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This is a question Little things that turn you on

What are the odd little things that turn you on? OK, so nudity (or a pulse) does it for most people, but everyone's got their own quirks. Tell B3ta about it. It's all the for the best, you know.

(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 15:16)
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maybe slightly off subject, but...
I don't get turned on by anything special, it just kinda happens (I do like nice feet, though), but if the question "what turns you off" ever appears, sit back, cos I got a bit of a list.

Dunno, must be just me
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 22:02, Reply)
Brunettes, bottoms, girls that are smaller than me (its not difficult), bottoms, bottoms, bottoms, legs, bottoms, tits...

actually, anything, as long as they've got a smashing arse
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:59, Reply)
Things aren't going to get weird between us now, are they?
*Girls in emo glasses.
*Girls who carry messenger bags (when you see it, you'll know what I mean).
*Girls who aren't afraid to use a bit of rough.
*Girls who can change Transformers quicker and more competantly than my guy friends.

I feel sorry for my brother and his fiance when they read this. He's going to ask questions when I talk to him on Sunday.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:56, Reply)
Different coloured eyes on ladies.
Only one blue one green mind, so that makes it alright.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:51, Reply)
Calling Dr Kinky...
1) The whole neck-nibbling thing is bloody amazing. I love having it done to me (oh, and doing it too!) Also like having my ears nibbled.
2) Having my hair played with.
3) Fingers gently running up and down my spine. Shiverworthy.
4) Having my nipples played with, to the extent that I am thinking of having my nipples pierced.
5) *Ahem* Cavaliers rather than roundheads. And NOT in a Civil War sense!
6) Tattoos on the arm that go in bands. Let me show you:

7) Being able to sing/play a musical instrument. VERY erotic on a bloke!

That is all.

Apologies? Me? On this thread? Not gonna happen!
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:41, Reply)
Slim women's
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:37, Reply)
Many, many things, from top to bottom...

Curly (Katie Malua) hair
Deep, bright eyes - I'm hooked at this point
My neck being kissed
Girls smaller than me - Anyone under 6'3" is good
Girls necks
Kissing the necks of girls smaller than me
Girls in footie shirts, I can't stand football mind.
Northern Irish Accent - Again, hooked
Giving & receiving massages
Smaller boobs
Midriffs on show
Wet Girls (Both water and lady wet)
Pierced belly buttons - I go to pieces
Tattoos on the small of a girls back
Giving & Receiving Oral sex
Ra ra skirts - grrr
Nice legs
Ankle bracelets
Nice feet (my ex had nasty yellow scabby feet)
Sunday mornings in bed
Staying up late just to fool around
Nelly Furtado - Good god!
Girls who aren't threatened by the fact I work in a sex shop
Rough, filthy sex :)

*EDIT* Missed the most important one - nails down back hard. I'm anyone's after that. Though a gay male did that to me once as a test and it only works when a lady does it!

Biggest turn off is beng so damn lonely at the moment.

Apologies for nothing, you already have my soul!
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:33, Reply)
Ot-nay understanding-ay hat-way he-say e-bay aying-say,
i.e. if-ay i'm-ay ot-nay onking-bay ok-ay :P ..... etc-ay, ould-cay e-bay umber-nay one-ay.
Number 2, If she's ok to wait after marriage :o

Trois! Hmm.. Optimist, supportive. Nice legs peut-être.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:13, Reply)

The commercial had nudists. Shut up.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:07, Reply)
"Williams regards sex as a corrosive agent of evil..."
I find it difficult to wholly accept his reasoning behind this statement. Gardner seems to take the view that Williams presents sex as merely an agent of evil, but I consider it to in fact be the cause.
Perhaps the most vivid illustration of the difference of philosophies between Blanche and Stella can be found in Scene Four, when the two sisters heatedly argue about Stanley’s merits. Stella asks of Blanche is he she “never ridden on that streetcar [named Desire]” – turning a metaphor Blanche had just coined against her. This perfectly highlights that the women do hold differing opinions on the subject of lust: Stella sees desire as a powerful attractive force and uses this to explain her attraction and marriage to Stanley. Blanche, however, tarnished into scepticism by her prior experiences, sees it as an inescapable trap “that bangs through the Quarter, up one old narrow street and down another”. What Blanche is effectively communicating is her belief that sex is the force that uncontrollably steers people through life, whether for worse, as embodied by Blanche, who refers to her situation on the whole as being like being “caught in a trap” to the Western Union operator, even before Stanley’s unwelcome advances, or for better as represented through Stella, who says in Scene Four that “there are things that happen between a man and a woman in the dark – that sort of make everything else seem – unimportant.”
Underlining this is the fact that the two are sisters who experienced precisely the same kind of upbringing. By bonding Stella and Blanche with the strongest of bonds he is disallowing the audience from attributing each sibling’s respective stance to a contrast in background, forcing us to delve deeper to find the root of the issue – and thus the source of Blanche’s tragic ultimate position.
Through all of this, one question remains unanswered: which sister’s philosophy was correct? The ending of the play indicates that perhaps they both are: Blanche’s eventual fate indicates that she was right and desire is indeed irrepressibly destructive, but juxtaposing this is Stanley and Stella’s final sexual embrace despite all that has happened to Blanche. Perhaps what Williams is trying to communicate is the idea of desire as both a destructive and productive force, and that therein lies the tragedy – that in order for human life to progress (represented in Streetcar by the Kowalski baby), casualties such as Blanche must be incurred. Shirley Galloway’s commentary touches on this idea, but I believe Williams is presenting desire as far more destructive a force than Galloway comprehends it to be.

...or something.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:05, Reply)
I get turned on by:
Japanese girls, oiled up girls and lesbian wrestling.
I die of pleasure if I see oiled up Japanese girls wrestling together.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:04, Reply)
Jimmy Hill
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:03, Reply)
Apparently my Totty Receptor is faulty
according to my friends anyway.

I have a real thing for broad shoulders. And mens wrists. A certain type of wrist and I go all dreamy and become transfixed.

Both together and give up trying to get sense out of me as my brain will be jelly.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:03, Reply)
I like to be doused in petrol and set alight.
I also like the feeling of dry roast peanuts rubbing against my glans.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:00, Reply)
Damn students
In their mini-skirts, with Wednesday legs (When's-dey-gonna-break).

The worst thing is that i am a student myself, and a single one at that.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 21:00, Reply)
Tim Curry in suspenders.

(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:56, Reply)
Pewter Napkin rings....
Even after all these years... They call to me.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:56, Reply)
It's not what it is, it's WHY that matters.
People who admit to peeing in the shower.


1. They are open enough and open-minded enough to ADMIT to it.
2. They are relaxed enough about thier body (and smart enough) to realise that it's not "disgusting".
3. If someone's that confident about thier body... then 99 times out of 100, they're going to be a cracking shag.

Strange but true.
Tried and tested.

And if they get offended by you asking... Then forget it: they're a crap shag anyway. They'll probably get all prissy about you going down on them.

No.. watersports is NOT my thing, but they type of person who not only pisses in the shower, but then is happy to admit to it.... That's gonna be a fun person.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:54, Reply)
Well girls really, but more specifically....
Girls wearing ties are very very sexy, boots (obviously) and cleavage good too.
Nice face and personality helps as well.

I hate being single......
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:51, Reply)
What a coincedence
... I'd been thinking about this topic all day yesterday.

Aside from the usual nice appearance, good sense of humor, and interesting personality stuff I do very much like guys who are impressive in their creativity. Any sort of artistic/creative ability that's better then mine, even just having really good ideas, is awesome (and having a nice appearance, good sense of humor and interesting personality helps too). For someone like that to be impressed with me is very nice as well. It's a mutual admiration thing and not as vain as it sounds, honest!

This might not go with the topic, but another sort of odd turn-on is watching really good DVD extras - my first/last romantic relationship started while watching the making-of docs for SW:Ep. 1 (*they're* good, the movie is, well, Ep. 1).
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:43, Reply)
Mmmm ....
Green eyes and black hair ... makes me melt every time.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:43, Reply)
Really skinny, really pale wrists, with vividly visible veins. If you watch the Two Towers, the scene with Gríma Wormtongue and Éowyn... ah, that's what freeze frame is FOR.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:42, Reply)
Oh no you don't.
My friends read these.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:27, Reply)
an exquisitely well-dressed man
(three piece suit/uniform etc)

or alternatively:

a nice bit of rough!

light restraint & control... chaps with balding, shaved heads. And chaps older than 35yrs. A natural (pheremone) body smell or a subtle lavender-based aftershave. Foreign chaps or with a strong accent (Scots, Oirish, Devonian etc) ESPECIALLY when combined with a really deep voice. Big, manly hands. A pert, well-toned arse. Haiy chest (not back though - ugh) Over 6ft or I'm having none of it. Think rugby players, paratroopers, cold stream guards... Thank goodness for Mr Hidden! :D
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:22, Reply)
It is suitably kitteny but...
I love being scratched - it has to be JUST right but if it is then I will happily miss out on any sort of pash just to ... not stop ... just there ... and there ... oooh.

I would also like to note that you are all so *cute* this week
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:16, Reply)
fucking anything!
i'm so lonely
EDIT: has anyone mentioned ice cream vans?
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:15, Reply)
Girls who wear guys' clothes.
Yet still somehow maintain a feminine figure; arses mainly.. damn I love a nice bum.

Lalalala (that's the noise i make when I subconsiously try to change the subject)

Brunettes not blondes. Loong wavy hair. Shiny too.

Breasts which aren't big, but still there.

Skirts too! I love skirts.. short ones.. with a nice arse..

Ps. BRITISH IS NOT A FUCKING ACCENT. IT'S AN ENGLISH ACCENT! Aaagh! It pisses me off so much when people say that.. maybe even a.. *comical pause*.. turn off?
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:15, Reply)
back fat on otherwise thin guys is soo hot. they don't call them love handles for nothing.
aside from the usual pretty blue or green eyes with dark hair thing, I'm also really into trousers that are slightly shorter than your average worn with converse high tops.

edit: also, eyeliner, and kinda shaggy hair with a side part is pretty hot too
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 20:04, Reply)
slightly odd
the way a way a guy says "cm'ere".
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 19:54, Reply)
I live in sweden.
'nuff said.
(, Thu 17 Feb 2005, 19:41, Reply)

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