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This is a question My Greatest Regrets

When I was still quite young, I was offered the chance to spend several weeks in the South of France. My Uncle was going to drive me down in his vintage MG sports car. There would be sun, sand and, crucially, French girls.

I was too scared of the French girls to go.

What do you regret not doing?

(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:25)
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"I could have been a contender...I could have been somebody..."
I don't regret my entire life, but I do rue and lament it.
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:36, Reply)
I regret never going down the pro-footballer route when I was younger. Lucky gits look at how much they get now, that could have been me.

Ho hum.
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:25, Reply)
Nope. None. Just lessons learned.
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:21, Reply)
i read this as
my greatest regards. that would have sucked. this is much better. i'll think of something in a minute, where the hell do i start from other than reiterating the "my c*nt of an ex-boyfriend and boss shat the bed" story. sadly with my life, that's the tip of the iceberg...

... shagging him again all last weekend. even though it's over. that's in the top 3 at the moment, i can tell you...
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:20, Reply)
You can work it out..
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:18, Reply)
*bursts into song*

Je ne regrette rien....
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:10, Reply)
Something I regret doing....
When I was 15, I tried to impress a girl by making her stick an apple on her head by a dartboard and me throw a dart at it.

It missed the apple.

Luckily it missed the girl.

Worringly it missed the dartboard.

Even today when I think about it, how it could of gone so horribly wrong, and I cringe.
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:09, Reply)
My only regret....
...is that I have....*gasp*.....boneitis

Oh, I also regret not going to see my friend Jon in hospital before he died....
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:06, Reply)
I regret
having no regrets!
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:04, Reply)
One of mine, that dosent involve birds arses!
How these turned out!

The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
Revenge of the Sith

(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:03, Reply)
Having just split from the ex, I regret not making the 'home-movies' as we'd discussed.

Or having the 3some she was always up for.

(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:02, Reply)
Mostly dating-related
I'm incredibly dense when it comes to women. "No, really, I'm sure she just wants to be friends."

Saying no to Beth in 8th grade
Saying no to Michelle in 9th grade
Not asking out Tiffany in 10th grade
Not asking out Tiffany in 11th grade
Not having the schnutz to dump Sheryl in 11th grade when it was obvious she was cheating on me
Not asking out Jennifer in 12th grade
Not asking out Melinda in 1st year of college
Not asking out Dawn in 2nd year of college
Not asking out a different Melinda in 3rd year of college
Not asking out Glade in 4th year of college

Good God, I still remember all these names! I've no illusions that it would've worked out with any of them (and I am as happy as can be with Setimrette), but at least I'd know I took my best shot.

Summary: I regret taking dating way too seriously and not having any fun until I was almost 30 and wasted 15 years on being a clingy, neurotic dingbat.
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:02, Reply)
100% Cock, QC
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:02, Reply)
Where to start?
2nd Year of Uni - Been a barren one, went to isle of wight festival, went out boozing the night before the festival, got in a taxi with 6 (thats right 6 ladies) to go back to a girls house who was putting me up for the night. I was drunk (66p for 1664 - Bargain!) and got given living room carpet.

Younger sister asked if I wanted to share her bed, I agreed. Drunken things happened. My regret - her being twice my size (I'm fairly well set) I nearly chundered when I woke up!

3rd year - Pulled the ex of one of my mates, went home, in bed with her. Seal the deal? Not a chance, mates sounded like they were having more fun downstairs. She left. Arse.

Saying no to Claire in year 9. I'm an idiot. Why would I say no to a girl I'd fancied for a year, and would long after for another 3 years.

This is better than therapy!
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 14:00, Reply)
...not ordering an extra 10 grams of K
..when my friend asked me how much i wanted.

Damn, 5 grams gone in 2 nights, and no chance of any more for another 2 years, most likely.
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:59, Reply)
staying sober...
...in a house full of really quite incredibly lovely, spectacularly gorgeous, slightly odd, fantastically rich young men on a new years eve.

the pressure got to me and i drank a whole bottle of jack daniels to 'steady my nerves'.

I recall nothing after the first drink but crawling down a corridor crying for my friend.

I don't drink now.
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:55, Reply)
and public toilets
a girl i used to work with (and regularly snog when we both had beer inside us) invited me to the toilets of the Lotts Road pub, for some hard & fast. I bottled it. fuck it
Tia, if you're reading this, sorry you went and waited - i was drunk and would have been shit
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:51, Reply)
could've nailed her
pulled a girl I was lecturing after a messy breakup. We got in bed and I went "I'm either tired or horny - lets try horny" before going down on her. Then right as she dragged me up to seal the deal I got a stupid costly moment of remorse and thinking of my lost love. Like a twat I said "I think I'm tired after all" and rolled over and went to sleep. Stupid Stupid bastard! She was very hot. Left the next day in silence. If your out there......Im so sorry.
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:50, Reply)
Argentinian non-sex
I was working in an isolated town in China. I was the only westerner for 60km and looked forward to the weekends when I could meet up with others.

One week, I agreed to meet up with a gorgeous Argentinian girl callerd Lara. We met in an equidistant town, booked a hotel room (twin beds) and spent the day together.

She told me about her family, her upbringing, her ex-boyfriends. We drank coffee and talked culture shock. We visited ornamental gardens, got drunk and laughed.

I didn't know if I should try it on when she emerged from the shower later that night, hair wet and skin smelling of soap. I didn't know if it would ruin the mood. So I didn't try anything.

I didn't sleep. I didn't shag her.

Three weeks later she was with another English guy who lived near her town. I wish I could ask her if I did the right thing.
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:46, Reply)
My day trip
to Fulham
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:46, Reply)
im not a homo'ist i promise
one time, i told a man the classic, "how do you get a gay man to shag your wife", "shit in her fanny" joke.

turns out he was gay.

(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:45, Reply)
regret answering this...
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:43, Reply)
Regret only what you have never done...
That is all...

Except incest and Morris dancing... you should regret those!
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:38, Reply)
gorgeous little kiwi girls
After an unexpected heart to heart with my best friend, a beautiful little kiwi who shall remain nameless (for the moment), we ended up snogging drunkenly on the tube home. I promised to tell my then girlfriend that it was all over and embark on a new start. I bottled it and ended up dragging out a bitter and messy long split, rather than going out with a girl who openly loved me for who i was, faults and all. Netta, if you're reading this - Im really sorry.
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:37, Reply)
A motto for life
Never regret this things you do, only those you don't.

My personal greatest things i regret are actually the "birds" i didn't do. They still live in my dreams.

The others that i did however share fluids with are long long gone and forgotten. (apart from Mrs van der trance)
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:37, Reply)
Not asking out
My mates younger fit sister when she was 16 and had a huge crush on me
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:35, Reply)
One day I'll be first,
Anyway, not learning to drive sooner, I'm 30 and only passed when I was 26, I spent my student days as a passenger and hated it, having to get the bus and train was a nightmare as well.

*slips on string back leather driving gloves*
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:33, Reply)
Being first!

Perssing F5 until the topic comes up because I'm sad like that sometimes.

Edit: oh... NOT doing!

Dumping my slag ex girlfriend who cheated on me countless times that bit sooner.
(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:29, Reply)

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