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This is a question Sexism

Freddie Woo tells us: Despite being a well rounded modern man I think women are best off getting married and having a few kids else they'll be absolutely miserable come middle age.

What views do you have that are probably sexist that you believe are true?

(, Sun 27 Dec 2009, 12:23)
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Nothing wrong with Sexism if its used to your advantage
As those who are aware of my previous post I have a healthy sized 30F bust and God Damn Proud of it!

I hate waiting in line at the bar to get drink when is stupidly busy and taking most people 20 minutes to get served. Me in my genius wisdom since I am a women unbuttons my shirt, exposes an much of my snugglesacks as possible aims for the part of the bar with the most men and walks stright to the front of the bar. Batting my eye lids and letting all the unsuspecting men have an eye full took me less than 3 minutes to get served! Jackpot!

It works so well that my brother and dad dont bother going to the bar anymore when its busy they just send me!
Shamefull but it works.

As i work in a job that requires me to wear a nice uniform (not actually that attractive) but the idea seems to have most men hot under the collar.
Driving home from work late one night, I get stopped by this nice traffic cop.
Me being me, unzipped my uniform slightly, rolls the window down and smiled sweetly at the nice officer.
I appologised and said i had a really bad day at work and just wanted to get home. I was really really sorry.
I got a little telling off and a very nice smile for the nice man but no ticket!
Again Jackpot!

There are many many more incidences where my snugglesacks have worked in my favour.
There the best asset I have and I Will continue to use them to my advantage until they go south.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 2:09, 60 replies)
Being nice to cops works well
I was stopped doing about 60 in a 30, totally got away with it.

maybe the cop was gay?
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 2:14, closed)
You were doing 60 in a 30?
Are you completely fucking retarded? Seriously, I hope when you eventually murder someone (and it is 'murder', not 'kill'), I hope it's your own family rather than someone else's.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:14, closed)
^ most definitely this
a ton of steel moving at 60mph is a deadly weapon.

"Speed doesn't kill" they cry

I think they'll find that it's the deciding factor.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:46, closed)
Yes, speed kills
That's why you'll never find me in an aeroplane. They can do over 300mph!
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:11, closed)
Come on now, don't hold back,
you can say what you really think.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:04, closed)
It's subjective
I've seen 30 zones in some fucking stupid places - a dual carriageway near me for example. A straight road, clear visibility, no pavements, 30ft walls up both sides of the thing, and a 30 limit. No need - it's perfectly safe to do 60 down it, and most people do so.

Just because its a 30 doesn't automatically mean its lined with small children waiting to jump in front of you.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:08, closed)
No it isn't
Murder requires "malice aforethought" ie intent. It would be causing death by dangerous driving, so 'kill' is fine.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:48, closed)
In my professional life
I see a fair few "snugglesacks" (great expression btw - may use it myself) on a regular basis. Having looked at your pic, c'est formidable!
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 2:57, closed)
its par for the course...
And I dont blame you for taking that advantage. Woman I care about has 38H and she always wears rather low cut tops and always seems to have them exposed - needless to say, I'm not complaining!
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 3:24, closed)
As long as she's sharing the wealth.

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:15, closed)
Do you put out a lot also?
Or are you just being a provocative tease?

Would you think it was justified if a random bloke took it the wrong way and decided to have a feel or give you a serve of what you must be seeking walking around with your tits out?

Yes, you are right, I am jealous of your fun bags!
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 3:26, closed)
I'm sure they're lovely,
but would that ever be an excuse for copping a grope? How could you ever justify that?
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 9:47, closed)
When he's pushing them away out of his face and telling her to fuck off down the back of the line.

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:16, closed)
Well said sir.
I take it all back. There is justification in this instance.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:22, closed)
Boobs, FTW!
That is all.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 3:55, closed)
Show me your tits...
...and I'll click 'I lIke This'.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 6:40, closed)
Yeah', creepy.

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:16, closed)
Fantastic...S...tory I mean.
wank Click!
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 9:09, closed)
pics or it didn't happen

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 9:17, closed)
There Ya Go...

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 9:33, closed)
This will identify me as a lady
But 30F, do you have back issues from being so petite in circumference?
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 9:25, closed)
She always has a supply of men to walk backwards in front of her to support them by the sounds of it.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 9:27, closed)
Isn't the cup size
measured in proportion to the chest size? My friend has a girlfriend with 30Fs, and the breasts themselves aren't any bigger than 32D/DD woman would have
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 10:20, closed)
yep, that's true
but generally someone who's 30F is going to have a smaller frame to support them, hence the back issues.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 10:56, closed)
I was going to mention this
My missus is a 32DD (or thereabouts) and judging by the picture, hers are way bigger than snugglesacks's, er, snugglesacks.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:40, closed)
Mrs Spark
has heavenly boobs (28H) back pain is the terrible price to pay!
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 10:24, closed)
Yea since I'm only 5ft 3 And A size 8. Back pain is an issue.
I'm blaming my motorbike crash for that. Even tho it's my snugglesacks that
cause it
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:20, closed)
You just get better and better.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:26, closed)
How to get on favourites page when posting on the last day
Rule #1 - Mention you have a 30F bust.

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 9:50, closed)
Rule #2
Post a picture.

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 10:01, closed)
Rule #3
Wait for it to be picked up by Amorous Badger and added to the QOTW Fail Archive.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 10:39, closed)
I've been waiting for his input.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 10:42, closed)
I think this is too much fail for him to even bother, to be honest
I suspect the whole week will just be linked to. It's pretty epic fail.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 10:54, closed)
Oh Finn McCool, you must have all the ladies eating out the palm of your hand.

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:18, closed)
After I ejaculate into my hand
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:02, closed)
This is a perfect summary of this QOTW

I despair.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 10:41, closed)
But we're all too pre-occupied with the badoobies
to notice the reality.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:12, closed)
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:02, closed)
me too.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:47, closed)
Theres a link to my snugglesacks on my profile

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 10:51, closed)
Oh, good.
My dreams have come true.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 10:52, closed)
Broken link

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:07, closed)
They're not that impressive
either that or you have really big manhands
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:16, closed)
I like how your low self-esteem leads to you making use of your only semi redeaming feature; your breasts.

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:18, closed)
A shame, really. But not her fault (*see above*).
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:23, closed)
I'm not allowed to reply to you.

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 10:54, closed)
recursive paradox
is recursive.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 10:57, closed)
In Soviet Russia
thread replies to YOU!!!
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:08, closed)
I love the way fat birds always yammmer on about having big tits.

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:02, closed)
and even BIGGER personalities!

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:03, closed)

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:06, closed)
If I've been waiting 10 minutes to be served
you can jiggle your funbags all you like, you'll not push in before me.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 11:51, closed)

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:10, closed)
A girl tried that in a pub I regularly drink in.
She was most put out to see all the barmaids were female, and thus immune to her breasticular charms.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:15, closed)
I've yet to see a male barmaid

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:33, closed)
one of the few things that made me laugh this week :)
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:42, closed)
'me in my genius wisdom since I am a woman'
Yep. Looks like you've got a lot of that going on.
Seriously, love. Put away your low self-esteem and wait your turn at the bar like everybody else.
The one thing worse than a (truly) sexist chap is some stupid bint who plays up to the stereotype for attention.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 12:50, closed)
Also DING.

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 13:10, closed)
^^^ this

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 13:45, closed)
Seems perfectly reasonable to use your assets to your advantage
Got a mate who tries the same thing.

Doesn't get um very far.

Then again, his name is Darren and he's just a fat bastard.

Click, by the way. And if you ever happen to be in North London allow me to buy them, shit! - I mean, YOU a drink. Cheers.
(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 13:23, closed)

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