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This is a question Walkman Flashbacks

There you are innocently going about your day when suddenly a particular song transports you back to a specific time and place.

For me, Animotion's Obssession instantly brings back the fear and nerves of school exams. And you? Tell us all about it.

(, Thu 24 Mar 2005, 10:56)
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Offspring - Americana (the album)
reminds me of the day I finally left my secondary school, which was one of the happiest days of my life. Yay.
(, Sun 27 Mar 2005, 11:21, Reply)
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
Many associations (that I totally forgot until I read Loz's post):

My cousin sings it at ALL family weddings/engagement parties (after several VB's) ... except for another cousin's engagement party, where the fiance sang it - and was interrupted with, "If you keep singing that, I WILL lose the loving feeling! Dick! Shut UP!"

It's become a bit of a strange in-joke in our family ...

Also reminds me of a guy I liked a lot last year, who is obsessed with the movie, "Top Gun".

And: Bonnie Tyler, "Total Eclipse of the Heart", reminds me of the time I gouged-out the eyes on my brothers' baby photos with a pen, because I thought they were pictures of me. The video for the song had some people with a kind-of eyeless, glowing-eye thing happening and was popular at the time(at least, I think that's why!)
(, Sun 27 Mar 2005, 10:36, Reply)
Oh the memories!
Sequential order:

1. Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" reminds me of when I was 2 years old... and pissing on my aunt's lap

2. Tears for Fears "Shout" - playing with my new kitten whilst listening to the radio

3. Kim Mitchell "Patio Lanterns"/Starship "We Built This City" - my parents and their friends lounging, drinking beer and smoking ganja

4. Skinny Puppy's 'Cleanse Fold and Manipulate' album because it never left my Walkman
(, Sun 27 Mar 2005, 8:15, Reply)
The Righteous Brothers
You've Lost That Loving Feeling. Takes me right back to a few years ago, on the tube, me and my mate both really pissed, and going back to his place. I start singing/shouting this song at him, then we come to Kings Cross, and I think "might as well just get the train home now," and do so.

Problem is, my mate doesn't remember me doing that. Wakes up the next day with a horrible hangover and I'm not there. Cue frantic phone calls and text messages asking where I am, and hoping I'm not wandering around London lost and drunk somewhere.
(, Sun 27 Mar 2005, 5:06, Reply)
Around the World
Is by Daft Punk.

Oh, everytime I hear a Matthew Sweet song it makes me want to tie boulders to my ex girlfriends ankles and throw her off a pier for the piranhas to feast. Not bitter. Maybe
(, Sun 27 Mar 2005, 3:44, Reply)
when i hear the radiohead album the bends
get a flashback of being 17 pissed on black vodka , and throwing my wallet at a doorman
(, Sun 27 Mar 2005, 2:04, Reply)

I can really relate to Radiohead's Amnesiac, because, umm...
(, Sun 27 Mar 2005, 2:00, Reply)
friggin emo!
all emo music annoys me

emotional music

its all just bloody wingeing to shit rock

go and do it somewhere else out of earshot please
(, Sun 27 Mar 2005, 0:52, Reply)
Mogwai's Album young team reminds me of the worst sex EVER.

if you are familiar with mogwai, you will know that its notthe fastest of most even of music...

having sex to it is bad... i started to thrust in rhythem to the song, Complete fucking disaster. im surprised she even slept with me again after quite the most boring sex that anyone has ever been witness to.

mogwai... so totally banned when shagging
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 23:52, Reply)
Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy
reminds me of the time when I died on stage playing that song. The singer and I kept getting lost. I would play the verse while she was singing the chorus, or i'd be playing the chorus while she was still on the bridge. I've never played that song since.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 23:47, Reply)
...and Positive
Anything from the late 90s reinds me of high school, which was a happy time period for me (strange but true)

Anything from the Matrix2 soundtrack reminds me of going to see two midnight showings within 24 hours (ah, the days before getting bogged down by classes). I've suffered from Matrix burnout ever since.

"Graduation song" by Vitamin C reminds me of high school graduation (of course)

"Ironic" by alanis morrisette reminds me of the few happy moments during 7th grade

"Hands" by Jewel came to me after I'd passed out from watching about 7 hours of 9/11 coverage (some sad but positive energy was needed, I guess).

PS to Leglesswonder: the song is called "Around the World" by ATC or XTC; those are the only lyrics, and it is bloody annoying.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 23:18, Reply)
Megadeth's youthanasia album reminds me of final fantasy 3 (or 6 depending on where you're from). Luckily I never listen to the crap anymore.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 23:12, Reply)
I cannot stand "Hot in Hurr" by Nelly, anything by Daft Punk, and the only 2 songs I've ever heard by Dashboard Confessional on the radio: a break-up song (aren't they all?) and the one that goes "my heart is yours to burn or bury/or wear like jewelry... I wish someone could kill me/so I die happy..." for post-dormlife-related reasons. Actually, if I'd heard Dashboard Confessional but a few weeks earlier I probably would've offed myself... bloddy emo.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 23:01, Reply)
Bright eyes....
Art Garunkel's Bright Eyes always makes me cry.

Not because of the cute little bunnies, or the cover version by Stephen Gately...

When I was 5 years old, it was on the radio, and my mum decided she was going to brush my hair for me and it hurt like hell. The thought of that song now makes my scalp tingle.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 22:30, Reply)
Republica - Baby I'm Ready To Go
my first kiss and my first hand inside bra fumbling incident in one little 3 minute package... and 30 seconds later it was also playing the first time i ever got decked by someone's boyfriend

ahhh... happy memories
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 22:27, Reply)
I don't even know most of the words to the song
but a song called something like 'around the world' (which are the only words i know of the song)was stuck my head in every single one of my exams last summer, and i haven't got a clue why. Although i have a bad feeling it was probably a song my crazy head made up, but it was bloody annoying.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 22:20, Reply)
Okay. Stonesour's 'Bother' reminds me off telling a good friend of mine that I fancied her a lot. She didn't care, the bitch.

Jimmy Eat World's 'The Middle' reminds me of another time that I told a good friend of mine that I fancied her a lot. She cared, god bless her. Didn't go out with me though, did she? Wench.

Puddle of Mudd's 'Blurry' reminds me of a girl I love who loves me too. She lives miles upon miles away. Well really, shine on.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 21:40, Reply)
yeahh! by Usher
always brings back a strong memory of getting my dick sucked by a rather largely boobed hooker in Amsterdam! dangerous memory to have when walking around in public..
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 21:28, Reply)
batered to fuck

responsible for safety i am


never 6tajke4 a fugfging alive

praticingsilver bullits they have

Fuickled i am

*orc ned tyherapy and a na\p&
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 21:19, Reply)
Sorry mate... I'm a music-journalist-in-training, it's just my default setting. Funny enough, it reminds me of being 8 years old, and it is indeed a shite song.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 21:02, Reply)
REM's Imitation Of Life...
...always reminds me of using Macromedia Flash. Odd.
Oh, and They Might Be Giants' The End of The Tour reminds me of the girl I'm currently stalking.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 20:43, Reply)
Oooh, let me think
This could be quite long, just to forewarn you.

The Teletubbies theme tune reminds me standing sulkily in the corner of a school disco at my junior school. I assume it was released as a single or something, or maybe I just went to a very odd school.

Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It) reminds me of drunken parties at my mates house two summers ago. Now I come to think of it, it may well have been playing when I first snogged the bloke who's been my boyfriend ever since.

In a similar vein, moving on to last summer, Finch - Letters To You reminds me of being very, very stoned in the same mate's house with him playing it on acoustic. As a result, I only ever listen to the acoustic version now.

Somewhere inbetween the two, the whole of the album A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms very vividly takes me back to sitting in the aformentioned boyfriend's room and kissing non-stop for the first five or six songs. And although I'm pretty sure it wasn't the same night, it makes me think of the first time we had sex. He wonders why I love that CD so much!

There's a couple of songs his band do that he wrote while mucking about on my guitar, sitting on my bed as I was lying on it, usually naked and shagged out, so whenever he plays them now I get that soppy warm tingly feeling. Awwwww. Although it still irritates the shit out of me whenever he decides to pick the bloody thing up when all I want to do is cuddle and fall asleep.

I've got a motown compilation I remember my mum playing constantly when I was little, which I used to spazz out to in out lounge. And still do, come to think of it :S

Finally, that Little Mouse With Clogs On song had been stuck in my head for the past couple of weeks thanks to the b3ta talk board. I keep blurting it out at the most inopportune moments, like at the dentists the other day. Damn you, b3ta!!

I say finally, I'm sure I'll think of more. Sorry for boring you.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 20:39, Reply)
Dolly Parton's "9 to 5"
always reminds me of fucking about on office chairs
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 20:09, Reply)
listened to Honeycrack (yarred it. thankyou limewire)
It reminded me of driving to Reading from Prestatyn at 2am in a knackered VW Passat to see my ex. Then driving back the following day at 3am cos we'd had a row and spilt up. The car broke just as i got home as well. Strangely, I enjoyed listening to the album again anyway. Time heals and all that cliched bollocks.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 19:59, Reply)
the new travis song
reminds me of all the other travis songs....

and this maniacal urge to kill people with pseudo mohicans...
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 18:40, Reply)
macc lads
brings out the smell of ralgex and vas and filthy rugby changing rooms

beer and sex and chips and gravy

post script I run a wine museum and I am cunted out of me mind on the cocktail guys prctice matinins


can't wait till some cunt wants complain!
never take me alive.....
*orc needs nap*
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 18:37, Reply)
Private Psychadelic Reel - The Chemical Brothers
Should always soundtrack that moment at a music festival when you get up at 6am and walk through the dawn campsites in near silence... That track always reminds me of it.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 16:59, Reply)
Are you kidding? Half of the people posting on this board are the iPod generation - they have no concept of a portable device with moving parts that plays ejectable cassettes ...

Edit; "Listening to my iPod and gaming on the playstation" are far too common themes in this post!

on the other hand
"moonlight mile" by the Rolling Stones makes we think of standing in the rain, looking up at the beautiful sky. I was out in our stables' courtyard when I was 10. I can even remember the T-Shirt I was wearing as I was drenched to the skin - a present from my Dad's trip to Africa. It had a lion on. Then a horse bit me.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 16:56, Reply)
Lynrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama
It always makes me think of my youth in rural Alabama.

I've never quite put my finger on why

Also, Taj Mahal's Fishin Blues always reminds me of fishing.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 16:12, Reply)
The entirety of The Mars Volta's Deloused in the Comatorium
reminds me of Egypt, probably because when i mainly listened to it I was reading a book about the French guy who deciphered hieroglyphics. It all fits strangely well!

Oh, and Linkin Park's first album reminds me of playing Grandia on the PS1.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2005, 15:32, Reply)

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