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This is a question Iffy crushes

Who would you like to have sex with who isn't probably top of everyone's list and why?

(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 14:54)
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I used to really fancy
Gerard Depardieu, around the time of Green Card etc as though he was a little bit on the husky side, he had that accent and looked like he wouldn't be averse to earning the brown wings.

Now he's a fucking man mountain and pisses on aeroplanes, not so much.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 19:01, 6 replies)
Sarah Millican
Funny women are hot!
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 18:11, 9 replies)
Jessica Rabbit
'nuff said
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 17:32, 3 replies)
Monica Crowley
Most of you may not know who she is, and a quick google image search you'd probably say "Would."

But read about her, listen to some podcasts, see her on CNN. She's a crazy, nutjob conservative. She insanely believes that liberals are ruining America.* I hate hearing her talk, but I love watching her say it.

Crazy crazy hatesex she would lash out with. I can just imagine telling her Obama has great ideas is worse than calling her someone else's name and riding that bronco style.

*I think it's the conservatives and liberals refusing to work together is what's ruining America, but that's a previous QOTW.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 17:12, 2 replies)
She's taller than me, wich I normally don't like,
Blanka Vlasic
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 17:10, 1 reply)
...the kidnapped Inca girl from 'The Mysterious Cities of Gold'. It's not wrong to want to do naughty things to cartoon characters is it?

(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 17:09, 9 replies)
Sure I'm not the first in 11 pages to say
Cheetarah from Thunderbirds. I used to get really turned on at the thought of the Mutants capturing and raping her.

Oh come on, I was 14
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 16:30, 6 replies)
London Andrews.
Do NOT google her from work! Not worksafe in the slightest!

Not a small girl, and likely outweighs me by a bit... but still... damn.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 16:15, 8 replies)
Psycho killers and geek chic
My TV/film/literary crushes are frequently psychopaths. It started when I was about 13, with Tom Ripley, at the moment it's Dexter, and in between I actually watched every episode of that godawful crap Heroes purely cause I had a thing for Sylar. In the absence of charming serial killers, I'll make do with high-functioning sociopath detectives.

I would like to underline here that it is ONLY FICTIONAL psychopaths and serial killers that I like. NEVER EVER real life ones. Did I make that clear enough?

In real life it's geeky types. Love a guy or girl in a labcoat and safety goggles. Should be defiantly unglamorous, boxy glasses, slightly bad hair, total lack of interest in polite small talk, perhaps a soupcon of Aspergers. The real deal, not pretend-geek, like fit actors putting on a pair of glasses... actually, fit actors wearing glasses is pretty good too.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 15:59, 16 replies)
John Malkovich
yes I know he's gone bald and he's a bit boss-eyed but as Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons he was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.

And the shape of his mouth indicates to me that he is a connoisseur of the cheap fish supper. He looks like he could lick chrome off a bumper.

Likewise Chris Sarandon in Frightnight.

*moves away from keyboard for a little nostalgic strum*
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 15:17, 1 reply)
So this one time I stole a speed boat, and sailed it at top speed from the James Joyce bridge, past the Customs House, and out into the Irish Sea.
That was my Liffey Rush.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 14:17, Reply)
Rich, successful and damn sexy...
Alex Pollizzi from 'The hotel inspector'.
I have so many nasty, nasty ideas for bedroom shenanigans with this woman which include fine underwear, toys, lubricants and all manner of foodstuffs.

I'm going for a little lie down now.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 13:50, 1 reply)
Screw loose
As a teenager (and still a bit now), it was all about Richard O'Brien from The Crystal Maze, and Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek TNG.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 12:17, 3 replies)
Olive from "On the Buses"
I've always found her very sexy, but then I often go for goofy women like that as they tend to be absolute demons in the sack.

I also quite like Miss Ruth Jones from "Rising Damp". I bet she'd really break your hips in the horizontal mambo.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 10:21, 2 replies)
a month
**Dreams of ginger girls in yellow jump suits.*
Aaah... That better
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 8:54, 2 replies)
All of them are like this for me
because I like short, chubby women.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 8:38, Reply)
Charlotte Uhlenbroek
I used to have a crush on her for a long time .
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 8:25, Reply)
Now I'm not gay or anything.
Altho I may have partaken in some bum-banditry when I was younger...
Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.
Unfortunately because he shares my dads surname there is the risk that I could be corn-holing a distant cousin, nothing could possibly happen (besides the fact that I've been married for 14 yrs. & have a sprog & maybe he does too).
Otherwise - woof!
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 7:15, Reply)
Professor Mary O'Kane
This will be too obscure for many here but for a while a decade or so ago my fantasy crush was Professor Mary O'Kane when she was Vice-Chancellor of Adelaide University.

At the time I was a callow 20 something lad working iat the university. She was in her 40s and absolutely feared by her staff, lecturers and the government for her rather blunt approach to making the university one of the best in the world.

She was single, a workaholic and often scowled, and combined with the fact she was a woman in a position of power, led to a huge array of wild rumours circulating about her; she was a lesbian, she chopped off bloke's todgers as a hobby, she menstruated sulphuric acid. All this, of course, meant I got a monster lob on whenever I saw her.

While this obviously went nowhere we almost had an extremely awkward moment when she walked into my office one evening. Fortunately the geography of the office meant she couldn't see that I had images of her up on the computer and was having a touch up, so to speak.

She suddenly resigned after senior staff passed a motion of no confidence in her. With nothing left for me at the university, I moved on soon afterwards.

Nowadays she's the New South Wales Chief Scientist. www.chiefscientist.nsw.gov.au/About.aspx
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 4:24, 1 reply)
All the ladies from this video
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 3:47, 1 reply)
Missed opportunity
When I was in the 11th grade, there was this German foreign exchange student named Wilkie that I thought was amazingly beautiful. She was divine in every respect. I pined over her and wished to spend time with her but could not bring myself to talk to her for fear of rejection. What would she want with a guy like me? That year was pure torment and the amazing grace and beauty that was Wilkie went back to Germany after that year was over. Fast forward 6 years. I had attended art school and did a tour in the Marine Corps and then returned to my home town to live with a girl I knew back then. After a period of time, I learned that her family was the host for Wilkie back in high school. As Wilkie's visage still haunts me to this day, I had to admit to my girlfriend that I had a crush on Wilkie back then. She then told me that she was reluctant to talk about it for obvious reasons, but Wilkie could never shut up about this guy she saw in school. Wilkie talked about me all the time but couldn't bring herself to reveal her feelings for me for the same reasons that I could not talk to her. Fortunately, I was young enough at the time to learn this lesson and have since applied it to my life. She doesn't know it, but Wilkie gave me a legacy of manhood that is more precious than diamonds or a lipstick ring. We never said a word to each other, but I will always remember that fear of rejection is no reason not to try.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 3:16, 1 reply)

not sure if this is all that odd but...

Jeremy Kyle - He may be an arsehole on tv but he's an honest arsehole.
The Stig - Oh the control he exerts on cars on power laps and many impure thoughts come to mind when considering a shag with a man who probably sleeps in his helmet and overalls...
Marco Pierre White - Ex cook, looks like a smoker, probable smells like one, smooth talker, moody and damn sexy when he cooks
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 2:54, 1 reply)
I fully expect to get laughed at..
Not so much for admitting to a crush but for admitting to liking 80s Hair Metal.
Anyway: Autograph's "Send her to me" video features a bevy of young ladies of varying degrees of attractiveness. The one I find fascinating?
The one at the end who's half human, half robot.It's the way she smiles.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 2:11, Reply)
Honor Blackman is one. Old enough to my mother but her husky voice always sends a shiver down my spine.

The other is Peggy Bundy (Katey Sagal). But then again, with a bit of Kelly in the mix it would have provided the perfect teenage dream shagathon.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 1:14, 1 reply)
I like big ladies.
it's not a case of more cusions for the pushings but of more three piece suites for the meats.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 0:56, Reply)
Juliette Lewis
Skank or wank material? It's the latter for me.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 0:50, 1 reply)
Upside down
This is posted on behalf of my bestest mate.

Who is completely over his heels with Paloma Faith. And is completely unable to explain it. Fifties throwback thing going on, I guess.
(, Sat 8 Oct 2011, 0:17, Reply)
Train journeys aren't the same without her.
(, Fri 7 Oct 2011, 23:06, 2 replies)
not Brent Spiner, i actually find him quite annoying. as Data, however, there's just something about him.
yeah, i'd like to test all the "multiple techniques" he's been programmed with...
(, Fri 7 Oct 2011, 22:40, 2 replies)

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