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This is a question Singing the wrong words

There's a grand tradition of singing the wrong words to jingles, hymns and the dreaded school songs. Or maybe you have a corporate anthem too cheesy for words? Tell us the alternate words you and your friends sang so that we can too.

(, Thu 27 Jan 2005, 10:02)
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The REAL wrong words to Nelly Furtado
I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away
And I'll poo on your shoulder
I fly south in the Winter
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 14:10, Reply)
Po Pa
Well if we're going into childish ryhmes...

Postman Pat. Postman Pat.
Ran over his caaat.
Blood and guts were flying.
Postman Pat was crying.
Now he'll have to buy a brand new cat.

'Tis hard to refrain from singing these to my 2 year old nephew...
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 14:01, Reply)
nelly furtado
youre like a turd you never flush away
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 14:00, Reply)
That interpretation of Wuthering Heights was on Nevermind the Buzzcocks.

...and I need to get a life.
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 13:34, Reply)
Freddie Mercury's "Living on my own"
'Sometimes I feel I'm gonna catch AIDS and die, not from a ho, nothing to do with my wife, I'll get bony, pneumonia, dying on my own"

OUCH. Sorry...
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 12:46, Reply)
Hey you, the Rock Steady Crew...
...show us what you do, make a break, make a move
Hey you, the Rock Steady Crew, be a bolegnese and would you let me boog-a-loo
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 12:41, Reply)
Mister Sandman.....
....bring me some sand.
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 12:34, Reply)
oh and another one!
Nelly Furtadwhatshernameo -
'hung like a bird...'
yes - i do have the mental age of 4
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 12:27, Reply)
Atomic Kitten
You can fill my hole again...*snigger*
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 12:24, Reply)
Barberan...The Beach Boys
Went to a dance, looking for a man,
Saw a Doberman so I thought I'd take a chance
Doberman, doh doh, doh doberman,
Doberman, doh doh, doh doberman,
You've got me glopping and a creaming,
Glopping and a creaming up your bum,
Doh doh, doh doberman.

Oneee moreeee tiiii-iime......
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 11:55, Reply)
Hard Day's night.....The Beatles
It makes your eyelids stick, to the girth of my prick...
It makes your juices run, when my prick is up your bum...
But when I withdraw from you,
My knob is covered in poo...
But I feeel aalllright.
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 11:50, Reply)
Bedrock "For What You Dream Of"
from the trainspotting soundtrack, i could never understand why we were being urged to "Vote for Gina"
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 11:25, Reply)
Angels Robbie Williams
As I'm lying in my bed cum dripping down my leg, I'll take it anal instead....
Well it still makes me smirk in a childish kinda way
the other old fave is

youve got cum on your face, you big disgrace waving your willy all over the place we will we will fist you.......

he he
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 11:21, Reply)
Avril Lavigne...
She was a boy,
that looked like a girl,
she can't make it any more obvious!
(said(sang?) infront of whiny Avril fan club)
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 10:50, Reply)
maddona. la isla bonita
maddona the miss named queen of pop who is actually an over rated, moaning, full of itself, trampy, common, diseased, post op transgender welder from lewisham actually sang


i know its just been on the bloody radio again.. is there no escaping this rotton old septic ?
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 10:37, Reply)
el capitan
who here remembers opm? i sure do, and they were fucking cool while we're on the subject. when they released their second (and unfortunately last) hit single 'el capitan', i was the tender age of 13/14 thus giving me a mind full of fresh teeage corruption, forcing me to practically scream out the chorus, which i was so proud of making up;
'ooh la la la la la la la
ooh la la la la la la la
ooh la la la la la la la
those have to be the best lyrics i have ever written, in spite of the hours ive spent slaving away over a hot computer while searching for musical inspiration. darn...
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 10:17, Reply)
Kate Bush, Wuthering Heights
I forget where I heard this...

Out on the windey windy more
sweet rowland fell in brie
you had distemper
like my jealous eel
too hot, too creamy

??? I know!
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 10:10, Reply)
basket case
this isnt so much a misheard lyric, as a mis-sung one. a certain billie joe armstrong must have some kind of phobia against the word stoned because im sure (against everyone else's assurance) that each chorus without fail that the lyrics are
'am i just paranoid
or a-ja-saaa?'
which definitely contradicts the lyrics book.
thus, i sing along accordingly, fooling my friends into believing that i don't know the words, gullible twazzocks
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 10:09, Reply)
i remember my brother, spawn of satan at the time, singing that:

ants in your pants make yer belly button dance
in an english country garden
what do you do if you need a massive poo
in an english country garden
pull down yer pants and suffocate the ants
in an english country garden

made the staff at the mcdonalds birthday party turn green especially when it was followed by a rousing chorus of:

old mcdonald had a poo ee ei ee ei oh

there was a definite theme...
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 9:44, Reply)
2 for the price of 1
Magic Moments: (probably a rugby song)
Just for a lark I went to the park
and pissed on the flowers
I sat on a bench and fingered a wench
for hours and hours
(all together now) Maaaagic, Mooooments

Jill J from Wakefield (used to work at t'leccy board) used to sing along with Vienna by ultravox:
"Ooooooh Theodore"
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 8:34, Reply)
my sister was famous
for stuffing up the words of that classic soft disco track: "When you're in love with a beautiful number..." What number, love? Six? Ten?

And my all-time favourite is the playground re-working of ACDC's legendary track, "Long way to the top" thus:

It's a long way to the shop
If you want a sausage roll.

Absolutely brilliant, that.
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 8:22, Reply)
It will never end!
These are the lyrics my sister originally heard for Electric 6's "Danger! High Voltage".

To understand her version, you must understand that "Pizzaville" is a local pizza place.

Fire in the disco!
Fire in the... Taco Bell!
Fire in the disco!
Fire in the... Pizzaville!

Gates of hell, Pizzaville- they really aren't all that far off from each other.
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 5:24, Reply)
squonk, you're wrong.
A hard man is good to find
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 4:25, Reply)
Abba once sang:
I was sick and tired of everything
When I called you last night from Tesco's
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 1:54, Reply)
Feargal Sharkey once sang:
A good parking space is hard to find
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 1:50, Reply)
I am a little bunny
My nose is rather runny
My friends all think it's funny
But it snot
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 1:48, Reply)
wrong words?
Actually, these are the right words:

I've got a wooden leg
It helps me walk around
But if one day it should fall off
My bum would hit the ground
(, Tue 1 Feb 2005, 1:47, Reply)
Up until very recently, I was positive that the line in Pretty Green Eyes that goes "It's alright, for your lover has come home," went differently. I suppose it was only until my girlfriend dumped me for saying "It's alright, for your lover has no nose," that it became obvious that I was a bit wrong.

Fortunately, it's a shit song anyway.
(, Mon 31 Jan 2005, 23:29, Reply)
Pies Pies Pies
Sunshine's down so come to town
Set your body free
Hold me tight - gravy me tonight
Tell me you believe

Everybody summertime gravy
You'll remember me
Everybody summertime gravy
Be my gravyr - be my baby

Pies Pies Pies
I'm looking for a good time
Pies Pies Pies
Get ready for my gravy
Pies Pies Pies
I'm looking for a good time
Pies Pies Pies
I'm ready for your gravy
(, Mon 31 Jan 2005, 23:27, Reply)
My sister
was a Take That fan and I'm sure she hasn't forgiven me for revealing that "It only takes some Vinegar" was actually only takes a minute girl... but if only vinegar could make you fall in love.
(, Mon 31 Jan 2005, 23:17, Reply)

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