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This is a question My Greatest Regrets

When I was still quite young, I was offered the chance to spend several weeks in the South of France. My Uncle was going to drive me down in his vintage MG sports car. There would be sun, sand and, crucially, French girls.

I was too scared of the French girls to go.

What do you regret not doing?

(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:25)
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Drugs are bad, Mm'kay?


Not going back to Uni and doing a second degree, or even a Masters. OK, no way could I afford it, but man do I regret it.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 17:04, Reply)
One I've just remembered
And unfortunately it involves sex, just like seemingly all the other answers to this question.

Three years ago. I was 17 and had a gay friend who introduced me to his stunningly beautiful best mate, let's call her Sophie (for that was her name). I'd liked her ever since first meeting her, and I got the feeling she liked me too, despite me being a complete pisshead and a bit of a druggie at the time (which is probably why she wouldn't admit it to anyone.)

Fast forward 12 months, I'd organised a house party at the gay guy's house and I think I was the only straight bloke there. I brought decks, a soundsystem, lots of banging tunes, and even lighting. The party went well, I spun tunes until 5 in the morning then the combined effects of the night's indulgence overtook me and I ended up collapsing on the floor of the bedroom upstairs, with 4 of my other mates sleeping on the double bed.

I'm just beginning to get to sleep when in walks Sophie, who lies down next to me on the floor, snuggles up to me, and starts kissing me.

"Weyhey!" I think, things develop, my hand moves down her nubile body, I start fingering her, her hand moves down into my pants...

er, fuck.

Could I get it up after a night of caning whizz and pills?

No, could I fuck as like.

(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 16:54, Reply)
Only the Usual...
I regret not biting the bullet and going to study a Masters Degree in World Cinema in South Africa...

I regret not waiting for the job I really wanted rather than taking this one...

I regret that I only worry about the things that I can't change...

But hey, all my regrets and things I did wrong only serve to make me the person I am, which I'm pretty happy with :O)
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 16:21, Reply)
Bad years
I spent about five years living in poverty in Edinburgh (including living next to a dead man see here) and trying to become a writer. I don't regret the last bit as I was quite successful and now am an academic.

But I did spend a lot of the five years in a state of depression due to living in shit flats, not having any money to go out or make new friends, and living with a paranoid and manipulative girlfriend (I couldn't afford to go anywhere else).

Looking back on it, I could have still have got where I'm now even if I had got a part time job, gone out more and made some more friends, and dumped the girlfriend.

All that romantic living in poverty shit was just a waste of five years of my life.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 16:20, Reply)
My regrets
I regret hitting my mum when I was 13. Worst thing I have ever done. I didn't even mean to hit her. Its okay now. I am the best son in the world accroding to her.

I also regret pining for an ex

I also regret letting this shockingly hot girl get dragged away by her freinds. She was mine - I was supposed to go home with her!

I regret not having more money.

Thats about it. Everything else is aok.

Except I also regret not making a video of my girlfriends uncles house which was unbeleivable!
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 16:01, Reply)
"Non, je ne regrette rien" (…Aye right…)
Went out with a young French language student a number of years ago - things were going pretty amazingly and she kinda moved in with me for a few months before returning to the Land of the Soap-Free for a couple of weeks Spring holiday.

My biggest regret (with the benefit of hindsight) was saying yes to visiting her and her friends for the second week of her visit home.

This being in the days before cheap flights, meant a 300 mile drive to London, a gonad-tighteningly expensive last minute flight to Paris, a train to station number 1, taxi to station number 2 and a 3 hour train trip to Nantes.

Being a tad besotted with her, I put her slightly cool reception and subsequent oddities down to some form of home-territorial gallic aloofness. It later transpired that she’d copped off with her old boyfriend a couple of nights before I’d arrived and everyone, apart from myself, was in the know.

Hurrah – enter stage, left deeply interesting Scottish boyfriend, exit stage right Jock Arse.

Laughed ? I was touched up by a 6 foot homosexual on the metro on the way back through Paris. Hey…at least the journey wasn’t totally wasted.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 15:18, Reply)
Please click I like this so it circulates the web - it deserves recognition!!
Google buys YouTube, but due to the excellent brand value and market recognition they decide the name will remain the same....

regrets for the all the bukkake lovers out there....

We could have ended up with GooTube!! Germans would have gone mad....
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 15:12, Reply)
I regret.....
...having totally trusted my ex-girlfriend. The bitch 'dear John`d me' left me with a dose, heavy debts (& heart)& walzed off into the sunset with another man`s baby in her belly.

(I can laugh about it now though, as she`s a heroin addict, has been in jail several times & gets the odd slap off Mr Fuckin sunset!)
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 14:37, Reply)
It all...
...seemed like such a good idea at the time.

I didn't participate in the World Courier Championships in Copenhagen back in '02. Twunt of a boss wouldn't give me time of. First and last time I'll ever get the chance to be world class at anything.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 14:37, Reply)
..she narrowly survived a life threatening illness.

Sorry mate, end of chat w/you.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 14:20, Reply)
Archie and Kate
IS Kate happily married? Or does she spend her days thinking of what could have been with Archie Bubba?
Perhaps Archie ruined her self-esteem for life, and should never be forgiven?
I propose B3ta investigates, and publishes the results. We have a right to know.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 14:17, Reply)
I know Kate, both from back then and now - she's happily married. No bullshit mate.

If you know anything, which I'm sure you do, she was quite ill a while back, aged 'bout 30...Lazy Toad now called Bar Flux.

You got email?

Shouldn't use surnames mate ;O)
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 14:11, Reply)
I only have one regret. I'm shit at remembering dates but it was probably 10 years ago. I was 21/22, working in a bar in Beckenham Kent (the lazy toad), single, living at home, money to burn with drugs on tap. In fact looking back it was the time of my life. Long story short, I started seeing Kate (real name). Kate used to come to the bar all the time with a group of friends I knew. She was lovely. She was sweet and pretty and she really liked me. All was great for a couple of months until Kirsty started working at the bar and I had my head turned in a big way. These things happen I know but instead of doing the decent thing and finishing with Kate in the honest and mature way that she deserved, I treated her like shit and I think ended up breaking her heart (the think part is because I never saw her again to find out)
Those years are behind me now and to be truthful I havent been sitting here pinning for Kate and what could have been. However I've always carried with me the guilt of how I treated someone so badly when all they did was like me.
So Kate Wade, if by some slim chance your reading this or someone who knows you can pass on a message, I'm really sorry for the way I treated you and I hope that you've had a happy 10 years, as you really deserve it

(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 13:46, Reply)
broken me leg
My regret: I’ve broken me leg
I was painting a ceiling, standing on a ladder and using a roller above me head, bored witless, and I got to thinking of white paint…
i was 14, staying with my parents in a French hotel, my first ever stay in a hotel and first ever time in a big room of my own, it had white walls, with tasteful pctures and big mirrors and eye dazzling white sheets on the bed…
I woke up in the morning with just one sheet over me, tent central.
I’d been woken by the maid bringing in juice and croissants, she looked about 18 and smiled at me and the er, tent in a low voice she asked ‘if I wanted anything else’ I was blush red and said ‘no thanks, that’s fine’ and she put the tray beside the bed.
‘are you sure ‘m’sieur that I cannot get you anything else?’ I said no again
still smiling,she started for the door, at the door she said ‘are you sure I cannot do anything for you?’

And that’s why I fell off the ladder…its taken me 20 years to realise what she meant
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 13:14, Reply)
The only one I liked
was the taped first series of Ren & Stimpy, which I regret not punching the erase tag on before my mum decided to tape a shitty Fred Astaire film. That is the least of my regrets, but too many people know me for me to spill the beans here.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 12:32, Reply)
not being born 5 years later and going to st andrews
i could have been kate middleton. bitch.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 11:28, Reply)
Letting my half pissed mate cut my hair with a stanley knife blade
"No worries, it will look fine."
10 minutes later and I look like a belsen reject and have a lovely scar at the back to finish it off.
What was i thinking?
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 11:16, Reply)
Telling the one girl who meant the most to me I didn't have feelings for her. Goddamnit.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 10:32, Reply)
I won't add to the list of posts that already contain regretted missed chances with shags (unbelievable 17 year old all over me when I was 21 and I didn't "get it" arrgghh)
I just regret wasting the best years of my life with a fat turdy mound of a man who spent 13 years battering my self esteem to the size of a gnat's clit.

But I'm not bitter, just slightly tart.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 10:25, Reply)
Curse the Lord
I went through a Christian stage when I was younger. I believed in Sin and Hell and the Lord. It was during this period that I TURNED DOWN the following opportunities because Jesus wouldn't have liked it:

1) Taking part in a study during which I'd be able to take medical grade opium under lab conditions to gauge its effects.
2) Becoming an in-house photographer for Penthouse Magazine.
3) Having sexual intercourse with a Swedish lingerie model who was hot for me.
4) Investing in a fledgling internet project called 'You Tube'.
5) Sharing a bedroom with Cara Mendez, the Venezuelan blow job champion.

Now I have rejected the Lord and I cannot go back to those days.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 9:49, Reply)
A list...
I regret:

*Watching too so many low-budget horror movies,thus turning myself into a nervous,jumpy wreck.

* Breaking into Hyde Park at night and ending up with a scar on my arse from the fence.

* Eating all the metaphorical pies as a child.

* Most of my exes.

* Letting a nutter pierce my ear, which then turned black...

* Cutting all my long hair of in a Brian Molko influenced fit of fangirliness.

* Not speaking to said Molko when confronted with him backstage once.

* Only having one tooth taken out, which has left my teeth off centre.

* Starting college,then never going...

* Spending all my money on buying food in london...

Sure theres more actually...
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 9:38, Reply)
My mate went out with a Welsh girl
She messed him about a lot. He certainly regrets Rhianne.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 9:28, Reply)
My greatest regret....
..was listening to b3ta and google-image-searching "Tubgirl".
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 9:11, Reply)
Friends in High Places?
I used to work as a Scullery Boy for the Freemasons. I'm bitterly disappointed that I didn't manage to infiltrate their organisation.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 8:03, Reply)
no matter how badly you regret something, always remember

You didn't have anything to do with the Dungeons and Dragons movie.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 6:20, Reply)

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