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This is a question You're a moviestar baby

Setting up a 'greenscreen' at work got me thinking about the films and tv that I've accidentally been in.

Helena Bonham-Carter vehicle "The Heart of Me" was filmed in our old office, and features several of us peering through the curtains whilst they filmed in the square outside. Similarly, my girlfriend was in an episode of the Professionals that was filmed outside her house.

What have you been in the background of?

(, Thu 11 Nov 2004, 11:34)
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I was on holiday with my parents in Crete and we met a producer for hit series Gladiators who said we could come along to the NEC in Birmingham and sit in the audience in the VIP area right at the bottom.

I was on TV with my little bro for about 2.5 seconds and we even got to meet all the gladiators afterwards. I got a foam hand and got all the female gladiators to sign it which I still have today.

It was in the Fash days just after Shadow had been sacked for doing drugs.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 13:43, Reply)
The gold old north east favorite
byker grove, and what a load of wank it was, i can assure all kids out there its not in byker and its not called the grove.

both ant and dec were a lot shorter back then.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 13:28, Reply)
unbroadcast im fraid...
A couple of months ago, a major food firm in the Grimsby area (think fish fingers) announced they were closing their grimsby operation with the loss of 600 odd jobs. Now, i have been waiting to leave for a number of years now and it was only the continuing threat of redundancy and therefore a payoff that kept me there.
So, the day of the announcement - cue local news leeches Look North turning up with a camera crew interviewing the sobbing masses as they walk out of work..
Approached by whatever her name was, can we have an interview, sure i replies....

Her: So how do you feel about the closure
Me: Fucking great, been waiting years for this
Her: thanks for your time

Never made the news though - another example of one sided journalism, never show the good side

Apologies for length
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 12:18, Reply)
I was on North West Tonight
dressed in a victorian costume - that was on the radio too - i had to recite the 8 times table.

was also on radio stoke numerous times singing songs from the local panto - best part was waiting to go on and finding that the act before us was some tap dancing old ladies.

then there was the time i was on signal radio (local commercial station) on which i put my PE teacher up against the wall (ie you complain about someone and they put on sound effects pretending that they are being hit with pies). Got quite a bit of respect round the school for that.

More recently Ive been mentioned on radio 6 about a million times - mind you there are only about 6 listeners so it stands to reason.

Also i won a prize on Going Live for voting for a 2 piece band from my school. They won the heat but came second over all to that kid who sung Donald Wheres Yer Troosers!

...all that but no films yet

(damn, missed the filming of dr Who in Cardiff - i should have been the assistant, not that young whipper snapper who doesnt even remember any of the series)
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 11:35, Reply)
Swap Shop
In the penultimate week of the show, I entered to try and win a snooker table. I lost, but all entries were put into a giant bin for a last prize draw, and I won it! It was supposed to be a James Bond watch, playing all the tunes etc, but they sent me a different one. 'Was still good though, played Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells on the appropriate dates etc. I also got signed photos of Noel, John, Maggie, Cheggers and Posh Paws. (the original Barney?!?)

I've still got the autographs :)
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 10:28, Reply)
i'm keeping it short.
The Big Breakfast - Brang my hampster onto the zig and zag show to win hampster prizes(!!)
Nickleodeon - For a halloween party. i dressed as a mummy..the egyption sort.
Trisha - Audience twice.
and playstation magazine. :S
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 10:06, Reply)
"Superman 4"
...was filmed at my school.

Obviously not all of it, but certain bits. When the kid is in school thinking about writing a letter to superman, he was actually in MY science class at the time. I recall they had to position coats and bags strategically as US schools didn't have gas taps on their benches, unlike ours. We weren't invloved until later though...when Superman comes to get the kid, interrupting an american football game, that was MY playing field. We had rugby goalposts which was lucky as they passed for american football goals quite well. Everyone in my year got paid £10 to be the crowd watching the game...some of us were supplied with BMX bikes to ride around (but not keep, alas). I haven't sat through the film for years, but suffice to say, if you analze the crowds in that scene, you might see the backs of me or quite possibly some of my chums. It was a no brainer back then - get paid £10 to stand around all day whilst Christopher Reeve dangled overhead, suspended by a heavy duty wire attatched to a large crane (sorry to spoil the magic). Some girls kept shouting 'CHRIS!!!' until the production crew told them to shut up.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 9:14, Reply)
always happens to me when I'm in Key West. My father is a retired naval officer who works in public relations, and as such, he's had plenty of opportunities to appear in films of differing types. He appears in Flight of the Intruder next to Danny Glover, and in the credits of Hunt for Red October and Crimson Tide as the naval consultant.

Of course, that's not what you want to hear. Or read, for that matter. If you are still reading this, that is. This past summer, as I was visiting the old man down in the Keys, he mentioned to me the fact that the folks at the Department of Homeland Security were going to be filming a training video down at the beach on the navy base the following day. Being bored with drinking all night and sleeping in the sun on the beach all day (tough life, I know), I decided to check it out.

What was the video, you ask? Well, it was to train Homeland Security personnel along with the Border Guards on how to deal with Cuban refugees. Needless to say, I found myself drafted as one of the "refugees." Apparently, the folks they had intended to use hadn't shown up, and they had to pull any warm body they could find. So now, there are five of us; a black guy from New York, an asian-looking guy, a mom who lived in the housing complex nearby, her son, and me, the whitest white guy with freckles and a nasty sunburn.

Needless to say, this was also the first day in the history of the state of Florida that rain was recorded. The wetness didn't matter, however, as we were forced to jump out of the rowboat they used as the "refugee" craft and swim to shore. Naturally, our jump was found to be unsatisfactory, and we were made to repeat the experience three more times. In the course of this, the little kid had gotten seasick and vomited copious amounts of purple liquid all over himself and the person standing next to him, which happened to be myself.

Of course, it all ended well as we were fed a sumpsuous meal of cold sandwiches, stale pretzels, and warm soda. Then I rode my bike home in the rain and went to sleep. Such a thrilling day.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 4:27, Reply)
Was part of the "Anna in wonderland" episode about furries. Does that count for anything?
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 4:14, Reply)
I was once
in an episode of the early 90's primary school tv show 'Watch.' They came to our school and picked the 6 smartest kids (smug grin). It was filmed in Formby pinewoods and we had to walk in a group and i was pushed to the back by some older girl (i was the youngest there by about 3 years, i was about 6 at the time) and then had to comment on some deadly toadstool. For my efforts I got a beige pen with the address of the BBC on it. Exciting!
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 1:59, Reply)
I've been on quite a few tv things...
I was in the audience for "Get Fresh" (and got both Gaz Tops and Guilbert the aliens autograph) and obscure 80's kids quiz "Knock your block off"

I used to work in an office that overlooked the entrance to Holby A&E (casualty) and was regularly seen wandering accross the back of shot carrying knackered computers because we weren't allowed to use filming as an excuse to stop working (bastards)

I've appeared on "Live TV" (marvelously tabloid UK cable TV channel) juggling bananas. I was in between "Britains bounciest weather with Rusty Goff" (a midget on a trampolene reading the weather) and "topless Darts" (does what it says on the tin)

But the moment I'm probably the most proud of, was when I appeared on "Dick and Dom in da Bungalow" wearing a furtive t-shirt, first thing on a saturday morning, the day after a b3ta bash. I was excrutiatingly hung over, yet still managed to avoid swearing. And the BBC paid for me to travel to london for the bash and put me up in a hotel! Result!

Edit: Oh yes, and I was one of the crowd of people who made up the letter "D" in the opening titles of "Good Morning Britain"
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 1:18, Reply)
I was an extra in a movie
based on a book written by Britney Spears and her mom, called "A Mother's Gift". Sat in the audience of a theatre when the "Britney" character was supposed to sing opera music.

I did it for the money. It was dead boring, and it took be four hours to drive home afterward because there had been a blizzard (Toronto in February - YAY) and driving was impossible. After all that, the movie was never released. Just as well, it's not like it's my dream to be in a Britney-related movie!

Edit: Just Googled and found out it was on TV this year, with the name "Brave New Girl". Woo.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2004, 1:03, Reply)
I was in the audience for
GET YOUR OWN BACK. I even got Dave Benson-Philip's autograph.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 23:59, Reply)
News Report
Not long ago (as many of you will have seen) there was girl in Nottingham who was shot in a drive by.

Well when they did the news reports at the 'Girl got shot' party/wake in the market square me and my friends (who needless to say were quite wasted from celebrating a mates birtday) decided it'd be fun to get blow up sex dolls from the local adult shop and Waltz across the square with them infront of the cameras.

God knows if it made it on to the TV but fuck me the police were angry.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 23:37, Reply)
My Dad
When he was working at a power plant, they filmed "The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai" there. The aliens (whatever their name was -- I never paid attention) were all over his office, and John Lithgow sat at his desk.

So every time that movie's on, Dad has to watch it and go "Look! My desk! My mug! My flashlight!"

There also used to be this Star Trek thing at Universal Studios where they'd dress you up and you could "star" in a Star Trek thing. Because of his beard and long hair and height/width, he was automatically chosen to be a Klingon.

My grandmother shows the tape to everyone.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 23:35, Reply)
some MORE.
our friend jesse ibarra was in the movie the fan. he played the pitcher whose sole line was "FUCK YOU" and then he spat.

he got paid a good thousand dollars for it though.

i also had my back on the news once. the womans world cup soccer team was coming back from wherever, and our soccer team was greeting them. (for whatever reason)
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 23:11, Reply)
Our car
was in an episode of "All Quiet on the Preston Front" They filmed it in padiham while we were getting fried chicken. The chicken was good.
That is all.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 22:09, Reply)
I flew a kite.
In the background on Wac-a-day.
Met Mallet. He was a cunt. Nuff said.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 22:04, Reply)
was an extra in a german film called//the blue room and miss cameroon

never seen them ..

anyway who cares...
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 21:39, Reply)
Fun in the sun
I was in Fun in the Sun, the program about Tenby in wales. I walked straight past the camera without realising it was there and day after it was shown people in school were comin up to me and tellin me they saw me on the tv. I had no idea what they were on about until somebody told me a day later.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 20:55, Reply)
Deeeep in the background
Movie: American Grafitti. The propeller airliner at the end of the flick had a blue stripe. I worked at the airport as a lineboy. I was ordered to polish it the day before filming. ..... well... I DID!... sorry.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 20:49, Reply)
international velvet
was a shit film.my dad was an extra though.the show jumping scenes were filmed at park hall(now camelot theme park)my dad and his mates were big time piss heads at the time and got £10 a day for cheering a fucking horse jumping over some sticks,but being local they knew how to get out of the place via a secluded hedge and then quick swap of coat/hat amongst group and back to the gate for another tenner.he tells me they were getting £40 a day(but changes every time he tells this story!)which was a lot of money then.they pissed it all up the wall though.no wonder we were fucking poor....
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 20:42, Reply)
a porn movie called the cheerleaders was filmed at my high school in 1970-something.

(unbeknownst to them that it was a porn) my step mom was an extra... and her brother was also featured as a journalist for the newspaper.

and my brother was an extra in beverly hills cop 2 or 3. i think. he played a trick or treater. (which one was that?)
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 20:27, Reply)
I'm ready for my close up Mr Demille
Once on a vacation in Mexico, my husband was asked to play a "walk on" part in an episode of "The Brothers Garcia", some Nickelodeon kid tv show. The kids and I wasted about 3 hours waiting and wandering around whilst they finished. All I remember thinking was what a twunt hubby was for agreeing to do it. Keep in mind this was a vacation that all of us had 4th degree burns after discovering the sunscreen we'd brought wasn't waterproof. PURE SHITE!!!!!
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 20:27, Reply)
I wasn't strictly in the background.
The BBC produced a play called 'Needle' in the early 90's about the drug problem in Liverpool and starred Andrew 'Scully' Schofield.

The BBC used our living room as the set for one of the scenes, featuring Mr. Schofield making a call from the armchair. A later shot featured him coming out of the house and climbing into the back of a van full of baseball bat-wielding vigilantes.

We were paid £50 for the use of the house. Where was I during the filming? Upstairs, asleep in bed. What? Well I was in sixth form AND it was filmed at 8:30 in the morning! Mr. Schofield is a very polite man, incidentally.

Does this count?
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 20:20, Reply)
Always Cornwall
I always see film crews in Cornwall. Once i was at Mt St Michaels i think its called, gets cut off by the sea all the time..well they were filming there, i may have been in the backround, depends if the cameras were rolling. And another time at a mill in cornwall i think..
Walking down highstreet during a bbc wales street interview dont count.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 20:16, Reply)
Superman - The Early Years
Do you remember a TV series called "Superman - The Early Years" which went out in the late 70s? I was the star. Sooooo famous. You must of heard of it?

No? Well that's because I dreamt it. You know those dreams when you wake up thinking it was all true? As I awoke I thought maybe the memories had been blocked by some traumatic experience and I lay there for a few minutes wondering what happened to the royalties.

That doesn't count, does it?
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 20:04, Reply)
God Bless Sainsbury's
who decided that the village I ran a pub in, wanted to film a 50's style ad. Up they trot, luvvies and all, and proceed to enroll evryone they can lay they hands on.
Dressed up all as right twunts in 10 sizes to big clobber held in place with safety pins.
Stood around fer ages then put me an my g/f as "the village fete beersellers" in a tent at the edge of shot.
My moment of glory, about 0.00025 of a second of tent with aformentioned twunts stood in front!
Byt whayy hay!, the "directors" and "ad agency" rented pub off me for two days as "toilets", yeah right, they ran up a £300 bar tab, paid me an g/f £150 each for 2 days work, paid bar tab, paid rent (rent???) and then gave us all the food they'd brought for filming as the other pub landlord was a greasy tosser they hated!
All in all, about £1500 for 2 days of dossing! Sorted......
ps. and they even paid my staff costs to keep the pub open for them, I love Sainsbury's
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 19:41, Reply)
Not really a movie but one time in wales when I was about 9 or 10 years old, we spoke to these people while climbing some mountain. When we got to the top they decided to film me. I can't remember much, but i do remember that later on they gave us some cake as they didn't want it! Yummy :)
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 19:31, Reply)
Media Villification
Once a year or so ago when I was writing for my student newspaper a dead body was found on our university campus. Since this was obviously the most interesting thing that had happened in years me and my mate got into the car and drove up there (about an hour after most of the press had been and gone).

So we get there and after the obligatory "who's in charge here? Not anymore. Agent Weirzbowski, MI6" gag, we start grilling the cops who are unwilling to give us any information apart from what was on the press statement, which of course we already had. So we took a couple of pictures of the site, and had a lengthy conversation with two of the cops about rap music ("Cop Killer" and "911 as a joke" were two of the constables favorite songs. Oh, how we laughed). However what we failed to notice was a solitary TV news camera man filming us.

Later on, the footage that appeared on the news showed this. Myself, attired entirely in black, unshaven and with a crazed expression in my eyes laughing manically at the site of a suspicious death, flanked by two burly police officers.

For the next two hours I received continous phone calls from friends and family asking if I was in jail.

Also, two of my mates were on University Challenge, and got humped by York. They got one question right, about Nazis. Apparently Paxman is a badass, drinks constantly and makes fun of the contestant's ignorance.

And my other mate was in an episode of Sex and the City, putting his hat on in a street scene.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2004, 19:05, Reply)

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