I look up, another 20 up the road. so I get that, and what do I see? more 20s. lots of them. I count them, £580

total: £690 worth of premonitions, or as I like to call it, being a jammy little fucker

of course, the last one wasn't a premonition, I just wanted to show off
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 14:25, Reply)
visiting mates a few years ago, i decided, rather than stay for a few more beers, i'd catch the train an hour earlier. after getting the taxi to birmingham new street, i ended up waiting around outside for a little bit. precisely an hour after i'd moved from the front of the station, safely on the train, an IRA car bomb went off. ooh.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 14:23, Reply)
i had a recurring nightmare
when i was about 12 that i would be trying to drive a green convertable with a friend in the passenger seat. in the dream, we both climbed into the car, but it started rolling down a hill and we crashed into a wall.

10 years later, and i buy myself a second hand MGB roadster, british racing green. i had completely forgotten about my dream until one day the brakes failed and i rolled down the hill into a wall. thankfully, i'd told my friend about my dream years previously and he'd never wanted to get in the car with me!

weird huh?
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 14:20, Reply)
I had a premonition at lunchtime....
......that I would do naff all work this afternoon! Imagine mine and my bosses surprise when it turns out I am doing exactly the square root of fuck all!!! HAHAHA! being lazy rules!!!!!
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 14:16, Reply)
Once after a night on the ales.....
... I had a dream that I was wassing into a urinal.

Surely enough, I woke up in a pool of my own piss!

(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 13:59, Reply)
I had a dream
about arguing with someone over the location of Sweden. The next day I had an argument with someone over the location of Sweden! And it wasnt me who started it! It really freaked me out.
(, Fri 19 Nov 2004, 13:58, Reply)

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