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This is a question Protest!

Sit-ins. Walk-outs. Smashing up the headquarters of a major political party. Chaining yourself to the railings outside your local sweet shop because they changed Marathons to Snickers. How have you stuck it to The Man?

(, Thu 11 Nov 2010, 12:24)
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carnage, border sneaking and life
When Ontario (CANADA SUCKS BTW) made its pathetic, lame law that pitbulls were to be killed, a group of us snuck across the border and broke into the facility where they were storing the puppies, old dogs and other pits to be gassed and broke in and took all the dogs they were going to murder.
Luckily pits are not a breed that barks alot so it was not too difficult to smuggle them back across the border in the back of a grain truck we had built kennels into the truck with air hoses and then put the dogs in and covered the entire mass with marsh hay to make it look as if we were hauling just a load of cattle feed. I found out later that the kill chamber in the building was wrecked too WHOOT!!!!!!! I didnt participate in that but wish I would have.
Our group saved 38 pits that day from a death sentence caused by them just being born. I kept 3 and we found awsome homes for the rest. A couple of the older dogs went to some elder care facilities where they will be babied and pampered. One really pretty fawn and rednosed pit went to the daycare where my nephew is, there really is no better dog for keeping kids safe.
and yes anyone who believes media bullshit about pits being dangerous is either ignorant or obviously has never owned one or is too stupid to housetrain a dog.
I can post this now because the statue of limitations for intercountry theft is now up and we cannot be jailed or fined.
Ontario and all canada still sucks, best thing I ever did was move to the states. Even with Obama as president its still a better place to live then Canada was.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2010, 18:45, 42 replies)
okay, i'll go first...
"there really is no better dog for keeping kids safe."
or perhaps:
"there really is no better dog for eating the kids."
or does that never happen?
(, Fri 12 Nov 2010, 19:37, closed)

Name me one valid case where a pit ate a human, with photos of the dog to prove the bred or admit you are a media sheep and baa with the flock.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 6:43, closed)
yeah, you got me bang to rights.
because i cannot demonstrate to you, with photographic evidence, that a pit bull ever even bit a child (let alone ate a whole one) then you must indeed be correct.
any news report that even suggests that a luvverly fluffy pit bull ever bit anyone ever (apart from under duress) must clearly be lies and the work of evil people.
they should give pit bulls to new parents to protect the children from all the vicious kittens and hamsters and stuff.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 10:42, closed)
"anyone who believes media bullshit about pits being dangerous is either ignorant or obviously has never owned one or is too stupid to housetrain a dog"
No, I think they're potentially dangerous simply because they're quite popular with knuckle-dragging undesireables who own them purely because they're aggressive if trained/allowed to be. Not the dog's fault, granted, but I'm pretty sure that's cold comfort if you get a going-over with the pointy end. This suggests that pits were responsible for 59% of fatal dog attacks in the USA between '06-'08 - I've not checked the sources, but even if they're in the rough ballpark, that's pretty alarming for a single breed.

You seldom see a hardman with a Dandy Dinmont.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2010, 19:59, closed)

actually your stats are wrong, the vasto majority of dog bites where pits were involved were mixed breeds that included hunting dogs in the breed... so by your analogy all hunting dogs should also be suspect?
When you get your stats from the media, you fail to see the actual stats.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 6:34, closed)

I freely admitted that I've not checked out the sources for that article - but at least I bothered to find some, rather than simply making things up on the fly as you appear to be doing. You constantly ask others to provide photographs, factual reports, and afitdavits signed in triplicate whilst providing *none whatsoever* of your own.

Also, I was quite clear in that I do not think that the dogs are inherently dangerous - given a competent, responsible owner, I'm sure they're fine. However, they are the go-to dog of choice for people who wish to use their dog as a weapon against either other dogs, or human beings - which is reflected in the statistics.

You can't simply put your hands over your ears and go 'lalalala, I'm not listening'. If you're sure its crossbreeds that are the problem - find the statistics to prove it. And then come up with a convincing reason why pit crosses are represented more highly in bite statistics than, say, collie crosses.

EDIT: for all that, I do completely sympathise with not wanting things to be needlessly killed.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 14:51, closed)
having been attached by one
they are often nasty vicious things typically owned by those with half a brain.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2010, 22:02, closed)
A certain Scottish gentleman
once described them as ' a shark on a leash, isn't it, this pointy head, the eyes at the corners, a row of teeth and an arsehole '.
(, Fri 12 Nov 2010, 22:24, closed)

perhaps scots are too ignorant to train a dog?
I have never been bit, not had an agressive act made towards me by a purebred pit.
I do think all mixed breed pits,and all mixed breed dogs in general are dangerous and should be eliminated since the vast majority of dog bites are made by mixed breeds.
I have fosterd over 30 pits all abuse cases over the years, all but 2 were rehomed to familys. Perhaps familys in this country are more intelligant and learn how to keep a dog trained so they do not bite their own owners?
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 6:38, closed)
Fuck Me!
It's the final solution for the canine world.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 11:02, closed)
"all mixed breed dogs in general are dangerous and should be eliminated"
maybe we should apply the same logic to all other types of animal including humans. i think the results would be astounding.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 11:23, closed)

Woah, calm down there, eskimo - no need for racial slurs... Also,

"I have never been bit, not had an agressive act made towards me by a purebred pit."

So your sample size is, essentially, one - and yet you extrapolate this to encompass the entirety of human experience. I did like this, though...

"Perhaps familys in this country are more intelligant"

lol, rofl, etc.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 14:53, closed)
" "Our group saved 38 pits that day from a death sentence caused by them just being born"
Very admirable, and I'm sure many here will support such action even if they're not a fan of the breed themselves.

"I do think all mixed breed pits,and all mixed breed dogs in general are dangerous and should be eliminated since the vast majority of dog bites are made by mixed breeds."

Just destroyed everything you fought to achieve.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 17:29, closed)

what did it attach you to?
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 2:20, closed)

send photos of the dog or admit you are lying.
I doubt it was a purebred pit that bit you, pits are commonly dog agressive but that is easily trained out of them, they are rarely if ever human agressive unless mixed with a breed with a blood lust such as a labrador or other hunting breed.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 6:42, closed)
Labrador - Blood Lust? Ha!
Labbies are soft! They are the bitches of the dog world.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 20:39, closed)
I see what you did there.
And I like it...

Unless it was unintentional.
(, Thu 18 Nov 2010, 10:11, closed)
glad you left.
It was nice of you to take the pitbulls when you left, you knuckle-dragging moron. Excellent punctuation, by the way; your pitbull ate your grammar.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 0:33, closed)

It is unfortunate that you are lacking any valid ideas of your own and rely on the media for your truths.
BTW the earth is round. Women have the right to vote.
And europe has polluted their water supply to the point where most water is unfit to drink without treatment, yet you are afraid of a 45 pound dog?
tsk tsk, such cowards, such silly, silly cowards, afraid of a tiny dog, I suppose you shudder at a doberman or a neo mastiff as well?

silly, silly little man
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 6:41, closed)
Pray tell, what is that makes "European" water unsafe to drink?
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 8:44, closed)
I've been drinking European (Scottish) water my whole life, I can't believe no-one, not the media, the government nor the water companies told me it was unsafe.

Good thing a random dog-enthusiast with questionable grammar was here to open my eyes.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 10:53, closed)
out of the mouths of retards and biggots spills forth the truth.
and that's the truth cos you just read it on the interweb.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 11:04, closed)
The earth is pear shaped or an oblate spheroid. I live in a part of Europe and i am quite happy that my water is filtered etc to make sure it is clean before i drink it.
I am afraid of a 45 pound dog when said dog is equipped with extremely strong jaws full of teeth. Yes not all dogs are aggressive but an aggressive pit bull can do a lot more damage than an aggresive Yorkshire terrier.
I agree that dogs should not be put down for the sake of it but your arguments lack validity
(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 15:27, closed)
just hold on there a minute...
yorkies can be fairly nippy at times...
(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 15:34, closed)
Yes when i was a pieboy i was attacked by a game little brute on my paper round who fastened its jaws round my leg. The little old lady who owned the house saw my look of panic followed by bewilderment and explained "Don't worry about him love he's 20 years old and got no teeth"
(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 16:08, closed)
so effectively what you're saying is...
for some bizarre reason (in spite of the OP assuring us they're fluffy and soft) you're scared of pit bulls but nearly once got sucked off by a yorky?
cannae argue with that!
(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 17:28, closed)

I think it's safe to say from this post that the dogs are like their owners.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 6:55, closed)
I was with you
...On the shite the media spout about pit bulls until you expressed the idea that all mixed breed dogs should be destroyed and that labs have bloodlust. Then I'm afraid you came across as the very worst person to be fighting for the rights of any animal.
I'll be sure to tell my friends who have lab retriever cross guide dogs to keep them away from children.
As it is, I believe you are trolling. Nobody who genuinely cares about one breed of dog (or any animal) can be this ignorant and callous about another.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 13:29, closed)




and particularly

(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 14:18, closed)

(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 14:59, closed)
Conspiracy nut or Honda Accord driver?
Has anyone paged Amorous Badger yet?
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 16:07, closed)
If this is true
I think it's pretty cool. Nothing wrong with saving a load of innocent animals from slaughter.

No breed of dog is inherently evil in my opinion.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 17:57, closed)
after reading the replies and your responses to them
i have come to the conclusion that you are a stupid cunt.
(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 21:13, closed)

(, Sat 13 Nov 2010, 22:33, closed)
It's not the rescuing of pit bulls I object to. Any breed of dog can get a bad reputation - one of my friends has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and it's one of the most docile dogs I have ever met - but the nature of the responses is reminding me of a rabid little terrier that latches onto something and WON'T LET GO.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2010, 9:04, closed)

Erm, me too.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 10:18, closed)
Fiftheded (i wanna play to)
Why you felt you needed to add the last line about Obama on top of the above makes you sound an even bigger cunt than you would have without it.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 17:20, closed)
Staffies are beautiful and playful dogs.
I have never had a Staffie, but the ones I have known were lovely.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 20:41, closed)
I was going to post something along the lines of "do one you thick cunt"
But you beat me to it
(, Sun 14 Nov 2010, 13:42, closed)
Just wow
All dogs are capable of turning on humans. It's just that pits have been bred to do it (against each other, bear baiting, hunting, guard duties etc.), show little sign they're about to do it, have a powerful bite and a temprament which means once they're attack they're not going to stop short of beating their head in with a hammer.

I'm sure with training they're quite lovely dogs but I wouldn't want one of those fuckers within 100m or my kids. So gas the fucking lot of them and their owners.
(, Sun 14 Nov 2010, 9:50, closed)
Saving innocent animals from slaughter is a nice idea.
However it's a shame that the task has been taken up by such a self righteous simpleton as yourself. Thankyou for opening our eyes to the media conspiracy against pitbulls; it's the new Moon landing, the new Princess Diana murder, the new 9/11.
The sooner we can rid the world of all mixed breed animals the better, we need a more pure race.
Hang on, that sounds strangely familiar...
(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 10:09, closed)
If you weren't so obsessively up yourself about pitbulls
this would be a nice post. As it is, it just sounds like you have a shrine to one particular kind of dog in your room and also wear the occasional tinfoil hat - I mean, really; "Name me one valid case where a pit ate a human, with photos of the dog to prove the bred or admit you are a media sheep and baa with the flock.". That's loony territory right there.
(, Mon 15 Nov 2010, 14:08, closed)

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