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This is a question You're a moviestar baby

Setting up a 'greenscreen' at work got me thinking about the films and tv that I've accidentally been in.

Helena Bonham-Carter vehicle "The Heart of Me" was filmed in our old office, and features several of us peering through the curtains whilst they filmed in the square outside. Similarly, my girlfriend was in an episode of the Professionals that was filmed outside her house.

What have you been in the background of?

(, Thu 11 Nov 2004, 11:34)
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They've just been filming Dr Who in Cardiff and everyday I had to walk past where they were filming. I hoped that one day I'd be pulled in as an extra but alas, it was not to be.

I have however been on Question Time & BBC Wales News (hitting the big time, I know)
(, Sun 14 Nov 2004, 15:07, Reply)
I can be seen running
in a field, dressed with white drapes in an obscure french film i won't name.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2004, 14:41, Reply)
BBC bastards
I was cajoled into appearing in the Dr.Who 30th anniversary celebrations. I was recommended by a "friend" in the NNC engineering dept., and all it seems that Auntie wanted was a token fan to look like a tit.

More here:

If you're not a Dr.Who fan, it won't mean much to you.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2004, 13:06, Reply)
Also in byker grove
I was walking through newcastle town centre and two men asked me if i could walk past and drop a coin into a hat as they filmed for byker grove
i actually watched out for me, and they cut off my facce :(
(, Sun 14 Nov 2004, 12:40, Reply)
Charles (Prince)
Was sailing at our local sailing centre as part of a open day - guest star was none other than Prince Charles himself. We're all told to call him 'Sir' not your highness and all that protocol nonsense.

5 minutes before he arrives, my mate pushes me into the dock (git). So I'm standing in the lineup, cold, soaking and shivering and he asks me 'So you've been sailing have you?' so I say 'Nope, I just dress up like this all the time' He looks at me blankly and moves on.
Cue my mates p*ssing themselves - all captured on London Tonight.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2004, 11:30, Reply)
Songs of praise
You couldn't see us on it, but me and a few others shouted "fuck off!" through a window of Middlesex uni halls of residence while there was a live edition of Songs of Praise in a big marquee outside.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2004, 10:33, Reply)
I was a large ginger hedge
on the Saturday Show (with Dani Bear and whatever that bloke was called. Load of shit. I'd never even watched it but tickets were free, so...)

Everyone else was female and quite probably wearing pink. I was a bloke with frankly quite odd hair. And about 2 years older than them. The catch? I was sitting at the very far right, so whenever they did a sweeping shot, I was the first thing on the telly. Nothing like the projected demographic of people who *actually* watch the Saturday Show at all.

It's even more arse-numbingly tedious to be on than it is to watch. I don't know if they still show it. I hope not.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2004, 9:01, Reply)
From Countdown to ecstasy
My best mate won through 3 rounds of 'Countdown' a few years back, which had a certain novelty factor about it because he's a long-haired middle-aged hippy underground rock dude and not your usual sort of contestant (there was even one sublime moment during the 3rd show when the closing credits were replaced by a recording of the Countdown theme performed by my mate, with Carol Vorderman playing air-guitar along to it... oh how we laughed)

So anyway, he and I were sat in a cafe the day after one of the programmes had been aired when an old lady sat behind us piped up, "Excuse me, but didn't I see you on television last night?"

My mate sat up, ruffled up his feathers (as it were) and said "Yes! Did you enjoy it?", to which the woman responded "Not you, him" (pointing at me) "You were on Blind Date, weren't you?"

I hadn't been, but it was a joyous moment nonetheless.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2004, 8:41, Reply)
Kenny Lynch's Hand
I've just played Kenny Lynch's arm in the opening sequence to a shorrt film. I was working on the crew and they needed a stand in. He's black and I'm white so makeup was applied... Felt like a trainee minstrel.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2004, 2:28, Reply)
Various Things..
I've been in the background of a few things. Years and years ago, the film crew from kids show 'False or True' came to my town (Something about the birds making sounds like car alarms), and I was on my way home from school, when we saw them filming so we deliberately kept walking past the person they were filming. Needless to say, not a single shot they took didnt have us in at one point and so they used the clip where you could just see me walk from left to right behind the interviewee.

Also there was a story on the local news about a bypass opening, so me and me dad went out in the car and kept driving round the bypass as they were filming. It was live, so I dont know what was actually shown of us, but my mate assures me you could see me sticking fingers up as we went by.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2004, 0:42, Reply)
child star
yours truly hit tv screens at the tender age of 3 by happening to be in a hospital waiting room playing with lego when scottish news was reporting from. Not great stuff i know but i did manage to tell the nation that "this bit goes here"
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 22:33, Reply)
I are been on telly
I spent my gap year in China teaching highschool kids English. One morning some people from the telly [CCTV, national channel] turned up to record one of my lessons, I wasn't told before hand, and wasn't even timetabled in for a lesson that day. So when I begrudgingly agreed it was just me improvising a drama lesson occasionally shouting PISS, and COCK [They all understand FUCK, sadly] in an attempt to get back at the bastards who dragged me out of bed at 6am after a night out on the piss. Never got a copy but my students said it was excellent.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 22:30, Reply)
Also my Grandad...
was interviewed on the news. Something about being against the council changing the interior of the local church. My Grandad plays the organ for the church every Sunday you see. Anyway, while they were introducing my, hilarious, Grandad it shown him helping a young woman lift her pram up a step into the newsagents. After she'd gone my Grandad made a cheeky smile and gave a thumbs up to the camera. After that he told the reporter why he disagreed with the council. I was pissing myself watching it, just my Grandad talking is bloody hilarious. You've got to see him to believe how funny he is.

So both my Grandad and little brother have been on the news, however I've never appeared on TV :(
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 20:58, Reply)
...oh yeah, a bunch of us used to go up to the darts finals every year in the 90s to Blackpool.

I got on telly jumping out my seat in excitement.

Live darts is not as good as it looks. We used to have to try and liven it up by making darts related headwear. There must be some photos of us out there.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 19:24, Reply)
24 hour party people
I was an extra (you see the back of my head for half a second at the Joy Division gig).

There's a bit where people are booing off "Tony Wilson". Noticeably after the director shout "cut", my mate next to me shouted "fuck off you c&nt" at Steve Coogan, who thought it was me and gave me evils all day!
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 19:22, Reply)
capital one- credit card ads
They have two that I'm in (sort of ), I am a viking marauder chopping off the heads of snowmen in one;and the other i'm a pirate swimming up to someones lakeside barbeque with a knife in between my teeth and a galleon behind me.They were only shown in US tv as far as I know..the catchphrase was 'what's in your wallet?'
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 18:58, Reply)
Midsomer Murders
twice now, the first one was called "Orchis Fatalis", and the last one required me to "Let your facial hair grow a bit, they need shady charactors for pub scenes, so we need you looking a little scruffy"

Right, so just be normal then.

Off I go sporting the most magnificent designer stubble you could imagine, turn up and "Oh we need to have you shaved now" so off I go into one of the portable cabin thingys, who is in there but "John Nettles" ( the *cough* "star" of it ) having his makeup done.

Now Johnny has a wee rep about the place for being a bit of a snoot, likes to be left alone and not spoken to by rabble such as me. The girl was shaving away so as I lay back I felt it fitting to boom: "IT'S TOUGH AT THE TOP, JOHN!!!"

It didn't go down that well. He was putting clear eyes in and almost stabbed himself.

Anyway you get very well fed and earn £55. I had lunch with a bloke who played Grandpa Joe's brother in "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory", so it really was a whos who kind of thing
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 18:34, Reply)
I did work experience for BBC's Watchdog about two April's ago. Ended up being the background surfing the most random thing on the internet (to look like i'm working).

Through that i got to be in the "crowd" for Trinny and Susannah's "what not to wear on the red carpet" had to stand outside in the bloody freezing cold outside a London hotel screaming that we actually like the two annoying creatures. That and it took the fat one at least seven attempts to step out of the car properly. In one take, she even told us to f*ck off when we moaned that she did it wrong again. And what did we get for getting frostbite?
a free sandwich.
but i did appear in the opening title!
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 18:32, Reply)
Silent Witness
Hardly ever filmed in Cambridge although I think it was sort of supposed to be set there. Amanda Burton and some colleague are walking down the middle of Trinity Street and there is an annoyed looking cyclist behind them trying to get past (me). I eventually did and without realising cut back in between them and the camera - they used that as the scene cut. The first I knew about it was that a surprising number of people actually recognised me when it was broadcast so I had to find a video of it - how sad!
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 18:23, Reply)
Songs of praise
Ok, cheating a bit on the topic, as I did not appear in a movie, or in fact even on Songs of Praise.

I was in Cardiff with a friend for the 'Millennium', and on Jan 2nd, we left the youth hostel to go get some food in town. We walked past the Millennium Stadium where Songs of Praise was being recorded live. The stewarts told us "Come in, it's free", but we still went to get some food, and actually saw Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry parading for whatever reason. On our way back, we thought ah well, we've just seen the princes, and this is probably the only chance we'll have to see the stadium for free, so what the hell, let's go.
So there we were, witnessing Songs of Praise for 10 min or so.

Back at the hostel, later on, a woman comes up to me:
"Oooh, I saw you on telly! You were at the Millennium Stadium this afternoon, right?"
"Erm, yeah" (Just my luck, did I actually get filmed in it...)
"I saw you, you were wearing a red jacket, standing and singing"
So, thankfully, it was definitely not me, but I had a doppelganger singing at Songs of Praise, while I was there too. I never actually got to see what was shown on TV, but my friend did, and told me that girl singing definitely looked like me. I still find this spooky...
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 18:06, Reply)

i was cracking one off in the morning, eyes closed, headphones on, when i rolled over and realised i was actually on a film set, being recorded. i had forgotten that i wasnt at home in bed.
you can see me in the background of the visitor's center foyer in Jurassic Park
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 17:17, Reply)
Nice one tango man
Me and couple of mates were in the audience for Kilroy.

We'd agreed to act as stooges and ask questions to the poor sods who were on the show(something to do with missing people). Trouble was none of us actually wanted to encourage the orange tosser or take the piss out of the subject so we sat about pulling faces at each other and generally looking nonplussed, enjoying the fact that the production company had agreed to pick us up and drive us back to Brighton in big shiney limos.


oo... oo... just remembered that i got interviewed for the news, proper and local, to give the student view of debt 'n all that while on a raging pill comedown.......
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 16:46, Reply)
Holiday 90 or thereabouts
me and a mate age 12 or 13 working on a school project at the local museum, in the background of shot looking in a glass case containing roman artifacts or something. probably ended up on the cutting room floor as our school uniform was exceptionally gay.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 16:41, Reply)
I was, and still am, the child on the 6+ Calpol box*

* May not be true
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 16:38, Reply)
I have been in the background of...
...the not insignificant shadow cast by my butch dyke sisters fat ass.
I wouldn't mind being in the background when she has a bit of "scissor action" going on with her rather more attractive partner - but no, that's too much too ask of a sibling apparently.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 16:16, Reply)
I personally haven't been in the background of anything
but if it counts, my cousin played Miranda Frost in Die Another Day
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 15:31, Reply)
ye radge
A guy I know was on his way to work when he saw some people running down some stairs and the jumping on a car. So he stopped to watch as they got up went back and did it again. Only then noticing the cameras. You can clearly see him in his long dark coat in the background in the opening sequence of Trainspotting.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 14:50, Reply)
    been in
 the back of
    but   I
    in the
    of the
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 14:12, Reply)
I was in the audience on Countdown once.
Don't know if I appeared on-screen.

Er... that's it. I've been interviewed on radio, though.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 14:12, Reply)

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