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This is a question When were you last really scared?

We'd been watching the Shining. We were staying in an old church building. In hindsight, taking the shortcut home after midnight, in the mist, through the old graveyard was a bad idea.

I'm not sure what started it, but suddenly all the hairs on my neck had gone up and I was crapping myself. It was almost as bad as when, after a few cups of coffee too many and buzzing on caffeine, I got freaked out by my own reflection in the toilets.

When were you last really scared?

(, Thu 22 Feb 2007, 15:43)
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Isn't a glowing cross the same as a burning cross - with many bad impressions that go with it....
(, Thu 1 Mar 2007, 13:02, Reply)
My ex landlord
Of the pub variety, not the rent variety (though I did spend a vast amount of money on renting alcohol from him) once had a fright which became legendary in the pub.

The pub was called the Angel, and it was at the bottom of a hill called Newcastle Hill, so called because there had been a castle up there. Or something. Anyway, there may not have been a castle any more but there was a church. Half way up the hill.

One night, our dear landlord woke up needing to relieve himself, and scratching himself awake, he stumbled past the window to head along to the loo. Nothing unusual there.

What was unusual was the hugenormous glowing cross that was suspended in the sky, just outside his window. Apparently, it was lucky he was naked as he promptly shat himself. He told everyone about it. Convinced some god was after him for his sins.

He felt ever such a silly when he found out that the church had spent their hard earned collection money on a hugenormous glowing cross and had got it rigged up just that week...
(, Thu 1 Mar 2007, 12:28, Reply)
hidden tracks
yep not a fan of them. especially when you havent realised the music's gone off and then it begins!
(, Thu 1 Mar 2007, 12:13, Reply)
ipswich dockyard
I was 15 1/2 and shagging ginger Pat, who was 19 and loved it anywhere, everywhere and anytime-including one time breaking into a solicitors office so's we could 'do it in comfort' and being young dumb full of cum I dumped her for Linda who frankly was a lot less barking.
So ginge decides to tell Daddy she's up the duff & me not knowing this agreed to meet with her at the pier for a chat: Daddy being a Docker spread the word amongst his mates to look out for me & administer the apparently much needed kicking. I hid for 3 hours under a crate, tarpaulins and other such dock smelly shit before slinking off not much the wiser.

length? at 15 it can fill a pram, a cot & a maternity ward.
(, Thu 1 Mar 2007, 12:04, Reply)
Summer of 2005
I was on a camping trip, in a tent with all girls. We had just gone top bed, when we heard something. Didn't scare us that much, as there were lots of other people on the campsite. Then it continued - a scratching noise on the side of the tent. Someone stuck their head out of the door to see who it was, but couldn't see anyone. It continued - getting slightly louder. Most of us were starting to feel a bit uneasy. The tent started moving, as if someone was pulling the guy ropes. By this time, we were convinced that we were about to be killed in a dreadful way, and all they would find of us in the morning would be our dead bodies hanging on the outside of the tents. Then, something started trying to get in to the tent by climbing under the flysheet. One of my friends screamed. There was a pause, then we heard it going away.

Turned out a few of the boys we had met the day before was trying to get in. Why they couldn't have just said it was them I don't know, but they seemed to find it very funny.
(, Thu 1 Mar 2007, 11:54, Reply)
Should we see who can get the last post, as a kind of two fingers up to all those who've managed to get the first post...
.. I was second post once!!!!

way hey for me!
(, Thu 1 Mar 2007, 11:33, Reply)
Sitting here tapping my fingers knowing that no-one is going to post anything new at this time....
tap, tap, tap, tap...
(, Thu 1 Mar 2007, 11:32, Reply)

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